Monday 6 April 2009

Bishop Sentamu - The Diversity Aunt Sally

The latest pronouncement from Bishop Sentamu is that we can celebrate St.Georges Day and not feel racist.

How wonderful that he has condescended to tell the English its okay to celebrate our indigenous cultural traditions.

Bishop Sentamu is the Church of Englands diversity Aunt Sally - whilst the Church itself becomes a pseudo-Christian, homosexual, Marxist death cult it allows those who are black or asian in its ranks to 'champion' the indigenous traditions of the UK , but only as long as those traditions celebrate 'diversity and multi-culturalism'.

This is nothing more than the most sickening sophistry possible.

Whilst the church itself fades to become a social irrelevance as its senior leaders ponce about in their frocks and join the chorus of howling dogs that celebrate the death of Britain, our indigenous culture and the demise of the indigenous folk of our Islands - the Church allows its ethnic faces to adopt false positions of defending indigenous traditions simply as a way to abrorb those traditions into the multicultural nexus.

Are you really so stupid that you cannot see the reality ?

The ONLY reason why the ONLY people in the church of england who are defending our indigenous traditions are non-white is because this is part of the process of multi-culturalism absorbing those traditions as a pre-curser to destroying them.

The process of multi-culturalism is always the same - if they cannot use the law to smash, terrify and intimidate people into surrendering their culture, traditions and identity they then seek to absorb them into the multi-cultural nexus.

Its why they say ' You can have a St.Georges Day march but it has to celebrate English multi-culturalism ' and include every immigrant community in the country.

Yet whilst the indigenous English people are denied a single cultural event that celebrates Englishness for the indigenous English people, the endless immigrant groups allowed to march on these 'patriotic' marches have their own endless ethno-specific cultural and racial group festivals and cultural events mostly funded by the same councils that demand any public manifestation of english culture be accompanied by a host of immigrants.

First the Church multi-culturalises an English / British cultural tradition by having an ethnic minority figure defend the tradition.

This allows the armchair patriots to start saying ' He's a good bloke that Sentamu, we can trust him ' and then this means they start to accept a new multi-cultural version of an indigenous tradition - such as the latest one from Sentamu that the ;

1) The English are simply those people born / living in England

2) The English cultural traditions are / and have always been celebration of multi-culturalism

Both of these are total bollocks of course.

The indigenous English are white and of Anglo-Saxon lineage.

English cultural traditions are not multi-cultural, they are expressions of the culture of the indigenous English who are white and of Anglo-Saxon lineage.

Lets stop pretending that Bishop Sntamu and his ilk are the defenders of our cultural traditions, they are not.

They are intending to kill them off by the slow death of a thousand cuts as opposed to the usual PC fascist assault by the liberal fascist elite.

The Church of England Fox and the Liberal Fascist Wolf both have the same goal.

The aim of the Fox and the Wolf is that each seeks to devour the cultural tradition and transform it into another fake plastic multi-cultural variant of what it was.

The Fox does it with consent via absorbing it, the Wolf with terrorism via the use of the law and the use of the word racism.

Only idiots cannot see this.

I still remember when Sentamu was made a Bishop.

Rather than follow the same English cultural tradition and ceremony that had been used to enthrone a new Bishop, and which had been followed without change for over a thousand years, Sentamu chose to impose some 'African' theme on the ceremony. This caused great offence to many, many people ;

So much for 'defending ' our cultural traditions then.

It appears that the Wolf has learnt that it better to be a Fox, and remove our traditions by stealth, than smashing them down with an in your face assault.

The idea that the Black African Bishop Sentamu, the Asian Muslim MP Shahid Malik, the part-Turkish Boris Johnson and the Jewish Lord Goldsmith have anything to teach the indigenous English about St. Georges Day is absurd.

We who are the indigenous English demand the right to celebrate St. Georges Day as we wish in accord with our indigenous culture, not as they wish us to celebrate it in accord with their plastic PC multi-cultural variant of it.

The campaign to make St George's Day a national holiday gained further momentum yesterday.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said that it was time to reclaim our patron saint as an 'all-embracing' symbol of British unity.

Many in the Church of England have backed away from celebrating St George for fear of provoking a backlash from other religious and cultural groups in Britain.

Flying the Flag: Dr John Sentamu says it's time to celebrate our Englishness
But Ugandan-born Dr Sentamu, Britain's first black archbishop, has been happy to lend his outspoken support for the campaign.

Both England's patron saint and the national flag of St George have been associated with racists and the Far Right in the past.

But the Archbishop - who is second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Church of England hierarchy - is perhaps uniquely placed to rebut critics who feel such a celebration would be seen as divisive by ethnic minorities and non-Christians.
He said that failure to support an English cultural identity could create a 'twisted vision' which could be exploited by firebrand politicians and Islamic extremists.
The Archbishop's comments come as Boris Johnson has pushed for a greater celebration of England's patron saint on his feast day, April 23.

The London Mayor said that St George has been neglected for 'far too long'.

The revival of interest in St George has been boosted in recent years by devolution in Scotland and Wales, and through widespread use of England's national flag, the Cross of St George, by fans of the national football team.

At a literary festival on Saturday, Dr Sentamu asked: 'Has the time come to make the feast of St George, the patron saint of England, a public holiday?'

He added: 'Whether it be the terror of Salafi-jihadism (the radical Islamic doctrine behind Al Qaeda) or the insidious institutional racism of the British National Party, there are those who stand ready to fill the vacuum with a sanitised identity and twisted vision if the silent majority are reticent in holding back from forging a new identity.'

The Archbishop was at pains to stress that his speech was not a critique of multiculturalism, but rather a call for different communities and religious groups to embrace their shared values.

He said: 'Englishness is not diminished by newcomers who each bring with them a new strand to England's fabric - rather Englishness is emboldened to grow anew.
'The truth is that an all-embracing England, confident and hopeful in its own identity, is something to celebrate. Let us acknowledge and enjoy what we are.'

Shahid Malik, MP for Dewsbury, also supported the calls for St George's Day to be celebrated.
He said: 'It's high time that St George's Day be given the importance it warrants.
'It provides a unique opportunity to celebrate collective Englishness, to take pride in our heritage and to highlight the values which define modern England - values such as honesty, fairness, tolerance, enterprise and equality.'

He added: 'I want to fly the flag and take pride in being English, and I know for a fact that there are thousands of people in our area who feel the same way.

'St George's Day offers a unique opportunity for people from all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and celebrate the things that make England great.'

A review of citizenship in the UK commissioned by the Government from Lord Goldsmith recently recommended a national day 'focused on ideas about shared citizenship'.

Although the Government has acknowledged that St George's Day is a popular suggestion, there is a competing alternative - a new 'British Day' after Remembrance Sunday to celebrate the contribution of our Armed Forces.

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Anonymous said...

My firast attempt at reading this stopped at:
'all-embracing' symbol of British unity.
It's a day for the English!
To get it so wrong so early has left me with a wry smile and not bothering to read on as yet...

alanorei said...

Malik should take a hike. He isn't English and never will be. His and Sematu's pronouncements are proof that the 5th column sees it can't stifle St George's Day so they are now trying to hijack it.

The correct response to them is, "This is our country, you are not welcome, get out!"

- unknown Australian anti-Islam protester, Cronulla Beach, Dec. 2005

Sematu should go minister to his co-racialists in the Dark Continent, if he is so generously minded.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi alan,

I happen to think that Englishness is a continuum - that it begins at one end with the indigenous Anglo-Saxon folk and our folk community and stretches at the other end to a cultural englishness that includes those who are non-ethnic english but who love and support and cherish english culture and who defend englishness.

The problem is that the Anglo-Saxon folk are denied their right to an identity and culture, whilst the multi-culturalists want to impose their mon-culture fascist version of PC englishness on everyone.

As for Sentamu, I am suspicious why it is only ethnic minorities in the church standing up for the rights of the ethnic majority - that means either the rest are cowards or this a plan that they have created.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

Re: Sentamu, I guess I should at least get his name right, so that correction to my previous post should be understood.

I think your suspicions are justified. I believe the C of E has been infiltra(i)ted to subvert the heart of the English nation via hollowing out its belief system. I believe this first happened through the Oxford Movement and J.H. Newman back in the 19th century and the C of E never really recovered. A nation stands to lose everything if it loses its ideological base.

Re: English, I think we can distinguish between racial English and cultural English entities. But as you rightly point out, both are under attack.

What is very significant is that the identity of no non-English nation is under threat. England, even more than any other part of Britain, is a special target.