Tuesday 28 April 2009

The Surfers Poem

Superb video here about surfers in Ireland ;


I wrote this poem about those who dare to challenge the ocean ;

The Surfers Poem.

Dare you seek to surf black waves,
Upon wild oceans that sneer,
With ravening snarls,
At the trembling shore ?

Do you dream of unseen glory,
Numb with cold and fear,
Alone upon the water,
Poised upon a breaking pit ?

Could you wait in silence for a break,
And seize those sacred seconds,
Where only death awaits,
Those who live closest to life ?

Would you carve yourself a line,
Upon a crashing wave,
Then watch the glass shatter,
Into a drowning pool and smile ?

Have you lain in breathless wonder,
Spent upon the shifting sands,
And seen the grace of god,
In every shining golden grain ?

Or are you just a junkyard dog,
Captive in your cage,
Dare you dream of liberty,
Alone upon a maverick wave ?

I salute all those that slash the sea,
Who dare to live their dreams,
Those tiny black dots in the distance,
Being the very best, that they can ever be.

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