Tuesday 9 August 2011

Bring Back The Birch.

There is only one solution to the riots - to bring back the birch.

David Cameron will say that rioters must be sent to prison for rioting.

We disagree - the cost to keep a rioter in prison per year is over £40,000. That is money that should be being spent on old people in poverty, the disabled and poor - not on keeping young thugs in luxury holiday camp prisons with Playstations and colour TV's.

The thugs do not fear being arrested as they do not fear the punishments for their crimes. They will though fear being caught if they know the punishment is the birch.

If they are convicted take them straight to the local army barracks.

Then get the soldiers to birch them one at a time.

Corporal punishment works, as anyone who has ever had coporal punishment will tell you. I was caned when I was at school. I never did it again.

Those who burn down homes and loot shops do not deserve 'rights'. They have placed innocent peoples lives in jeopardy and left our people homeless.

When they understand the pain they have inflicted on others, they will begin to develop the emotion most required to sustauin a civilised society - which is empathy.

The birch will bring them the same pain they have inflicted on others, and hence woill ensure they develop empathy with heir victims.

Liberals will weep and wail and call the birch barbaric - we say no, it is the liberals who are barabaric as they have created a generation of evil, cruel feral youths who are psychopathic in their arrogance and contempt for society and other people.

Bring back the birch. Save our society from the liberal nightmare.

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alanorei said...

You are right, Lee

I once heard of a 'hard man' from Glasgow, who indulged in ASB on the Isle on Man years ago, when they had the birch. Being a 'hard man,' he did not fear the birch.

After the punishment for his ASB, he vowed he'd never kick off on the Isle of Man again.

Britenglander said...

I have been saying this for years and have always been criticised by those who have a more liberal approach - Political correctness has discouraged many from saying what they really believe - yes bring back the birch - properly controlled, birching would be a cheap and effective way of punishing those for whom ASBO's, cautions and even Youth Offender Institutions hold no fears.

Anonymous said...

Come off it! A birching would mean nothing to these guys.They'd probably enjoy it!Thats why they dropped caning in schools.The Masters were getting off on it ,and so were the boys.

mariner500 said...

Jerome Caminada, the master detective who spent 25 years fighting crime in Victorian Manchester stated "I have never had a criminal re-offending after 6 strokes of the birch." says it I think