Friday 3 April 2009

Artificial Financial Crash = New World Order

If anyone out there doesnt yet understand that the so called ' Credit Crunch' was deliberately created so as to create the New World Order then you are an idiot.

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Follow the money said...


But when are the BNP going to research and expose them for all to see on the main site?

When it is too late?

Anonymous said...


While I understand the threads that lead to this conclusion and that it is indeed quite obvious to those that have been following the people who pull the strings.

Would you care to elaborate in order to provide a presentation that would carry a little more weight than a short statent ending with calling people idiots.

I have no problem with this statement only that it needs to be substantiated to have any impact that would be beneficial to waking people up to the only direct and fast antidote to said system - nationalism.


Anonymous said...

This is a long film but extremly interesting and disturbing: It is called the Obama Deception and outlines the role of the Bilderbergers and their NWO puppets like BO and GB. I tries to post this on the BNP site but they didn't seem to want to host it.

I'm always very cynical of conspiracy theories, but there is some incontravertable proof here.

-Judge for yourself: