Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Viva Italia !

Congratulations to the Eternal City’s new mayor Gianni Alemanno, the new mayor of Rome who has promised to clean up the streets of Rome from the immigrant scum and criminals that have invaded it.

The Revolution of the Right has now conquered Italy , the next step is the return of power to the people all across Europe.



Unknown said...

Hi Lee,

just to let you know I have stopped eating carpet and am now voting for the BNP.

I hope you get 100 new MPs and Nick Grffin is elected President.

I love you,

Denise Garside

Defender of Liberty said...


please stop stalking me you sad bitch.


Anonymous said...

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Anyway, who has the longer tongue, you or that other slimy sycophantic slime-bag, Darby?
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