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Interview With The Jewish Chronicle

Below I publish for your comment a series of e mails from the Jewish Chronicle who are presently supporting the Searchlight campaign against the BNP.

The Jewish Chronicle is a racist organisation. It demands that the only people in Britain who be prohibited from organising to protect and represent their community interests in the political, cultural, social and economic sphere of our multi-cultural society are the indigenous British people.

It appears that for organisations like the Jewish Chronicle the principle of universality that should apply to equal rights, and also the right to organise as a community in the Multi-Cultural system, applies only to ethnic minority groups like themselves and that the rights and interests of the ethnic majority must never be allowed to exist within the system of multi-culturalism.

This is clearly a racist position, for in effect it demands the exclusion of only one community, that of the indigenous British, from organising as a community to protect their interests within British society.

It appears that for groups like the Jewish Chroncile the indigenous British people must be like the indigenous Native American people and we must live on our reservations and keep quiet as we fade away quietly into extinction.

And so it has been. There is not one single charity in the country for the Indigenous British people, not one community centre for our people whilst their are thousands of ethno-specific community centres for every other ethnic minority groups, not one organisation to represent us legally as an ethnic community, we have no communiy leaders feted by the police and asked to sit on government task forces to assist our community and no public funds awarded to groups that represent the interests of our people.

Instead we have had our communities torn apart whilst every ethnic minority community group has been funded by our taxes. Whilst the government plans to shut down local village schools, local posts offices, sell of our kids playing fields, shut down youth clubs in our towns and villages and in effect destroy all those community structures that knit our community together - all other ethnic groups in the country have been funded by the state to create ethno-centric communal structures in the name of multi-culturalism.

The Jewish Chronicle is a perfect example of this. A newsaper that seeks to give a voice to the Jewish people in Britain, but at the same time campaigns to silence the voice of the indigenous British people.

A recent Newsnight poll stated that 58 % of the white working class felt no-one spoke for them and their interests in todays Britain.

In the same poll 77 % of white British people felt that they could not criticise immigration without being called racist.

The climate of fear engendered by multi-culturalism, and those that have exploited it in order to benefit themselves (even at the expense of their own ethnic community like the Jewish Chronicle), has resulted in our community becoming vioceless and impotent.

This was not an 'accident' of the process of multi-culturalism, instead the whole process of multi-culturalism demanded that the indigenous British people be terrified into silence by the word 'racist' as their country was stolen way from them. Those that dared speak out against the process, unless they are dressed in the robes and ermine of the House Of Lords, were villified, abused, hounded and sacked from their jobs in racist pogroms directed only against those in the indigenous British community that spoke up for their people.

And as we have also seen, the moment that the indigenous British people have begun to wak up, demand their voice in our own country and started to vote en mass for a party that represents their interests - then all those who have exploited multi-culturalism for themseves and their own communities have opened fire on the BNP for giving our people a voice.

Below is an exchange of e mails with the Jewish Chronicle.

Note that with the typical arrogance of the multi-cultural fascists that feed primarily off their own community and who seek to deny others the same rights as them in the multi-cultural process they did not deign to answer any of my specific questions about their racism and incompetence ;

Dear Simon, Thanks for your time just now. Please find attached a file in which I have copied some statements made by Mr Barnes in various posts on his personal blog. The last entry is one in which he professes that the BNP is not a racist party. With particular regard to the article on the Jewish Chronicle and its employees, on whatgrounds does Mr Barnes make his comments about employees of the paper, such as that we are, in his words, "funders of terrorism" and that our relatives fight in the IDF? If he could also address the other entries I have copied into the attachment that would be great. thanks indeed. Please find my direct line below, should there be any queries.Thanks again,Dana Gloger Reporter Jewish Chronicle 25 Furnival Street London EC4A 1JTDL: ------- End of forwarded message -------

Dear Ms. Gloger,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have answered the questions you listed on your
e mail, though I cannot open up the documents you attached to your e mail as
I do not open attachments on e mails for obvious security reasons.

Any further questions you have please get in touch.

(1) The Jewish Chronicle has been involved with the Searchlight organisation
in its anti-BNP campaigning activities for decades. Searchlight is an
organisation based on the principle of hounding and terrorising members of
British Nationalist parties into leaving politics and is run by a convicted
criminal, Gerry Gable, who has direct links with terrorist organisations
such as Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action who have targeted and physically
attacked BNP members. Searchlight activities and hounding of individual
nationalists have caused many BNP members to lose their jobs, homes and
pensions. Your support for this Searchlight campaign through your
advertising the anti-BNP propaganda peddled by Searchlight in your newspaper
is the direct subsidising of an organisation that we consider is an unlawful
terrorist organisation, and one that we intend to proscribe when we come to
power as an hostile agent of a foreign state. Advertising in your paper
costs money. The Jewish Chronicle has been a long time associate,
propagandist and supporter of Gerry Gable and Searchlight, and are therefore
complicit in the actions of Mr. Gable and the organisations he is linked

Your paper is also linked with the Board of Deputies of British Jews who
offer unconditional loyalty to the principle of Israel and Zionism and who
have attacked the BNP many times. The BOD just like Searchlight and the
Community Security Trust also collects, stores and passes on information it
collects on Nationalists and others to harass and intimidate those people
its perceives as its opponents including BNP members and officials.

Even the UAF regards Searchlight as a Zionist Front Group ;

2) Family members of Mr. Gerry Gable have served in the IDF. I am sure that
many members of the families of staff of the Jewish Chronicle and their
extended families have also served in the IDF. Many Zionist Jews in Britain
leave the UK to serve in the IDF every year.

The New Statesman has also compared IDF training of British citizens to
terrorism ;

As David Aaronovitch wrote in The Times Online on September 22, 2006 ;
Therefore, I wouldn't join such an organisation. Neither would I join the
Israeli Army. That's for Israelis to do. I only say this because a girl who
went to school with my 16-year-old daughter - a lovely, clever young woman -
apparently wants, having visited Israel, to serve with the IDF for a year or

I expressed amazement at this to a couple of friends, one of whom lights the
candles, says the words and maintains contact with the family ghosts, and
that's more or less it. When we discussed the military thing, he sort of
said, "The Israeli army, what could be more natural?" To which I replied,
"The British army?"

(3) Zionism is defined as Racism by the UN. The_claim_that_Zionism_is_racism

In November 1975, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 declared that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination. "In December 1991, the General Assembly rescinded this resolution throughResolution 4686. At the time, the Soviet Union, a major sponsor of the "Zionism is racism" doctrine (see Zionology), had completed its rapid collapse. Israel made revocation of resolution 3379 a condition of its participation in the Madrid Peace Conference. The Madrid Conference was hosted by the government of Spain and co-sponsored by the USA and the USSR. It convened on October 30, 1991 and lasted for three days. It was an early attempt by the international community to start a peace process through negotiations involving Israel and the Arab countries including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinians.

In the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War, US President George H.W. Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker formulated the framework of objectives, and together with the Soviet Union extended a letter of invitation, dated October 30, 1991 to Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinians. Therefore the revocation of the 1975 definition of Zionism was based solely on political considerations relating to the formation of that (failed) conference and therefore did not relate to any re-definition of Zionism as not being racist. Zionism is clearly racist. The UN resolution did not rehabilitate Zionism, it merely dropped the first resolution in order to get Israel into the conference.

The BNP accept the right of Israel as a nation to exist and also supportits right to defend itself as it sees fit from all internal and externalthreats to its National Security. We admire the ethno-centric communalism ofthe Jewish peoples and also the national spirit that allowed them to rebuildIsrael after it had ceased to exist for 2000 years. I personally am frequently attacked by anti-semitic Neo-Nazis for my supportof Israel as a nation, almost as much as I am called an Nazi extremist by the Zionist media such as Searchlight - as a cursory internet search will reveal.

We do not accept that British citizens may be allowed to organise to place the interests of Israel before those of Britain and nor do we accept that British citizens may fight for and wear the uniform of a foreign state. Those that leave the UK to fight for Israel, the Taliban or Islam should forfeit their British citizenship rights. We are not anti-Israel nor anti-semitic but neither are we philo-semitic. We serve only the interests of our people and national community.

Neither are we anti-Muslim or anti-Islam. We are as much anti-Zionist as we are anti-Jihadist. Those whose primary loyalty is to Great Britain regardless of their race,religion or creed need not worry about the BNP getting into power. All those present within our national borders that regard the UK simply as a base to serve the interests of a foreign power or their particular religion, and who also actively work to undermine our national interests, would not be tolerated once we got into power.

Zionist extremists both inside and outside Israel, and also the Christian Zionists in the US who work to use its foreign policy to benefit Israel, we regard as threats to world peace.The power of pro-Israeli lobby groups comprised of Zionist political fanatics and also Zionist Christian Fundamentalists must be curbed and their ability to influence both our domestic and foreign policy ended. These Zionist lobby and media groups are as much a threat to the UK as the Saudi Arabian Wahhabist lobby groups and media organisations that seek toinfluence our domestic and foreign policies for their benefit and that also seek to influence the domestic and foreign policies of our internationalallies such as the US.

Any organisation that puts the interests of a foreign nation or the interests of their religion before the interests of the British people and the British nation must be regarded as a threat to the security of the British state.

It was an alliance of Christian Zionists, the Pro-Israel Zionists and the Saudi Arabian Wahhabists that all pushed for the Iraq War and the removal of Saddam Hussein. Without these groups giving their explicit backing to the Iraq War then it would not have happened. We believe that British Jews have been betrayed by the self appointed community representatives who have spoken in their name over the last five decades. These organisations have all supported Multi-Culturalism, Mass Immigration, the de-culturalisation of the indigenous British people, the Islamisation of British society, the racist policies of the Israeli government against the indigenous Palestinian peoples and also the Iraq War.

These groups have also facilitated the Islamisation of our society by aligning themselves with organisations such as the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain and at the same time have fought against the indigenous British community organising to protect and represent politically ourcommunity interests in the multi-cultural system. We believe that the people who have been running, and who still are running,the so called 'Jewish community groups' in Britain have only been looking after either themselves or the interests of Israel. The last thing they have been looking after is the interests of individual Jews and the British Jewish community. Race and faith attacks against Jews are at an all time high, but are not being perpetrated by the BNP , but simply by either Muslims or activists of the Far Left.

The recent CST report on attacks on Jews reveals the fiction of a threat to Jews from the BNP. The constant lie that the Jewish community in Britain is threatened by the BNP is promulgated only by those who are complicit in the decades long exploitation of the British Jewish community for their own sectarian interests. It is time the British Jewish community rejected the self appointed fools and charlatans that have led them and us into clear and present danger, and realise that the BNP and the British Jewish community now need each other if both of our communities are going to survive the threat that radical Islam offers to future generations of our children and grandchildren.

L.J. Barnes

(2) > Dear Mr Barnes,
> Many thanks indeed for your response.
> Below I have pasted what is in the document I had attached to the
> original email, in case you want to comment on this. They are some of
> your posts from your blog.
> Many thanks indeed.
> Pasted below:
> March 21 2008

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dana Gloger" <
To: "lee barnes" <>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 10:04 AM
Subject: RE: (Fwd) FAO Simon Derby - My Response

Dear Ms. Gloger,

I have been wondering why the JC campaign against the BNP on behalf of
Searchlight run by a convicted criminal with links to terrorist groups who
have used physical violence against our members, but the JC have not ever
campaigned against the Respect Party which is an organisation whose
membership comprises of anti-Semitic Islamists and anti-Semitic Stalinists ?

As the CST states in its report on anti-Semitism in the UK that the vast
majority of attacks on Jews are perpetrated by Islamist Muslims and
Leftists, then this begs the question - to what agenda are the JC really
operating ?

Is it because the JC are propagandising the bogus issue of 'BNP
anti-Semitism' in order to deceive the Jewish community and thereby support
the Labour Party in elections and undermine the BNP vote ?

If the intent of the JC was to prevent anti-semitic attacks then why does
the JC not campaign to deal with the real Islamist and Leftist threat
affecting the Jewish community by telling the truth about the real attackers
of the Jewish community to their readers, and target groups like Respect
instead of the BNP ?

I believe it is because the JC has become a racist organisation. It appears
for the JC that it is acceptable that the Jewish community, and all other
ethnic communities in the country, are encouraged to organise politically,
culturally, economically and socially to represent their interests as a
community - but for the indigenous people of the country when they do the
same we are slandered as 'racists' and 'extremists'

Is this not a racist position for the JC to adopt - to demand that only the
indigenous peoples of Britain have no groups or organisations that
articulate their community interests in the multi-cultural system ?

Are we supposed to just sit back and watch as our country, culture,
traditions, heritage and way of life are submerged beneath a tide of mass
immigration, political correctness and ethnic lobby groups who use the law
to promote their individual minority ethnic interests above our interests
and the interests of the ethnic majority ?

To benefit as a community from the principle of ethno-centric communalism
in the multi-cultural system whilst only denying one group in the country
the same rights you yourself as a community claim, exploit and take for
granted is racist - the JC support the right of Jewish citizens in Israel
who wish Israel to remain a nation with a Jewish ethos, so then why do the
JC denigrate the indigenous British people who wish their nation to remain a
nation with a British ethos ?

I believe the Jewish community in Britain have been betrayed by their so
called community leaders.

Those leaders have been complicit in supporting the political parties that
have allowed the most dangerous ideology in human history, that of radical
Islamism, to enter and infect our nation.

By about 2040 when the demographic growth of the Islamists in the UK has
reached the point where the appeasers in the government cannot contain via
the police those Islamists who are determined to support the creation of
Sharia Zones through military force in our cities then the nightmare will
begin ;

First they will come for the Jews, their oldest enemy

Then they will come for the British Nationalists, for they are the only ones
who could organise the final resistance to their takeover

Then they will come for the Liberals, who wrung their hands but did nothing
as the threat grew

Then finally they will impose their will under the shadow of the sword
across the whole of this nation,

And on that day any Jews and British Nationalists that still remain in the
country and who have not fled to Israel (if it still exists and has not
become an irradiated crater courtesy of Iran) or Australia, will find
themselves forced to share each others company forever by the Islamists -
either hanging from the lamposts of our cities or paying the Jizya.

It is an historical inveitability that at some point the Jewish community
will reject those fools and charlatans that have so misled them for decades
and they will become the most active supporters of the BNP. This is because
we both share the burden of the undying hatred of the same mortal enemy.

Only fools cast stones at sheep when the wolf is at their door.

L. J. Barnes

> Hi Mr Barnes,
> Thanks for your email.
> I'm afraid I would not be in a position to make any official comment on
> behalf of the JC, given that I am a reporter, and not an editor or
> spokesperson.
> The reason I was asking for your comments, was in order to give you
> every opportunity to have your say.
> Many thanks again,
> Dana Gloger
> Reporter
> Jewish Chronicle
> 25 Furnival Street
> London EC4A 1JT

Hi Dana,

Would it be possible to ask the editor or the owners of the paper why they
are misleading the Jewish community about the real nature of the threats
they are facing from Islamo-Fascism and Far Left anti-Semitism and why they
are instead propagandising and peddling the bogus threat of the BNP to their
readers ?

Could you also ask them why he has adopted the explicitly racist position of
only targeting the indigenous British community with a JC sponsored
Searchlight hate campaign designed to subvert the democratic political
process when they alone seek to organise to represent their community
interests and protect their British way of life ?

Also wow much money has the Labour Party spent on advertising in your paper
over the years ;

A Labour campaign advert in the Jewish Chronicle boasted:

Since 1997 a record 57 Labour MPs have visited Israel, mostly with
Labour Friends of Israel, swelling the number of MPS willing to ensure
balance on the Middle East in the House of Commons. More Labour MPs have
visited Israel than from any other party.

The advert also boasted that the new Terrorism Act of 2000 - for which
LFI actively lobbied - "proscribes terrorist organizations like Hamas,
Hizbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Predictably enough there was no
mention of the mutli-million pound military aid to Israel's occupying

Some of the MPs, who had their trips to Israel sponsored by LFI in recent
years include Ivor Caplin, Paul Clark, Oona King, Ashok Kumar, Ivan Lewis,
Anne McGuire, Rosemary McKenna, Margaret Moran, Jim Murphy, Sandra Osborne,
Gareth Thomas, Frank Roy, Joan Ryan, Angela Smith, Graham Stringer, Rudi
Vis, David Watts, Gillian Merron, Peter Pike, Lorna Fitzsimons, Louise
Ellman, Caroline Flint, Linda Perham, Douglas Alexander, Fabian Hamilton,
Anthony Colman, Dan Norris, Andy Burnham, David Cairns, Tony Cunningham,
Eric Joyce, Huw Irranca-Davies, David Wayne, Parmjit Dhanda, Meg Munn, Mike
Gapes, Stephen Twigg and Andrew Dismore. Former MI6 officer and member of
the House of Lords Baroness Margaret Ramsay has also been on LFI sponsored

The reason I was asking for your answers to these questions, was in order to
give you every opportunity to have your say.

Also has David Rowan the editor of the JC now stopped accusing those who are not zionists in the Labour Party such as Tam Dalyell,
David Tredinnick and Richard Ingrams of anti-Semitism as he did here ;

Once again, a Jewish financier is cast as the villain of the piece

No, of course anti-Semitism is not what is driving the cash-for-honours
inquiry. Serious allegations merit thorough police investigation, however
awkward that is proving for Lord Levy and the many anxious Jewish charities
with which he is associated. But what is disturbing Jewish Chronicle readers
is the all-too-familiar role he is being assigned in the swirl of
unattributable briefings and nudge-nudge language. How very convenient for
No. 10 and its friends in the press if Levy can be scapegoated as the
traditional outsider-turned-court-Jew whose casting-out might finally purge
the corrupt body politic.

So it is of deep concern to the Jewish community - among his friends and
detractors alike - that Levy is clearly being lined up as the convenient
personification of the financial lust that has so polluted the New Labour
project. Yet it is just too neat for those wielding genuine political power
to assume their well-practised role of pointing fingers at the upstart
Jewish money man. The unashamedly anti-Semitic and conspiratorial rhetoric
surrounding him has long been self-evident. Levy was one of Tam Dalyell MP's
"cabal of Jewish advisers" driving foreign policy, whose personal influence
on the Prime Minister "led to what I see as this awful war [in Iraq]". Levy,
according to David Tredinnick MP, raised cash for Blair on the "tacit
understanding that Labour would never again, while Blair was leader, be
anti-Israel". Levy, wrote Richard Ingrams in this very newspaper, is "an
active Zionist well known in Israel" whose malign influence has ensured that
"this country is so craven in its support of Israel and the United States".
(The Independent, 10 March 2007)

It seems that the JC seems desperate to accuse everyone of anti-Semitism
except it appears for the actual anti-semites who are targeting the Jewish
community !

How strange.

L. J. Barnes


Anonymous said...


I fully support your views on this. If any organisation is acting against British interests then they will face the consequences.

However, there are no such people as "indiginous Palestinians" and Israel most certainly is not occupying any territory. A study of the development of Israel from 1850 and a study of what happened before 1967 will prove this beyond any doubt.

I would also like to state that I believe every single British nationalist should hate and despise Islam for the evil, racist, oppressive and intolerant ideology it is. Islam has no place in Britain and I for one hope the BNP make it loud and clear:

Islam will not be outlawed in Britain under a BNP government.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Barnes,
> Thanks for your email.
> I'm afraid I would not be in a position to make any official comment on
> behalf of the JC, given that I am a reporter, and not an editor or
> spokesperson.I would also like to add that as i am only a puppet being controlled by the editor, who is also a puppet being controlled by the labour Government, i feel you are unlikely to every have your rather difficult and awkward questions answered.
> The reason I was asking for your comments, was in order to give you
> every opportunity to have your say. Sorry, forgive me, we have no intention of giving you your say.
> Many thanks again,
> Dana Gloger
> Reporter
> Jewish Chronicle
> 25 Furnival Street
> London EC4A 1JT

Great stuff Lee.