Monday, 7 April 2008

The Jewish Chronicle and Death Threats

I have once again been the subject of death threats from Zionist extremists.

I have posted the follwoing e mail to the Jewish Chronicle and asked them to condemn the death threats.

I will post the resonse to my e mail by the Jewish Chronicle, if or when I get it

UPDATE - note also the two latest threats one mentioning the CST.

The question is this - is the CST the Zionist version of C18 and as such why are the Met Police working with the CST ?


Hi Dana,

I just thought you might be interested to see the two death threats I have recieved since your article was published in the Jewish Chronicle.

Both the comments were posted by people as comments on my blog here, just take a look at the comments section on the article for the death threats ;

Perhaps you would like to condemn those death threats from members of the Jewish Community and print a statement in the Jewish Chronicle condemning those extremists in the Jewish community that issue such death threats to people.

Seeing as the death threats are a direct result of your article then it is incumbent on you to repudiate those that issue such death threats, for if you fail to do that then it is obvious that you support the sentiments of such people.

So do you condem these death threats and will you condemn them in the JC or do you support them and refuse to condemn them ?


L. J. Barnes


Anonymous said...

Come on Dana...the clock is ticking. It isn't THAT hard surely to issue a condemnation of death theats made by others against an individual whose article you authored has led to these threats.

Are you trying to extricate yourself out of issuing an apology against Mr Barnes, someone whose political ideology seems rather repugant to you?

Or are you simply ignoring it, hoping he will go away?

Condemn these disgusting threats or your reputation will nose-dive.

Oh,by the way, I wonder if HM Prison Service and the Police Force (sorry, Service) recruit these Jewish extremists and Jewish ethnonationalists, who are not all dissimilar to the British C18. After all, C18 are banned from being emploted by these institutions.

Anonymous said...

Geez, mate - you need to grow a thicker skin.

I just finished reading that JC article, and it read like by-the-numbers reportage. It incited me to nothing more than closing my internet browser.

So, some weirdos read it too, but decided to send you some scary email instead. Well, boohoo. Everyone who posts strong opinions online gets them. Not all of them throw their toys out of the pram and cry for mummy.