Saturday 13 August 2011

David Starkey - so right & yet so wrong

David Starkey on newsnight blamed the riots on Black Culture.

There is no such thing as a Black Culture.

There are many black cultures around the world, but no single Black Culture.

Just as there are many White cultures around the world, but no monolithic White Culture.

I do not wear Lederhosen, Yodel, eat horses or speak Greek.

Though White Germans, French & Greek people do those things, I do not as I am BRITISH.

Cultures are products of ethnic groups & nations - NOT RACES.

Races do not produce cultures - nations & ethnic groups do.

The 'Black Culture' idea is a product of White Liberal Cultural Marxists trying to box all blacks of all ethnic, tribal, religions & nations into one monolithic fake whole, and to use them as a social and racial battering ram in their cultural struggle against British culture & society.

There is no Black Culture - things like Ebonics & the Kwanzi celebration & black history month are products of white liberal cultural marxists using a fake constructed black consciousness and culture to radicalise & inflame blacks into hating British society.

Liberals peddle racial hatred and grievances against our British national culture to blacks and all racial / ethnic / religious groups.

Starkey was half right - the problem is cultural, but those resoponsible for it are the Cultural Marxist liberals who are mainly white.

Starkey is a gay white Liberal.

He is a bastion of liberalism.

He isnt going to bite the liberal hand that feeds him & that gave him his well paid position as 'court historian' of the liberal regime.

He will blame anything, even blacks in a spasm of racism, for the crisis - never Liberalism itself.

Enoch Powell was right - David Starkey was wrong.

Enoch saw that mass immigration in a multi-cultural society was in fact COLONISATION.

They could not be integrated and they would form ghettoes filled with hate for the rest of society and used by white liberal cultural marxists for their own perverted ends.

Enoch wanted small numbers of skilled immigrants, such as the black Commonwealth citizens raised in a British culture during the era of the British Empire, to come to Britain as they could integrate into our culture.

He saw the dangers of mass immigration + multi-culturalism + cultural marxist indoctrination of unintegrated immigrants.

Enoch was talking primarily about culture, not race.

We imported in immigrants who are culturally unable to integrate into our society - they are colonists, not immigrants.

Starkey is trying to divert attention from the real problem - Liberalism & Cultural Marxism.

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Anonymous said...


Excellent article and it just shows how our liberal elite want a country than can be sold anything.