Friday, 25 April 2008

The Way Of Nationalism

I have been doing some thinking and these below are the essentials that I consier to a rebirth of nationalism and a rebith of Britain and British culture ;

A contemporary British art that is native to our traditions and heritage and that seeks to inspire and educate our people instead of debasing and exploiting them. An art that is based on beauty and life instead of degeneracy and profit.

A British national culture that is based on our ancestral heritage and way of life and that celebrates the values of our national community instead of sickening our society with the infections of consumerism and political correctness.

The empowerment of the British Constitution as an active body of legal rights able to be claimed in legal proceedings and all children, judges, politicians and police educated about the British Constitution and the ancestral rights we possess enshrined within it.

An education system that seeks to enlighten British youth, that gives them an national, cultural and ethnic identity they can be proud of and that encourages them to aspire to individual greatness instead of indoctrinating them with the sicknesses of apathy, ignorance and consumer conformity.

The Nation and the State required to act at all times solely in the interests and profit of the British people and not ever in favour of the corporations, globalist institutions, politicians and banks.

The law to be applied in favour of the true Britons and not against us and in favour of aliens, enemies, lobby groups and criminals as it is at present in the hands of the politicians, the judges and the police.

The British media to be owned and operated solely by British corporations and editors instead of foreign conglomerates and alien press barons, and also the media be required to print the truth instead of lies and propaganda.

The electoral and political systems to be protected against undue influence and corruption either from trade unions, the media, political donors and judicial bias.

The British army returned from defending the poppy fields of Afghanistan for the KLA, ISI and the CIA and guarding the US and Saudi Arabia backed Al Qaeda Sunni militias in Iraq acting as a proxy army against Iranian backed Shiite militias and ordered to return to Britain and defend our national borders from invaders and terrorists for a change.

The British armed forces fighting the war against Islamist terror on British streets instead of in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Royal Navy returned from patrolling the sea lanes of Iraq and ordered to be re-deployed patrolling the territorial waters of the UK and policing our international interests instead of the international interests of the US, the EU and the UN.

The Royal Air Force to be returned home and to be re-configured primarily as a strategic national defence force with a new air wing based on asymmetric warfare threats capable of rapid deployment with a global reach in relation to dealing with evolving threats in the global environment such as Islamist terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass deception.

The bankers personally made liable for the debts of the banks, and not the British people having to subsidise their greed and incompetence through their taxes.

The British economic systems to function in order to assist the social development of the British people as a nation and community and not simply in the interests of specific classes, financers, corporations, foreign nations and politicians.

The British national environment to be protected and our agriculture and farming systems to be based on the principles of sustainability and national self sufficiency.

The British nation must become energy self sufficient and invest in the creation of a Green Energy Economy, where all our national energy requirements are met by nationally generated renewable energy systems in order to ensure our national energy security.

A Bank of Britain created that will act in the interests of the British people and invest in a new Renewable Energy Industrial Revolution and build the infra-structure necessary for the creation of a 100 % energy independent national energy production system.

The Bank of Britain to also assist in the development a national industrial and manufacturing base for Durable Goods instead of Consumer Goods and also invest in the development of both a national and International market for those durable goods. Durable Goods are products such as ovens, cars, computers and trains which are designed to be energy efficient, durable and robust, easy to repair, made to last as long as possible and instead of being throw away consumer commodities and which will form the basis of the post-Peak Oil manufacturing and demand systems as both energy shortages and resource scarcity impact upon both manufacturers and consumers. The future manufacturing industries of the 21st century will be those that replace consumerism with durables.

The police required to uphold our ancestral rights and liberties and to respect our British constitutional rights and freedoms instead of protecting terrorists and criminals and acting as the para-military wing of the Labour Party and political correctness.

The Judges required to uphold the principle of parliamentary sovereignty and British constitutional rights before international treaties and EU laws and also to put the interests of both victims and the British people before terrorists and criminals.

The Trades Unions to act in the interests of British workers and the British economy instead of campaigning for Cuba and migrant workers.

The Church of England to reflect the wisdom of the New Testament instead of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto and that vicars and bishops simply serve either the Church or their flocks instead of empathising with the wolves that threaten them and us all.

Work and homes for British workers and British families instead of cheap immigrant votes and cheap immigrant labour for the politicians and fat cats of global capitalism.

Higher wages for British workers instead of cheap wages for immigrant illegal workers, low wage bills for employers, massive profits for stockholders and directors and high union membership numbers and fees to subsidise the vast salaries of the trades union mafia bosses.

British land, farms and industries owned by British citizens and families and not international corporations, banks and foreign investors.

British industries employing British workers and supplying the British markets instead of child slaves in India and prisoners in China.

The country run for the benefit of the silent majority of the British people instead of the ethnic minority lobby groups.

The small independent British business and family farm to be helped by government instead of politicians of all parties being bought off by the big corporations, supermarket chains and agri-businesses.

British national sovereignty to be restored by the repatriation of all legislative powers devolved to international institutions and autonomy over the British economy restored by the removal of power over our political system by foreign corporations.

A land where animal welfare and the sustainability of the environment are more important than barbaric alien religious rituals and profits for the big supermarket chains.

A country where free speech and the right of protest take precedence over political correctness and the police state.


Anonymous said...


I agree one hundred percent with everything you have written here.

I have just recently had an argument with a friend of mine who is staying with us on holiday about the BNP and he is totally taken in by the LibLabCon, stating that the BNP are all Nazi's, I said that's funny because I support them, are you saying that I am a nazi?

He also said that he would never even look at the BNP website! what on earth can you say to friends who have that much hatred of the BNP when they will not even take a look at the website.

He also said that the Muslims are no problem as it's only a tiny minority that are causing problems and the majority are just fine.

I can't win the argument with this friend, he is an Anglican Priest and is well read, he has an answer for every argument I put forward. He is wrong, but how do I plant a doubt in his mind?

We have a very very big mountain to climb and I am very much afraid that we will not be able to climb it in time to make any difference.

Can I have any hope of a real break through before things are too far gone to make any difference.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi my friend,

With people such as your friend they are the victims of decades of media conditioning to the point that they are unable to even think for themselves any more.

I have found that their exists an inverse ratio in this regard in that the more educated some people are the more brainwashed they are as they are more susceptible to believe the propaganda the media pumps out. They are liable to believe whatever some authority figure tells them without any scrutiny of what is said. Vicars are especailly susceptible to this as they are used to being told 'truth' by an higher authority.

Perhaps it would be wise to get him to watch some documentaries with you such as the documentary about radical Islam - Obsession - which is on Youtube and also the documentary on peak oil - Crude Impact - which is also on youtube.

Once he realises that the media serve the interests only of themselves and their puppet political parties then perhaps he will be more open to new ideas.

A closed mind is sad thing.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

You really are an anti-semitic wank stain on the mattress of life. Fuck off and die you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lee I appreciate your view of things. I will see if I can get him to take a look. I wish I had your gift of being able to argue with knowledge and conviction. I love your writing and will follow your blogg every time you write.



Harry J said...

Perhaps Islam: What the West Needs to Know might be a better bet as it deals with some of the theological aspects of Islam and is a sober discussion of some of its inherent problems. Walid Shoebat, the ex PLO terrorist is a convincing participant.

Anonymous said...

well written article Lee. This should be the basis for a new British Constitution.
Of course the opposite of what you have written is the mire we find ourselves in today.


Defender of Liberty said...

To the demented Zionist,

It is the Zionists that are the anti-semites as shown by their treatment of the semtitic Palestinian people in Israel.

Now go and play hopscotch in a minefield you Kosher Nazi scumbag.


alanorei said...

A comprehensive article, Lee, thanks.

I note this particularly fair and objective comment:

"The Church of England to reflect the wisdom of the New Testament instead of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto and that vicars and bishops simply serve either the Church or their flocks instead of empathising with the wolves that threaten them and us all. "

A return by the C of E to the 39 Articles of Religion would be an essential first step.

I note the Anon 11:27 comment above.

It proves once again that rage and obscenity are all the enemy has to offer.

Apart from the standard falsehoods but that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

The Nativity is one of the most important times for Christianty, yet the concept of Native-ity is lost on the preachers and many of their flock.

Excellent post Lee!

Anonymous said...

When will you be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, Lee? No wonder Gri££in like you up is fat arse.

Defender of Liberty said...

Aaah I see zat ze Kapo SS Kosher Nazis have posted on zis article as vell.

Shouldnt you be busy shooting unarmed semitic palestinian women and children in the nameof Zionism eh Kosher Nazi boy