Friday, 4 April 2008

Hi to the readers of the Jewish Chronicle

Hi Dana, that is a fair and quite a good article you have written - a pity though that you couldnt (or wouldnt) ask the list of questions I sent you.

A real shame your readers are not aware of the stance of the JC on the important issues I listed in my blog post here ;

One slight mistake in your article though is the assertion Dana makes that I said that both the Zionists and nazis thought the Jews were the Chosen Race - what I actually wrote is here ;

I wrote that the Nazis concept of the Nordic Aryan Super race was akin to the Zionist concept of the Jewish Chosen Race, in that both are predicated on the basis and assumption that each of them, both Jewish and Nordic Aryan, are superior races - both of which are racist positions to hold for they both assert that all other races are inferior. As somene who is of Celtic heritage, and not just Nordic heritage, I find both the Zionist concept of the Chosen race and the Nazi concept of the Nordic Aryan super race as both racist nonsense.

The Jewish Chronicle is a racist organisation. It demands that the only people in Britain who be prohibited from organising to protect and represent their community interests in the political, cultural, social and economic sphere of our multi-cultural society are the indigenous British people.

It appears that for organisations like the Jewish Chronicle the principle of universality that should apply to equal rights, and also the right to organise as a community in the Multi-Cultural system, applies only to ethnic minority groups like themselves and that the rights and interests of the ethnic majority must never be allowed to exist within the system of multi-culturalism.

This is clearly a racist position, for in effect it demands the exclusion of only one community, that of the indigenous British, from organising as a community to protect their interests within British society.

It appears that for groups like the Jewish Chroncile the indigenous British people must be like the indigenous Native American people and we must live on our reservations and keep quiet as we fade away quietly into extinction.

And so it has been. There is not one single charity in the country for the Indigenous British people, not one community centre for our people whilst their are thousands of ethno-specific community centres for every other ethnic minority groups, not one organisation to represent us legally as an ethnic community, we have no community leaders feted by the police and asked to sit on government task forces to assist our community and no public funds awarded to groups that represent the interests of our people.

Instead we have had our communities torn apart whilst every ethnic minority community group has been funded by our taxes. Whilst the government plans to shut down local village schools, local posts offices, sell of our kids playing fields, shut down youth clubs in our towns and villages and in effect destroy all those community structures that knit our community together - all other ethnic groups in the country have been funded by the state to create ethno-centric communal structures in the name of multi-culturalism.

The Jewish Chronicle is a perfect example of this. A newsaper that seeks to give a voice to the Jewish people in Britain, but at the same time campaigns to silence the voice of the indigenous British people.

A recent Newsnight poll stated that 58 % of the white working class felt no-one spoke for them and their interests in todays Britain.

In the same poll 77 % of white British people felt that they could not criticise immigration without being called racist.

The climate of fear engendered by multi-culturalism, and those that have exploited it in order to benefit themselves (even at the expense of their own ethnic community like the Jewish Chronicle), has resulted in our community becoming voiceless and impotent.

This was not an 'accident' of the process of multi-culturalism, instead the whole process of multi-culturalism demanded that the indigenous British people be terrified into silence by the word 'racist' as their country was stolen way from them. Those that dared speak out against the process, unless they are dressed in the robes and ermine of the House Of Lords, were villified, abused, hounded and sacked from their jobs in racist pogroms directed only against those in the indigenous British community that spoke up for their people.

And as we have also seen, the moment that the indigenous British people have begun to wake up, demand their voice in our own country and started to vote en mass for a party that represents their interests - then all those who have exploited multi-culturalism for themseves and their own communities have opened fire on the BNP for giving our people a voice.

The Jewish Chronicle is a newspaper that should articulate the interests and issues affecting the Jewish community, instead it has become just another propaganda rag for the Zionist wing of the Labour Party.

Whilst the British Jewish community is facing the most terrible threat to its survival in its long history in our Isles, th JC is campagning against the ONLY political party that is prepared to work with the Jewish community and fight and resist the growing threat from the Islamists that have entered and are growing in our nation.

Whilst the Labour Party has seduced the Jewish community into a state of tranquil surrender, it has been working to transform our nation into Brittanistan - the central organisng hub of the global Islamic Jihad.

The BNP has become the last haven for the Jewish Community, the only place where the real threat to the long term survival of the Jewish community, which is Radical Islamism, is being addressed and plans being made to fight back against it.

Whilst the Jewish community is suffering from the largest rise in racial attacks in its history, the JC is not campaigning against the people who are committing these racist crimes - who are solely Islamist Muslims and Far Left Militants - instead it is campaigning against the BNP on behalf of an organisation that even the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) regard as a Zionist front group, that being Searchlight run by the convicted liar and thief Gerry Gable.

The JC does not campaign against the Respect orgnisation run by Islamists and Stalinists united only in their hatred to Israel and Jews, instead they are targeting the only party that is standing up to the Islamists and Stalinists - which is the BNP.

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle David Rowan has attacked as 'anti-semites' anyone that is not part of the Zionist clique of the Labour Friends of Israel cabal, and he has abused his power as editor of the JC to use the paper as a mouthpiece for Zionists extremists in the Labour Party - the same people that supported the Labour government and its illegal War In Iraq.

I believe the Jewish community in Britain have been betrayed by their so
called community leaders.

Those leaders have been complicit in supporting the political parties that
have allowed the most dangerous ideology in human history, that of radical
Islamism, to enter and infect our nation.

By about 2040 when the demographic growth of the Islamists in the UK has
reached the point where the appeasers in the government cannot contain via
the police those Islamists who are determined to support the creation of
Sharia Zones through military force in our cities then the nightmare will
begin ;

First they will come for the Jews, their oldest enemy

Then they will come for the British Nationalists, for they are the only ones
who could organise the final resistance to their takeover

Then they will come for the Liberals, who wrung their hands but did nothing
as the threat grew

Then finally they will impose their will under the shadow of the sword
across the whole of this nation,

And on that day any Jews and British Nationalists that still remain in the
country and who have not fled to Israel (if it still exists and has not
become an irradiated crater courtesy of Iran) or Australia, will find
themselves forced to share each others company forever by the Islamists -
either hanging from the lamposts of our cities or paying the Jizya.

It is an historical inveitability that at some point the Jewish community
will reject those fools and charlatans that have so misled them for decades
and they will become the most active supporters of the BNP. This is because
we both share the burden of the undying hatred of the same mortal enemy.

Only fools cast stones at sheep when the wolf is at their door.

BNP man quits after JC exposes views on rape

By Dana Gloger

A senior British National Party candidate in next month’s elections has resigned following a row over his views on rape, first revealed by the JC, in which he claimed that it could not be “such a terrible physical ordeal”.

Two weeks ago, we linked Nick Eriksen, the party’s London regional organiser, who was second on its candidate list for the London Assembly elections, to the Sir John Bull weblog.

We reported him writing in an August 2005 entry: “To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.”

This week, the London Evening Standard followed our story by republishing the blog extracts.

The publicity apparently caused dismay among the BNP leadership. Simon Darby, the party’s deputy leader, confirmed that Mr Eriksen had quit. He said: “It was not what he wrote but the way it was taken out of context and distorted.”

Robert Bailey, deputy group leader on Barking and Dagenham council, will now move up the party’s candidate list to replace Mr Eriksen.

In a further development, the BNP’s legal adviser, Lee Barnes, has attacked the JC as “a racist organisation” and claims some of its employees are funding terrorism.

In an article on his blog (leejohn, following our support of a community-wide campaign to stop the BNP making gains in the local and mayoral elections on May 1, he wrote: “The Jewish Chronicle is the mouthpiece of the same clique of Zionist parasites and crooks that have abused and exploited the British

Jewish community for decades.”

He claimed that “the Zionists in…the Jewish Chronicle have always supported Israel above Britain and their relatives have worn the uniform of the IDF not the British Army – they are the Zionist version of Hizbut Tahrir [Islamic group, banned in several countries], and are a front group for the Zionist Nazis of the extremist Nazi wing of Israeli politics.”

He added that both the JC and the Nazis believed the Jews were the Chosen Race and that both believed it was legitimate to use terrorism to hold onto land.

In other posts on his blog, Mr Barnes also strongly criticised Gerry Gable, publisher of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, as well as the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD).

“We all know that Searchlight is…a nest of perverts, rats, reds and crooks,” he wrote.

The BOD was referred to as “a clique of self serving Zionist racists”, and a “Zionist-Nazi organization”.

This week, Mr Barnes defended his comments, reiterating that he thought the JC had become a racist organisation.

He asked why the JC was campaigning against the BNP when “the vast majority of attacks on Jews are perpetrated by Islamist Muslims and Leftists”.

“It appears for the JC that it is acceptable that the Jewish community, and all other ethnic communities in the country, are encouraged to organise politically, culturally, economically and socially…but for the indigenous people of the country when they do the same we are slandered as ‘racists’ and ‘extremists’,” he said.

Deputy leader Simon Darby also criticised the JC. “We have a growing Muslim community who probably despise you more than us. The looming problem of an Islamic republic might be of more interest to your readers than us.”

Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s deputy leader and party chair this week appealed to Jewish people to vote in the mayoral elections. “I am urging everyone in London across the Jewish community and beyond to get out to vote on 1st May to make sure the BNP with their nasty politics of divisions and hatred don’t win a seat on the Greater London Assembly,” she said.


Anonymous said...

off topic

Hi Lee, really like your writing wondered if you had ever watched "money as debt" and if the BNP has a position on monetary reform.

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman - what a horrible hypocrite she is, truly loathesome. And how insightful her slander of the BNP is. Unable to convince voters with the "enlightening" policies of her band of marxist crooks, all she can say is "don't vote for them they're nasty."

So bankrupt are their policies they have to stoop into the gutter. It is truly pathetic.

You've also run rings around the JC Lee, and I hope you've touched a nerve with their readers.


Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks Chris, appreciate that.

I have not watched the video about money reform, but I will know.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip.



Anonymous said...

Hey dick brain
Youve picked on the wrong people this time.
You had better watch your back and watch out for the authorities who will be watching your activities very closely. You are playing with fire and you WILL get burnt, thats a promise. You have been given too much slack until now, now the rope will start to tighten until you are without breath.

Now piss off back to your squalor and your life of insignificance.

Anonymous said...

Nazi scum like you who threaten Israel will pay the ultimate price. You are a cur, a whelp, a racist anti-Semitic Muslim loving Nazi dog.

Defender of Liberty said...

To Nathan the Zionist-Nazi,

Thanks for revealing the Nazi arrogance and criminality at the heart of the tiny Zionist clique in British jewry. It is true confirmation of how you must be regarded as of as much a threat to our national security as the Islamists.

I sincerely doubt if you have the bollocks to come and have a go at me, as unlike Palestinian women and children and old age pensioners like John Tyndall and his wife - I can fight back when attacked.

Death threats from scum like you, merely reveal just how urgent it is that the minority of extremist scum in the British Jewish community must be removed with as much deternmination as we are going to remove the Muslim extremist scum from our country.

The arrogance of these scum is breathtaking.

As for the authorities, the fact you seem to think the authorities serve you and the interests solely of your community is evidence that either you are a total lunatic or that our authorities are corrupt.

Either way your hubris is about to meet its Nemesis.

You may not have noticed it Nathan the Zionist Nazi, but the tide has turned.

Our people have woken up and are atarting to get very very angry.

The era where you could use the police and authorities to act as your bully boys is over - accountability is coming.

We stay within the law, whilst you have just broken it.

I have nothing to fear, you now have.

I will pass your comments onto the Jewish Chronicle so they can see just how much scum is still swimming around in their community.


Anonymous said...

I bet you made up those death threats just to inflate your own ego.

Lying bastard, none of my Jewish friends care one iota about a low life nazi scumbag like you.

Anonymous said...

You Nazi cunt who never shows his face but he hides himself beyond an anonymous blog. Some hero of the nazi master race you are, you pathetic coward. Go and meet real men in the CST any day and you will be remaining by drinking soup through a straw for the rest of your natural.

We live in hope -

Anonymous said...

Just read the dick-dribble threats from the zio-nazis.
Hey you kapo nonces, who you going to run to when the muslims come for you?
Not us, thats for sure. Not decent Jews either. We and they are going to enjoy the spectacle - ho-ho! :-)