Monday 6 June 2011

The Tale of the Liberal Who Cried 'RACISM'

Here is a new faiytale for the new millenium

Here is a new faiytale for the new millenium

The Liberal who cried 'Racist'.

Once upon a time there was a liberal called Yasmin.

Yasmin was given a column in a national newspaper called The Independent to peddle her racial grievances to the public.

Every other day Yasmin would compose an article for her column where she would write about the the racism she saw all around her in society.

Yasmin would go for a walk in the local park and in the childens sand pit she would be able to discern nazi architecture in the sand castles that the little the kiddies would make in the damp sand.

'RACISM' she would then cry in her newspaper column and all the liberals would come running to look and wring their hands with shock.

Yasmin would go to the beach and because there were not hordes of non-whites surfing, she would return home and cry 'RACISM' for the lack of people of colour on surboards in Devon, and all the liberals would gather around and tut tut in the comments section of her newspaper.

Yasmin would go to her fridge and open a yoghurt and because the yoghurt was white, she would see this as an example of institutional racism on behalf of the yoghurt makers for not making non-white yoghurts and so she would scream 'RACISM' in her newspaper column, and all the liberals would flock to her column and moan about the racist yoghurt manufacturers of Britain and Europe.

Then one day Yasmin walked out her house and past an exploded double decker bus that lay in the street, its red roof ripped off and blood and severed limbs laying all over the floor where an Islamist suicide bomber had blown themselves up in the name of the Jihad.

But when Yasmin wrote about thise atrocity in her newspaper column, her liberal friends did not come and support her.

Instead they all stood around screaming 'RACIST' at Yasmin and anyone who dared talk about the bombing !

For though the Islamo-fascists were exploding bombs on British streets to impose their Islamist Sharia Law on our society which would see all non-muslims relegated to third class citizens under Dhimmitude, and all non-Islamist muslims regarded as apostates, as the bombers were not white then the liberal friends of Yasmin believed they could not ever be racists !

The moral of the story boys and girls is this - that every time a liberal screams racist, you know its invariably a lie.

But when the liberal calls a white person racist for raising an issue that they do not want discussed - then you know the issue is related to the race or religion or culture of a non-white community and hence cannot be discussed, even if bombs are exploding on our streets.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Many pro-islamics became too proud of their Yasmin's poisonous articles in Independent UK, so much so that any criticism of Yasmin or criticism of islamic people was dealt with extreme verbal bullying or aggressive vebal diarhoea or intimidation by islamic manipulative mobs lurking at the independent website. Those extremely racist unpleasant proislamic abusive verbal behaviour was most disgusting.