Monday 8 August 2011

British Freedom Twitter Feed

Yesterday on our Twitter feed we got into an argument with the war criminal Alistair Campbell who was the Julius Streicher to Tony Blairs Hitler, we got an angry tweet from Gordon Browns wife Sarah Brown who was annoyed we tweeted and mocked her and we also got into an angry exchange with a wet liberal journalist about the London riots.

Join us and join in the fun on Twitter.

Our Twitter link is here ;!/british_freedom

Join us and join the fun.

Every day we get moron Marxists, idiot liberals and the rest of the scumbags of our society try and have a go at us - and each day we rip them a new asshole.

Its fun, its exciting, its Twitter.

Pass it on and get your friends to join us.

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Anonymous said...


I am awaiting the outcome of the BNP (I know you think it's over but there are still some credible members), and if nothing happens in 4 weeks I will be joining you party.

You are an asset to the nationalist cause and I believe you can take that party to great places.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate, I appreciate that.

We are all part of the Shield Wall, and we each are an essential part of the whole.

Whatever you do, just keep fighting for our cause.