Thursday 18 August 2011

The Greens Are The New Reds

The Greens are like Tomatoes: First green, then red.

Franz Josef Strauss (1915 – 1988 ) Bavarian Prime minister and Germany’s last Politician with a Backbone

The old city of Hamburg is nomenclator to the world’s most widely known junk food item, though nobody knows for sure how it came to this dubious honour. Particularly if you keep in mind that ketchup and mustard aren’t much in vogue among its seafood loving citizens. Hamburg is also Germany’s biggest seaport. Gate to the World, it has proudly called itself almost a thousand years. During the heydays of the Hanse, a merchant association that ruled the northern seas for more than two centuries, it reached its zenith of power and influence. Later it declined somewhat, but came to prominence again when Bismarck founded the Second Empire. Hamburghers, generally of a Nordic appearance, were known for their stylish affluence, cool cosmopolitan flair and a rigorous honesty in business dealings. The classic Hanseatic Patrician was long regarded as one of the most polished social icons Germany had produced in its long history. And a Hamburger Jung, or boy in the city’s particular slang, has forever been its archetypal young lad—blond and blue-eyed, somewhat irreverent but on the whole steadfast and most amiable.

So how on earth is it possible that a cheekily grinning chocolate chum, and one who commands about as much ethnic European affinity as a Congolese ant-eater, could make it to the status of a Hamburger Jung?!

Let me, at a remove, tell you why.



When I was a small boy, refrigerators weren’t as common as they are now. Some wealthy people next door owned one, a huge and unwieldy Linde that hummed and rattled and moaned like an old truck, but could produce delicious ice cream all year round and was therefore deemed the non-plus-ultra in domestic luxury. Lesser folks, like me and my mom, got by with simple but time-honoured means, like a cool cellar for the vacuum jars, an airy attic for the dried apples and plums or a large glass cover for the cheese. The latter had a particularly important function since in those days cheese wasn’t as generally feeble and tepid as it is now, but could produce an overpowering odour that invaded the whole house if set free, causing visitors to lift nostrils and eyebrows and thus be good for a dent in one’s reputation.

Käseglocke the cover was called, literary meaning cheese bell, and a giant leftist-liberal version of it has been clapped over the whole of Germany and most of the Western World some half century ago.

Now you may find this hard to believe, since in our politically correct Brave New World we are incessantly assured that a better one can’t be possible unless you are a dreamer or goddamn dissenter. Which is the reason why those who wallow day after day in the pinkish fug with never a chance to smell clear mountain air, will swear stone and bone that the latter is nothing but a feverish delusion. This sorry state of affairs came to pass when an intellectually inferior mob began to creep into the terrible vacuum caused by World War II, a cataclysm that had annihilated Christendom’s finest, bravest, most excellently educated young men and their minds. And with them nearly all outer and inner vestiges of the highest and most refined culture imaginable.

Let me, within this context, take you some thirty years back, namely to that ominous moment when Germany’s Greens made it for the first time into one of the regional parliaments. I, like most decent-minded people, had seen their advent as a welcome kick into the backside of a petrified political establishment, with the chance that at least some of the party’s spurious election promises might be realized. But when its snotty ringleader, one Joschka Fischer, grabbed the interior ministry and took the sacred oath of office in jeans and running shoes, it was painfully obvious that some sleazy plebs had joined the show—plebs, as it soon turned out, with the cognition and drive of a wandering lemming who were only marginally interested in the improvement of a frayed environment, but did everything possible to undermine whatever traditional values the country still called its own. And like every socio-tyrannical outfit true to its principles, they scoffed at the time-honoured maxim of live and let live, but pushed an agenda that openly conjured the formation of a classless society under the sway of a ruthless little clique.

Joschka Fischer receiving his Doctorate in Jerusalem
Egalitarian instruction, for example, was to be enforced from the earliest age on by an entirely state-run educational organism, with the closure of whatever private elite schools and universities that had managed to survive. Traditional families, particularly those based on a Christian-religious foundation, were to be superseded by an atheist and genderless social order with emphasis on feminism and emancipation, same-sex couples and a general slackening of sexual inhibitions. Meaning that kids could screw and be screwed without impunity at the earliest possible opportunity, something already underway in the UK where girls as young as eleven years old get the anti-baby pill prescribed. Absolute anathema was of course the preservation of a national identity and its assorted cultural achievements, meaning that whoever dared to think along those lines would be by definition branded as a downright racist if not full-blown Nazi. Next came the hair-brained scheme to close down every nuclear power plant without presenting a feasible alternative. Electric windmills should be the substitute, which is the reason why you can see the first giant monsters looming already above our once magical Black Forest, and me entertaining a dirty fantasy to string the bastards up at the slowly turning ailerons whenever I pass by.

If that isn’t enough, even worse is to come. Because the Greens’ most cherished design is to undermine and finally abolish two thousand years of Christian culture by inviting every flea-bitten Third World shantytown dweller to live and to multiply within our midst. A design utterly insane and suicidal, as amply demonstrated today in London’s burning suburbs, but nevertheless the Greens’ principal political aim.

Luckily the party has, until recently, never gained any serious prominence during its existence. A four-year stint as junior partner in a Socialist-run coalition delivered some sluggish advancement when its chairman and principal ideologue, the aforementioned Mr. Fischer, became Foreign Minister. Together with his French buddy Daniel Cohn-Bandit, a Green better known as Danny the Red, he did everything in his power to flood Europe with foreign folks. Which was the reason why the benumbed Germans watched horrified how waifs in black burkas or Liberian cannibals began to dwell in the once clean and orderly neighbourhoods, usually aided by munificent government support. Barbarous customs were accepted in the name of racial equality, anything from Halal to Shechita, though the throttling with electric wires of unruly daughters who believed in integration has yet to be legalized.

New elections swept the Greens out of business and Mr. Fischer into retirement. Since then immigration has been somewhat curtailed, but continues nevertheless unabated. Which proves once again that those in power, if dragged into the limelight, appear to be inevitably of the same genus, namely odorous political apostates with a wide-open purse awaiting donations. Or how could it otherwise be possible that Mr. Fisher lives out his slowly darkening twilight years in a rambling fattoria set into Italy’s murderously expensive Tuscan hills? Where he fondles, loveless and childless, a full-bosomed foreign fifth spouse while frowning over a speech he might or might not deliver to his various associates, be it the Goldman Sachs criminals, the World Jewish Congress, The Albright Group LLC, or the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Emma Bonino, Joschka Fischer, Mark Leonard and George Soros
Wait a minute, you may say and lift an eyebrow in consternation! European Council on Foreign Relations? Isn’t this the Zionist front owned and lavishly funded by that global octopus George Soros?

Indeed! And Mr. Fischer the principal founding member and presently one of its executive lieutenants, a boring but probably most rewarding position. The question arises of course when exactly the Greens’ eloquent chieftain has sold his soul to the Devil, and how deep his party has landed itself in the usual morass of money and media support against a self-destructive servitude.

Up to the ears, I’ll bet.

Greens Election Poster (with Daddy suspiciously absent)
Now this wouldn’t give rise to concern if the party were stuck with its usual ten-percent sliver of the political cake. But then happened Fukushima! A veritable boon for the assorted media outlets, with every gory detail spread out day after day for the benefit of a terrified audience. And the Greens triumphant! Because a disaster of this magnitude was a dream come true, to be exploited with a propaganda onslaught that had to convince even the last hillbilly of what terrible dangers were hiding in nuclear energy. The little detail that Germany isn’t prone to earthquakes above two or three on the Richter scale, and those extremely rare in any case, didn’t bother anybody concerned. Not to mention the simple fact that a closure of our nuclear power plants would inevitably lead to buying electricity from neighbouring France where about every second village runs one of the hated things.

Largely as a result of the Japanese catastrophe, if a recent poll is to be believed, the German Greens soared to a staggering twenty eight percent, about as much as the ruling Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel. Together, they would have a majority, with the Greens’ present chairman, a hard-nosed dogmatic atheist and ex-communist, the possible next chancellor.

So what befell the poor Germans? Have they, once a tribe of fearless warriors, declined into a bunch of scared pansies?

Not really. Because another recent poll reveals, rather surprisingly, the other side of the coin. It delivered the following, and rather amazing, results. Nearly forty percent of German citizens believe that there exists some sort of Secret World Government. Even more think that the German government is essentially criminal. And about fifty percent are convinced that they live under a complete surveillance.

These convictions are most certainly not entertained in Germany alone, but have begun to take a foothold in other Western countries as well. Which means that there are plenty of people about who have retained their Common Sense and use it to separate the chaff from the wheat, to find some nuggets of truth in the usual mire of lies and deception. This will, it is to be feared, result in a hardening of the fronts, a widening of the abyss that separates the present political opponents. As the situation is getting slowly but inevitably out of hand—as in Spain a few years before the outbreak of the Civil War. A conspicuous foretaste of what is to come are the London riots, and so is the terrible crime staged by that Norwegian assassin Breivik.

As to the latter, I have seen some earnest introspection, particularly by my esteemed colleague Charles Dodgson. But being of a simpler cast, I can’t partake in it. Because a few general ideas and observations apart, and some that you can hear by now from a growing number of thoughtful citizens, there is nothing that connects me in any way with Breivik. He is, as our Editor and others have already observed, a kind of undersized Geert Wilder gone over the top. Who has, as an ardent admirer of Theodor Herzl and the Zionist cause, obviously embraced the moral principles of his political paragons. Seen against this background he isn’t mad at all, but most likely deems the bulldozing to death of Rachel Corrie and the gunning down of nine unarmed peace flotilla members as a legitimate means of defence. Or, if you care for larger numbers, the phosphor-bombing of Palestinian women and their children.
Somewhere you can get away with mass murder, and somewhere else you can’t.

As for us, nobody should dare to connect us in any way with that man. Because we, fearless defenders of the White Man’s achievements, conduct our battle of words with Christian compassion.

Or, if you so want, with an implacable human decency!

I need not go into any further detail.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Any chance you could cast your legal eyes over this case, maybe highlight it to Nationalists.
How about Nationalists forging links with British Constitutionalists, I know it will be going on but joining in their Demos to boost numbers etc.

WWII Veteran Norman Scarth jailed for recording a Trial ( what have courts got to hide, I thought the state mantra was nothing to hide nothing to fear )

Free Norman Scarth