Friday 3 April 2009

More Paedophile Raids in Rotherham

Over the last few days I have been dealing with the family members of victims of the Rotherham rapes assisting them with the ongoing process and also dealing with the police involved in the case.

Today there have been more raids in the area on those involved in the rape ring.

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TWO more men have been arrested by police investigating a child sex ring said to have lured young girls into a world of exploitation and rape.

Police caught up with a 23-year-old Clifton man last Friday and a 28-year-old from the Eastwood area on Tuesday to take the total number of arrests to nine.

All nine men, aged between 19 and 29, have been released on police bail while enquiries continue.

Initial arrests of those suspected of involvement in the child sex ring took place last Wednesday when the Advertiser joined officers on a dawn raid in Oxford Street, Clifton.

Detectives and uniformed officers paid simultaneous visits to addresses in Clifton, Broom and Masbrough following a two-month police investigation into the allegations by four girls, aged between 11 and 14, who claim that they were plucked from the streets of Rotherham and exploited for sex.

A 25-strong team of officers made their way to suspects' homes in a fleet of unmarked cars after leaving Main Street Police station at around 7am.
Det Sgt Dave Walker, who led the operation, said: "We will be looking to gather mobile phones, digital cameras, diaries and camcorders—anything that could potentially provide evidence."

Front page of the Rotherham Star updates the news about the raids though still no mention of the fact in the paper that the people running the child prostitution gang were Muslims and the victims all white under age school girls.

It now also appears that the gang were pimping out the children not just to members of their own community but also to a few white men in the area who were also involved in wanting to sexually abuse the children.

More raids are expected over the next few weeks, and the media have assured the BNP that once the raids are over then the full facts will come out.

At the moment the police are putting pressure on the media to downplay the racial nature of the offences in order to minimise community tensions, though this is actually backfiring as the community are aware of the issues involved and are demanding to know why the police are refusing to warn the white community about the threats to their children and why the media are refusing to reveal the full facts to the public.

Note that not one of the main media papers, the BBC etc have covered this story.

This raises the frightening question - Just how many other cases like this are not being revealed to the public by the media and the police.

It appears that a media blackout is imposed as regards crimes like this - which in effect means our community have been abandoned and left totally defenceless.

If we are not aware of what is happening in our community then how can we take care of our children ?

If we are not told that gangs of organised child rapists are at work targeting our children, then how can we warn our children about the dangers they face ?

The BNP have begun to create a campaign to raise the issue of this problem of the rape of white children by Muslim gangs, and over the next few weeks we will be announcing details of this campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I ' m so glad to hear that there is The BNP to care for it own people and to bring attention to the lack of coverage and support from the nedia and politcians

Anonymous said...

I think these men accused of this serious crime should have been held in custody because there is a safety issue here and possibly they might try to flee the country (maybe on fake passports, easy come easy go)
Also i think the British people have aright to know these paedophile muslims are operating in the area so they can protect their children, childrens safety MUST come before political correctness. politicalMIZZ

UKTS said...

I trust you have video and audio interviews with these families when you decide to release the facts ?

Why is it that it is not already a news item ?

AntiBNP said...

What prrof is there to state that there are 'muslim gangs'??
you do not ahve any prrof against this an dthe BNP are out seraching for 'muslim gangs' so that they can create more trouble against different people.
Well the BNP are nazis and racist anyway so what opinions of theirs matter???

Gulshin said...

BNP are just around to cause trouble and this story is like gold dust for them they will be talking about it for centuries to come.

It is absurd how the label of ‘Muslim’ has been applied to these men as they are of Asian ethnicity.
I mean this must be the first time, in a very long time that Asians have come under this title of paedophiles, as predominantly it is white males who are usually acting in such a vile manner and have been identified as paedophiles. However surprise, surprise when it’s a white male nobody would think about associating a religion to him! So I ask why religion is being associated to the Asian males involved. Surely they pose a risk to all children regardless of skin colour and therefore the message should be clearly made to all in the community that extra precautions need to be taken.

Also just to make it very clear, anyone who has carried out any of the acts stated would not be identified as a person who follows Islam any way shape or form. It clearly states in Islam that no Muslim should have any physical contact/relationship with anyone of the opposite sex other than their partner who they are married to.

Therefore just to make it crystal clear anybody who is associating these Asian men to Islam is making a mockery out of a religion and you should be ashamed of yourself for such behaviour.