Monday 22 August 2011

Man Imprisoned For Acting In Military Manner

In Britain the land of liberty, the courts will imprison a mentally ill man for 'acting in a military manner' in the High Street.

Lets hope Libya will be freer than Britain.

A former soldier banned from goose-stepping and wearing military uniform breached his anti-social behaviour order by sporting a German war medal in the centre of Cambridge.

Neil Carpenter, 44, was spotted by CCTV operators wearing a German Iron Cross and khaki dress in the city on August 9, Cambridge Magistrates’ court heard.

He was then seen to salute someone, violating an order imposed in June banning him from wearing forces uniform and pseudo-army garb and from “acting in a military manner” in the city centre.

Carpenter was jailed for four months, after admitting flouting the Asbo and being drunk and disorderly at Madingley Road Park and Ride site on August 7, in a bizarre episode during which he brandished an imaginary rifle and pretended to shoot at passing cars.

Chairman of the bench Brenda Anderson told Carpenter: “The offence before us is so serious, only custody can be justified.”

Carpenter, who served in the British army for three years and the US forces for 15, was jailed for a year in 2007 for breaching a similar Asbo in Colchester by wearing a German army overcoat, Nazi uniform, military boots and a Knight’s Cross.

That order barred him from wearing military clothes, goose-stepping or making a “Heil Hitler” sign.

Maria Culling, prosecuting, told the latest hearing Carpenter told police he was saluting a friend “as a thank you for giving him help”.

She said he had been abusive to police who arrested him at the park and ride site, telling the court: “There were a number of members of the public close by.

“He was pretending to hold a rifle and shoot cars passing him.”

Carpenter is of no fixed address and told the court he lived “in the woods” when he was not in prison.

Lowri Marks, mitigating, said shaven-headed Carpenter had already breached the Asbo once before the incident in question.

She said: “Mr Carpenter has informed me he will not comply with any community order.

“He hasn’t got any money because his benefits haven’t been sorted out since his last release.

“He believes he needs another spell in prison – he is feeling low and he would welcome a short custodial sentence.”

Mrs Anderson said: “The offence is aggravated by your previous record, which includes numerous previous offences.”

During the hearing Carpenter blurted out phrases such as “Knight’s Cross” and “Knights Templar”, claimed his grandfather was the head of the “Iberian section” of the Secret Intelligence Service and, when court staff were looking for a remote control, suggested the CIA could help.

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