Friday 24 April 2009

For Sarfraz Manzoor

Dear Sarfraz,

Just read your article in The Guardian.

It appears you are a bit thick.

Yoy do not seem to be able to understand the difference between being ;

1) Ethnic British based on Jus Sanguinis

2) Naturalised British based on Jus Solis and therefore being culturally British, as you say you are.

You are an example of 2 not 1.

As an example of 2 you are also able to claim a right of return to Paskistan under the principle of Leges sanguinis which states in accord with the Pakistani constitution that you, as a descendant of Pakistani citizens, are able to claim Pakistani citizenship regardless of what passport you may at present be possessing if your parents were regarded as Pakistani citizens.

Here it is in black and white in the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951

5. Citizenship by descent.

Subject to the provisions of section 3 a person born after the commencement of this Act, shall be a citizen of Pakistan by descent if his parent is a citizen of Pakistan at the time of this birth.

So therefore you are not in any way to be regarded as equivalent to an Ethnic British person who has only one country and one opprunity of citizenship.

But seeing as you are a bit thick you may not know this - so as you see there is a world of difference between being Ethnic Indigenous British and Culturally British.

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Bert Rustle said...

Was this posted at CIF? If not, why not?