Tuesday 16 August 2011

Cultural Marxism and the Riots

David Starkey cannot be called a racist for saying Black Culture is to blame for the riots.

How can he be racist against something that does not exist ?

Black Culture does not exist.

There are many Black Cultures based on nations, tribe, religion, ethnicity etc etc same as their are in White Cultures.

The idea of a monolithic and cohesive unifying Black Culture is an exclusively White Liberal Cultural Marxist Ideological Construct.

It is designed to force Black people into a liberal ideological race box and then use them as a battering ram against white society by white liberals whnenever they are required to do so by their, and our, white liberal and white bankster masters.

They are now able to be deployed as a racial collective to attack our nation, people & culture by their own enslavers - the white liberal master class and their banker puppeteer paymasters.

Therefore David Starkey cannot be accused of being racist.

There are many black cultures around the world, but no single Black Culture.

Just as there are many White cultures around the world, but no monolithic White Culture.

I do not wear Lederhosen, Yodel, eat horses or speak Greek.

Though White Germans, French & Greek people do those things, I do not as I am BRITISH.

Cultures are products of ethnic groups & nations - NOT RACES.

Races do not produce cultures - nations & ethnic groups do.

If races create a culture, then all of Africa & Europe woul.d be comprised of monolithic race based cultures.

They are self evidently not.

The concept of a 'Black Culture' idea is a product of White Liberal Cultural Marxists and Black Cultural Marxist fellow travellers, trying to box all blacks of all ethnic, tribal, religions & nations into one monolithic fake 'cultural' whole, and to then use them as a social and racial battering ram in their cultural struggle against British culture & society.

There is no Black Culture - things like Ebonics & the Kwanzi celebration & Black History Month are simply products of liberal cultural marxists using a fake constructed black consciousness and culture to radicalise & inflame blacks into hating British society.

Liberals peddle racial hatred and grievances against our British national culture to blacks and all other racial / ethnic / religious groups in British society.

Even whites are taught to loathe whites.

White Hatred has become absorbed into mainstream liberal thought via the Whiteness Studies in American and British universities based on Marxist Critical Theory Deconstructionism. (1)

This is epitomised by Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University, who in 2002 published in the Harvard University magazine an article entitled 'Abolish The White Race'. (2)

The agenda of the Cultural Marxists is now clear, it is a a race war against whites with the aim of our racial extermination.

If the cultural marxists were talking about Jews they would be called Nazis, if they were talking about Blacks they they would be called Nazis, if they were talking about homosexuals they would be called Nazis - but because they are talking about whites, they are called Liberals.

Starkey was half right - the problem is cultural, but those resoponsible for it are the Cultural Marxist liberals who are mainly white.

Professor Kevin McDonald has exposed the role of the Jewish community in the promulgation of the Cultural Marxist ideology in his book The Culture of Critique and its follow ups. (3)

But we acknowledge the fact that the overwhelming majority of Cultural Marxists are traitors from amongst our own race, our own nations and our own communities.

As Cicero wrote, "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague. "

We do not seek to 'blame the other' for the crimes of our own people.


We intend only to allocate blame and culpability solely on the evidence in order to ensure it never happens again. We do not come at this issue with a pre-conceived agenda based on political ideology, religious dogma, economic theory, class interest or race - we come at the problem solely from the point of view of the truth.

Starkey is a gay white Liberal.

He is a bastion of liberalism.

He isnt going to bite the liberal hand that feeds him and that gave him his well paid position as 'court historian' of the liberal regime.

He will blame anything, even blacks in a spasm of racism, for the crisis - never Liberalism itself.

Enoch Powell was right - David Starkey was wrong.

Enoch saw that mass immigration in a multi-cultural society was in fact COLONISATION.

Immigration had become colonisation.

Immigrants were not integrated and instead formed racial & religious ghettoes into which they poured as our borders were opened up by the EU & Globalists. Meanwhile white liberals filled the heads of their children in schools with hate for the rest of white & Christian society and so were cruelly exploited by the white liberal cultural marxists for their own perverted political ends.

Enoch wanted small numbers of skilled immigrants, such as the black Commonwealth citizens raised in a British culture during the era of the British Empire, to come to Britain as they could easily integrate into our culture.

He saw the danger to society of of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and cultural marxist indoctrination of unintegrated immigrants.

Enoch was talking primarily about culture, not race.

He saw that the Liberals would import in immigrants in order to create a race problem in society, so they could then use the issue of racism as a way to pass laws in society that imposed Marxism.

Both the Right of Left of British politics opened our national borders and imported in millions of immigrants who are culturally unable to ever integrate into our society - they are now colonists, not immigrants.

Starkey is trying to divert attention from the real problem - Liberalism & Cultural Marxism.

The problem of immigration is not just black - there are vast numbers of Eastern European Whites involved in criminality all over the country as a result of the influx of millions of white Eastern Europeans migrants coming into Britain from within the European Union.

It was not 14 year old black rioters in Tottenham who have been dosing and conditoning our youth with liberal poison all though their schooling or via the media they watch, read and listen too.

Regardless of the race of their victims, every society suffers the same symptoms when exposd to the pathology of Liberal Cultural Marxism.

The riots were multi-racial riots as manifestations of our multi-cultural society.
There were even Orthodox Jew rioting on the streets of London. (4)

Even if there were less black youth in the country, there would still be the whites, asians, Orthodox Jews, mixed race, middle aged, working, unemployed, ex-public school, grammar school girl, drunk, junkie rioters rioting on the streets last week.

The rioters were caused by three dynamics.

First is Thatcherism, which stated that 'There is no such as society' as well as inculcating into society the 'Gimme the money & Fuck you' attitude of the gangs. The 'Greed Is Good' ethos of the Wall Street Bankers is the exact same attitude of the 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' gangs. Neither recognise the existence of society, they only see their prey. Both the Banksters and the Gangsters also love Bling Culture, the cocaine & whores playboy lifestyle of rich amoral animals. They fetishise their status symbols, dehumanise women and worship only wealth. Thatcher globalised our national economy, sold off our nationalised industries, squandered North Seal oil, took us further into the EU, offshored British jobs and threw the White Working Class on the dole and onto Welfarism.

Then came Blairs extension of Thatcherism, Neo-Liberalism via New Labour.

Fabianism which feeds on Capitalism and excretes Socialism.

The White Working Class were somatised, tranquilised & drugged into compliant passive welfare dependency at the same time as heroin turned swathes of the country into smack addicted zombie towns.

Addiction and apathy became socially acceptable. The Underclass that was created are unwilling to work for anything, but theink they have the right to own everything. They want 52 inch plasma TV's and Ipods but do not want to work for them. They would rather steal from their neighbours or riot, than get a job, save up and buy a new TV.

They are the Ferals and they are the result of the moral, social & cultural collapse caused by Liberalism. Politically correct policing, race relations over sensitivity and social engineering are aspects of Liberalism.

Liberalism imposed moral and cultural relativism into the cultural vacuum created by the evisceration of British culture caused by the imposition of Multi-culturalism.

To solve the social issues associated riots we need to bring back the cane in schools, the birch for petty thugs, harsh prisons for career criminals and the death penalty for gunmen, terrorists, drug importers, treason and paedophiles.

Once we have a hung a few Islamist terrorists, Jihad funding drug importers and gangster gunmen, then the rest of the criminals will soon get the point.

Order will be imposed.

We will also deport every naturalised citizen convicted of serious crimes and revoke their British citizenship, so immigrants of all races and religions who have been convicted of serious crimes can be removed from our society - regardless of how long they have been here.

At the same time we will have to deal with the Cultural Marxists in our society.

They must be removed from all positions of power and influence in our society.

We cannot permit a cabal of ideological maniacs committed to the goal of 'destroying the white race' have any positions of power in our society - just as we cannot permit those who want to impose Sharia Law and impose Dhimmitude on all 'infidels' have any power in our society.

The importance of the riots lays in the fact that they have exposed the cultural evisceration of our nation and society by liberalism.

Now the people can no longer deny the nature of the society that their votes, stupidity and apathy created.

(1) https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/gjay/www/Whiteness/

(2) http://harvardmagazine.com/2002/09/abolish-the-white-race.html

(3) http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/books.htm

(4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRvzL9x-JdY

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

We've had our differences in the past but I stumbled on your Twitter account during the riots and I must say, you have been outstanding in your analysis since day 1.

I've just read this and I agree with everything you have written. It is exactly the smart and astute approach we need to adopt to progress a modern nationalist ideology.

Brilliant work, keep it up mate, I'm thinking you and the BFP have a lot to offer.



Extant said...

He always is mate. We have the Einstien of physics, the Vangogh of Painting, the Bach of music and Lee Barnes of Nationalism.

Its just none of you know it yet !