Monday, 28 April 2008


Yet again it appears that either the idiot Nazis, Reds or Islamists have daubed buildings in Birmingham with Swastikas and nazi slogans.

This has happened in the build up to the local elections.

Yet again publicity will be given to the extremist Puppet Nazi scum in order to damage the chances of the BNP and at the same time drive Jewish voters into voting against the BNP.

Here again we have a direct example of the symbiotic and parasitic relationship between Puppet Neo-Nazis and Zionists.

Both the Puppet Nazis and the Zionists despise the BNP.

The Nazis decide to indulge in infantile graffiti in the few days before an election in the hope that media publicity will damage the BNP vote.

The Zionist groups benefit from the publicity as yet again the British Jewish community will be feeling threatened by the mythical monster of the BNP threat that is propagandised by the Zionist leadership as being linked to the Nazi puppets.

The ONLY people that benefit from such mindless attacks are the Zionist extremists and the establishment political parties.

Yet again it appears that just at the most damaging moment the Puppet Nazis have undertaken their criminal actions in order to ensure the British people do not get elected the people they need to save our community.

Yet again it is clear the Nazi-Zionist Alliance is still in action.


Unknown said...

Dear Lee,

Good luck with the elections on thursday.

I hope you get 100 new MP's and get elected President.

You are the greatest and the best politician in history.


Denise Garside

S E Pearson said...

Here you are Lee, a stick with which to beat your tormentors. You might not be courageous enough and/or bright enough to disassociate yourself from the Collet faction but I think I detetct some signs of independent thought in some of your writing. Where as the scum of SF are simply evil fuckwits.

Spencer Pearson (Brummie 76)