Tuesday 9 August 2011

Bring Out The Water Cannon

Why havent the police deployed water cannon and rubber bullets to drive the rioters from the streets ?

When there are riots in Northern Ireland the police routinely break out the rubber bullets and water cannon to deal with the rioters.

Yet when there are riots elsewhere in the United Kingdom, the police and government refuse to use the same tools to deal with rioters on our streets.
Why ? Is it because the rioters in Northern Ireland are white, whilst the rioters in London and Birmingham are mainly black ?

Is there a racist liberal double standard that says that riots by whites must be met with maximum force, whilst riots by mainly blacks must be met with politically correct policing ?

This double standard in policing must stop.

We in the British Freedom Party demand that riots on the mainland be met with the same
policing techniques and vigour as riots in Northern Ireland.

The liberal ideology has eroded the principle of meritocracy in our society and put us all into racial boxes and allocated some people extra rights solely on the basis of their racial origins.

We are all British citizens, and we demand that all criminals simply be treated as criminals regardedless of their race or religion.

Break out the rubber bullets and the water cannons and restore order on our streets. There are dozens of black and white families today and dozens of looted black and white businesses looted and ruined.

Black and white police officers are being injured as we do nothing but mouth the same failed liberal platitudes as a response to the riots.

To allow the liberals to continue their racism and their racist allocation or rights and duties in our society and communities is to ensure the social conditions that created the riots continue to grow and escalate out of control.

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