Sunday, 27 April 2008

The New Art

The Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse wrote in his book One Dimensional Man that in modern consumer societies Man is no longer either free or fully human. The individual is somatised by the comforts of technology , seduced by consumerism and individual personality has been replaced by social conformity enforced via media conditioning.

Society seeks to repress the individual simply to the role and status of a consumer and for that end inculcates them with ideas, desires, false needs and wants that are of use simply to the Producers, the elite that controls society primarily through the media and government. The goal of the individual is simply to become either a producer or a great consumer. Success is defined as being an exploiter of the exploited. No longer is the individual taught that true liberty is discovering who you are, but they are in fact taught that individualism is both a threat and something shameful.

Our children are taught and believe that if they are not football stars, rap stars, pop stars, celebrities and public figures then their existence is meaningless. Man is measured as per his worth by society only by his utility as regards the means of production and his ability as a consumer. This is why the ugliest people in our society seek success, as this allows them to beautify themselves with bling and commodities. Ugliness is in reality an absence of individual personality, and it is demonstrated by those that replace their individuality with commodities. When I see a young woman walking down the street in the latest designer fashions I do not see an individual who is beautiful. I see a slave. I see someone who thinks how others have told her to think, who dresses how others have told her she should dress, who thinks beauty is what she looks like rather than what she is.

The modern world is the triumph of ugliness over beauty. Ugliness is the rape of nature, the inner slavery of Man, the rule of false Idols, the worship of lies and delusions and the surrender of the sprit to the reason of the machines.

There are simple codes for us all to follow ;

Man must live in harmony with Nature.

Each human must be taught how to achieve union with his higher self.

Each human must learn how to think for themselves.

Each human must seek the beauty of truth in all things.

Each human must become the best that he can be.

Each human must be free in conscience, spirit, mind and body.

These are simple things, but revolutionary in nature.

Neither do I see any beauty in the conformist cults of manufactured rebellion of the counter culture. The so called 'free thinkers' and rebels of our society each embrace their own personal delusional version of style fascism, their own consumer aesthetic, their own conformist cages. Goths and Hippies, Punks and Skinheads, Skaters and Ravers - each are simply slaves to the same commodity fetishism that they profess to reject. Each identifies the other by the same clothes, the same badges, the same identity that each embraces. Go to Glastonbury Festival and every stall sells the same hippie tat as the last stall. All the hippies buy the same clothes, all the skinheads parrot the same slogans, all the punks worship the same false idols and all the goths listen to the same music. Like sheets of metal on a factory conveyor belt each generation is impressed with the fashions and ideas they must worship, and the media and machines made ready to sell them their new uniforms made from old flags.

Each conforms, not rebels. Each is part of the problem, not the solution.

Even art, that once sacred and unsullied space where truth and beauty could escape the rusted chains of ugly utility and allow the individual to transcend this debased and mundane reality and enter into the eternal realm of truth and vision, has been harnessed to the dark engines of economics. Art galleries exhibit pictures whose value is measured in millions of pounds, yet whose meaning is lost. The art has been replaced by utility and cash value. The artist is now a Producer, a machine to generate profit whose art is instantly absorbed by the system and transformed into new wealth. Their art is therefore also anodyne and ugly in order to attract the attention of ugly and anodyne people.

Ugliness craves the mirror that reflects their own ugliness, for the ugly fear the reflection of beauty.

Contemporary art reflects the baser desires of man and his infantile obsessions with sex, aging, wealth and status. It is diamond covered skulls and pickled fish in tanks of preservative, it is life size female plastic sex dolls with vagina mouths and an unmade bed surrounded by empty condom packets and beer bottles. It is simply snapshots of despair, the whimper of a dying civilisation and the death rattle of a culture choking to death on its own vomit.

The landfills ae full of our discarbed garbage ands our art galleries reflect that ugliness and are filled with art that is ugly.

This art of ugliness is hoarded by ugly people in their ugly homes as trolls once hoarded treasure in caves. Those whose art reflects ideals that the system finds appealing, are the enemies of art, truth and beauty. They are collaborators in the ecocide of the planet and our cultural annihilation.

The New Art must not be palatable to the present system, it must be regarded as toxic and corrosive to the cabals of criminals that currently collect modern art and it must stick in the craw of the establishment elites so that it may poison the machines and sicken the system which gives them their power. The New Artist must stand firm against all ugliness and lies. They and their works must be hated and despised as a profaner and regarded as a sick heretic whose work will be hidden and criminalised. True beauty is always hated by the ugly. The New Art must set itself one goal, which is the annihilation of all lies and ugliness. It must reflect Nature in that it is savage and wild, as uncontrolled as the river in flood but it also must reflect Truth in that it offers redemption for Man and a way out of the graveyard by the acts of Creative Self Evolution. The act of its creation will be as important as the creation of the art itself. It will be the path to higher evolution, the art of Creative Self Evolution. First must come the vision of beauty beyond this cesspit of contemporary culture, then the work and then the art will be born.

The work of the New Artist is a new civilisation and a new way of living.

The New Art is itself the act of Mans self transformation.

It is an extinction and a rebirth. The New Art is to live with Nature, and not to destroy Nature, and to use genetic engineering to remove all the inherited physical defects and genetic flaws that God, or Nature, bequeathed to Man. Only when no child is ever born with a genetic defect that can be perfected by science, no child starves or sickens from famine or disease can we evolve as a species. At the same time the endless rut of the human species that threatens to drown the world in starving children must be ended.

Reproduction must be limited and not regarded as a right. There are too many people on this panet with too few resources and therefore Man must exert control over his own reproductive insanity.

Seeing as the White Race is the only race on the planet with falling numbers and that has less births and deaths then we must demand from all other races a similar reduction in numbers. Food aid and economic aid to the the Developing world must be predicated on public health schemes that reduce population numbers. Economics and trade must be linked to nations like India and China reducing their populations.

If they refuse then Europe must form an Fortress Europe and protect itself and let the rest of the planet suffer its own reduction in numbers, either through wars, famines or disease.

If Man will not exert control over his own reproduction, then Nature must be allowed to do it by itself.

Man can only to perfect himself when begins to live in harmony with Nature.

Only once Man has transcended the present level of the human species, and gone beyond into a new higher humanity, can Man achieve the great destiny that is his to claim.

Man will either begin the Great Work of the New Art of self transformation and create this higher civilisation from which will come the New Art of Living or man will finish the process of his own destruction and achieve what he secretly years, which is extinction.

Man will either transcend Man or Man will destroy Man.

Everywhere the wild abates before the greed of Man. The wild places of the world where Man may retreat from the streets, the cars and the crowds in order to find that sacred silence within himself wherein he discovers who he truly is are shrinking every day. They grow smaller as we as a species grow ever larger. The ice caps shrink, the forests are felled, the rivers drained and the sky polluted. Death follows wherever we tread. With his metal machines and mental delusions Man cuts, kills, poisons and profanes the environment upon which his entire existence depends without realising that he building a prison for himself, a prison of ugliness, cruelty, greed and lies in which existence can only be meaningless and base and devoid of all beauty or inner illumination. True Progress is not defined as growth in the GDP, more cars being sold or more babies being born - it can only be defined in terms of living sustainability with Nature and in the creation of enlightened individuals who show reverence for nature instead of contempt for life.

A progressive philosophy of being would primarily demand upon Man obedience to the first law of Nature, which is that of living within natural limits.

This thing we call material wealth is based on exploitation,of man and nature, and it is a shameful thing. It is stolen from future generations yet to come and is a betrayal of all the sacrifices of those that came before us. The faster we pile up around us the petty plastic commodities of social status, the higher we build up our own funeral pyres. One day someone will finally strike the match, and the whole thing will burst into flames. That which we take for ourselves today without thought for its true cost is stolen from the hands of future generations. We are surrounded by false Idols that promise happiness but deliver only despair. We are rich but bereft of values.

Personality is denuded the more the natural world is denuded. The more we ravage the planet the less human we become. The more we allow the machines to define for us all the aspects of our lives, the more machine like we become. We eat microwave meals before the TV, get up when our watches tell us too and visit the places we are told to visit for two weeks year in order to relax. This simple level of Generation combined with the gross materialism of Ulro, is what William Blake would have defined as the worst of all possible worlds. Man exists simply in order to reproduce and consume. Like cattle queuing up to enter the slaughterhouse, the modern Mass Animal celebrates this process of slow extinction as freedom.

Freedom is simply the ability to become the best that we can each possibly be. When we are constrained by the thoughts, words, lies, delusion, laws or demands of others that prevent us from bettering ourselves then we are not free.

The media tell us what we want, what we should buy, what we should wear, what car we should drive and by so doing define of us who are and what we should believe. It is the basis of the Urizenic net of false religions, idols and ideologies, the black web of ‘Thou Shalts,’ which seeks to ensnare Man in the delusion worlds of his self appointed masters.

Schools seek to indoctrinate us, they do not liberate us. The things they teach are the barriers to true being, for true being is not learnt it is experienced. True education would be teaching children that freedom is and allowing them to liberate themselves.

There is no salvation in religions and economics.

Man must become his own salvation and achieve redemption through his own works and struggles.

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thll said...

Spot on Lee. It can't be any other way and that's the route we'll take.