Friday 17 April 2009

I almost threw up - MORE ST.GEORGES DAY CRAP

I am getting sick and tired of the multi-cultural elite trying to hijack St.George's Day and using the day as 'false flag' propaganda for their liberal fascism.

The liberals are themselves the only fascists as regards St.George's Day.

This is because they ;

1) They seek to deny the indigenous English having their own national day of pride unless the entire event has to become a quasi-fascist multi-cultural cult ceremony with every community forced to attend it.

The fact is that Jews, Muslims, Blacks etc etc all have their own unique cultural events, religious events and social events and we are supposed to accept that, welcome that and fund them via our local councils - but when it comes to the indigenous English then any manifestation of their ethnicity, culture and history must be denied and repressed unless it is properly festooned with various English flag waving bhangra dancers, Jewish Rabbi's in chain mail armour and Muslims celebrating a Christian warrior who was the main model for Richard The Lionheart during the Crusades.

It is so absurd that one has to laugh or else be sick.

The only people laughing are the liberal fascists.

2) Englishness is in fact a continuum - on one side it is anyone who loves, supports and cares for English culture and England regardless of ethnicity whilst on the other side it is the indigenous English Anglo-saxon Folk Nation and the indigenous English who built that nation.

But the bastard liberal fascists seek to deny the indigenous English the right to celebrate their identity, their history, their culture and their traditions, whilst demanding that the multi-cultural side of the continuum is the only 'true reality of Englishness'.

They want to 'air brush ' us out of history and replace us the indigenous English with their fake plastic version of patriotism based on the multi-cultural model.

It appears that for the liberals the indigenous English, indigenous English culture and indigenous English rights and our indigenous ethnic community do not exist.

Yet we are called the bloody fascists when we say we do exist !

If anyone tried to organise an indigenous only English St.Georges Day festival then council jobsworths and liberal coppers would ban it.

So much for 'tolerance' towards us - and then they expect us to be tolerant of them and their beliefs.

Sorry, but no. Until I as an Indigenous English person can celebrate St.Georges Day in the way I want, with my folk and in my country - the bollocks to tolerance.

Until I get my freedoms - dont expect me to respect yours.

I am sick and tired of Muslim MP's, Jewish politicians, part Turkish Mayors and liberal lefty pricks telling me what I can and cant do on St.George's Day.

This is OUR DAY, not their day - and they have no right to impose, define and issue demands as to how we celebrate our national day.

The more you seek to impose your fascist multi-cultural fake version of St.Georges Day on us by forcing us to accept your fake version of it - then the more determined we are to resist your plans.

Those that deny us our identity cannot be trusted.


With Mayor Johnson's celebration of the allegedly forgotten St George scheduled for Saturday week, London SE1 reports on a competition to create a story, poem, song or piece of visual art on the theme of courage:

The St George in Southwark Festival, now in its third year, aims to establish St George as a multicultural patron saint with connections to many of Southwark's diverse communities. "The story of St George is all about courage and standing up for justice," says festival coordinator Marion Marples. "We're hoping to showcase some of Southwark's rich creative talent and we hope as many people as possible will have a go."

Boris may live in Islington, but I'm sure he'd be allowed to enter. And what better opportunity for him to demonstrate his brave desire to reclaim the saint and his flag from extremists?

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