Monday 27 April 2009

Swine Flu, Consumerism and Globalism

The apocalypse begins not with a whimper, but with a cough.

The swine flu crisis is a crisis of globalism, in that the globalist mass transit system is the most efficient mechanism yet invented by man to transmit dangerous infections diseases from one continent to another.

At the same time the free movement of livestock, many of them infected with diseases, is a fundamental part of the global food mechanism.

Brazilian rainforest reared beef end up in British beef burgers.

Pork from Mexico ends up in sausages sold in Britain.

Immigrants with AID's and TB are allowed to enter the UK, with AID'S infected nurses from Africa even allowed to work with vulnerable patients in the NHS.

It appears that along with drugs smuggling, people smuggling, international terrorism, mass immigration, arms smuggling, sex slave trafficking and the importation of foreign diseases is the price we the people have to pay in order to keep the globalist corporations rich and happy.

The swine flu epidemic is the clearest proof yet that localism has to become the basis of sustainable economic, industrial, employment and environmental systems.

Rather than importing in workers we should be retraining our own people to take local jobs.

Rather than importing in food from abroad we must ensure national self sufficiency as far as possible.

Instead of importing in AID's infected nurses from around the world we should be employing our own nurses.

The subsidy paid every year to airlines by the British government is around £ 10 billion per year.

If the true cost of tourism and travel were paid by holidaymakers taking those trips, rather than poor British taxpayers who cannot afford overseas holidays, then the price of such flights would rise vastly.

This needs to be done as soon as possible - why should the poor in Britain subsidise the rich who like cheap foreign holidays ?

The Government has been urged to abolish a £10bn-a-year "hidden subsidy" to the airline industry to bring it into line with hard-pressed motorists struggling with higher petrol prices.

Although the aviation industry claims it is being badly hit by the soaring price of oil, it still enjoys a double boost denied to drivers because it does not pay fuel duty or VAT on the fuel for its planes. New figures suggest this subsidy is worth £9.92bn at current levels of fuel tax.


Over recent weeks we have seen various idiot journalists like Daniel Hannan of The Times and others on the left / liberal wing of the Establishment argue whether the BNP is a right wing or a left wing party - in reality it is neither.

Those who still define politics as left wing / right wing are retarded.

The issues are now simply ;

A) Nationalism versus Globalism

B) British Culture versus Multi-Culturalism

C) Liberty versus Political Correctness

D) Classical Liberalism versus Liberal Fascism

E) Localism versus the Socialist 'Big State' and the Corporate International Fascist Consumerist system.

F) National Self Suffiency as opposed to slavery to Arab oil, russian gas, foreign food imports and all the other essentials that we are forced to import instead of producing our own.

The old left / right divide in British politics is now an irrelevance - what matters is simply those that want a return to the values of Nationalism and those that still espouse the systems of Globalism, consumerism, international socialism and their systems and structures.

The BNP stands for Localism in that we intend to devolve political power down to people at the local level so that they have power over their own lives, we want the state to serve the people rather than the people serve the state, we stand for Distributism and workers ownership of their own companies as opposed to the socialist Big State which nationalises industries and banks and the monopoly capitalist system of the international corporate fascists that ensures only the rich own a stake in the companies that workers work for.

At every level we oppose the Globalist Consumer Paradigm and its dysfunctional structures and mechanisms - and that is why we are attacked by the left, liberals and capitalists as each are the enemies of Nationalism and the British people.

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Anonymous said...

They've been warning us for some time now to expect a flu pandemic. They just didn't tell us when and where they were going to release it.

odin said...

Anonymous said...

Graet Article. Many aspoect of it I have held dear well before joining or even knowing about The BNP. I am so glad that such an orgnisation exist for our future

At every level we oppose the Globalist Consumer Paradigm and its dysfunctional structures and mechanisms - and that is why we are attacked by the left, liberals and capitalists as each are the enemies of Nationalism and the British people.

..and the Planet

alanorei said...

Remember the 1953 War of the Worlds movie, about how the aliens appeared to be unstoppable until they all died from the common cold?

I think if a Muslim caught swine flu, he'd commit Hara-kiri.

As the late Inspector Morse used to say to his sidekick DS (now Inspector) Lewis, "Think about it..."