Monday 8 August 2011

The English Democrats and Ethnic Cleansing

Yesterday I got into an online argument with a member of the English Democrats and an English Nationalist about the Ethnic English.

According to this English Nationalist, the Ethnic English do not exist and anyone talking about them existing as an ethnic community in England is a racist.

Apparently in order to be 'English' one needs only to reside in England.

I asked him' Is Abu Hamza English' and 'Does that mean that Islamist Colonists in Tower Hamlets who do not even speak English, are they English'.

No answer.

So according to the English Democrats and English Nationalists there is no such thing as the Ethnic English.

Whilst Jews exist in Israel, Zulu's in South Africa and the Innuit in the Arctic etc etc - the only indigenous group in the world that deso not exist are the Ethnic English.

In an act of Ethnic Cleansing that would have made the Nazis proud, the Ethnic English according to the English Nationalists do not exist and have never existed.

That of course, means we can be wiped out by mass immigration and ethnic cleansing / white flight as we never existed in the first place.

Hitler would have been proud of that logic.

If this is the sort of English Nationalist that Eddy butler supports - and his idiot army of halfwit ants that follow him as another cringe making example of the pathetic cult of personality in nationalism - then you know where you can stick it.

Any Nationalist that calls themself an English Nationalist and supports this level of racist Civic Nationalist bullshit is a disgrace - not just to the English folk, but to our nation itself.

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Ade said...

There is an English Race, proven by none other than Former Justice Secretary Jack Straw when he said 'the English as a race are not worth saving'

Gan Eden said...

English 'nationalism' is purely a myth and it is being driven as an agenda to destroy the United Kingdom.

I stand totally against it.