Friday 3 June 2011

Another BNP List Leak !

Looks like another leak of the BNP membership list ;

This is from Hugh Muir's Guardian column

• Not much good news for our man in the BNP bunker, Nick Griffin. There are the legal worries – the party has been called in by the Electoral Commission to talk about its accounting procedures. Money worries – firms have sought thousands of pounds for past services rendered. Organisational worries – so many of his former disciples now yearn to see the back of him. So it's pleasing to be able to lift his spirits a bit. For we have seen that list of his members and national organisers, the most recent leak arising from the civil war within his party. But we don't plan to do anything with it. Still, it's jolly interesting


The BNP is now so riddled with reds, state agents and spies that if Griffin farts Special Branch have a recording of it.

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Anonymous said...

One only hopes the membership list will remain confidential.
If the membership list is leaked a second time it will destroy the credibility of the Nationalist cause in England and the uk.
It will cast aspersions on the integrity of all supporters of the Nationalist movement-
I hope Mr Griffin will keep the list secret no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

Who is the "We" that Hugh Muir speaks of?

His article is extremely sinister.

extant said...

Most National activists, let alone the ardent Bnp activists, know politics better than the politicians who Govern us. but they simply will not ever believe that someone who is so far seated within the BNP is a full on State agent !


Ill ask you this, where is he or she ???, point one out, go on, you know they are among us, point them out.


Joseph Bolinski, AKA Paul Morris is "THE" plant of not just the BNP, he is the plant of Nationalism, a proper red through and through.

At the time of even the European elections,the Green Arrow site by Morris was trailing the BNP, that gave him massive internet coverage at that time.

Where was the attacks from Searchlight against him.


There is absolutely no doubt that that he is responsible for more hate attacks on minorities, Blacks, Asian and Homophobic hate crimes, including open attacks against large white families and white kids who are in trouble with the Law.

He has even put out real proper nasty anti semitic material. Action from the reds, police and searchlight.


It takes just one person to report a crime, the Police then have an absolutely duty to make an arrest.


I have been informed that he has been claiming benefits between himself and his partner, whilst earning money from his robbing Donate paypal account.

Action from the DHSS


I have been informed that he has been reported to Parkdean family Holiday park for all the hate content he puts out from the holiday park.Action from Parkdean


He calls him self such an unusual name as Green Arrow for Nationalism, I then find out there was only one Green Arrow, who was a pro Zionist activist and jewish extremist.

Green, for a special plant that only grows in Israel and Arrow for Israels bolisic Missile programme, their first and foremost line of defense.

He is caught with Sonia Gable from searchlight in Swansea during 2007.Excuse from Morris, I was attempting to infiltrate the Reds, reaction from the BNP


He openly attacks,deliberately puts material out to devide and cause trouble for years between every nationalist organisation and slanders every Nationalist there is, openly and there are still people within our ranks who keep pandering to him !!??

The list is absolutely endless, I could go on and on and there are fkn mugs still go on his site.

What is the fkn wrong with our people, why will they not wake up and smell the coffee.


Anonymous said...

Lancaster Unity already has the list. Who do you think gave it to the Guardian?