Monday 6 June 2011

The British Tea Party

I have come to a realisation.

The system is broken and it cannot be fixed.

Whoever you vote for, they are mere puppets - of the EU, US, UN, WTO, IMF, the media corporatuions and the bankers.

Whoever you vote for - we get more and more mass immigration, more and more political correctness and more and more treason and corruption amongst our politicians.

Nothing can change the system - as they system criminalises free speech, denies real opposition political parties a voice in the media to gain support from the people and the state criminalises all those who dare speak out.

Therefore as we cannot work to change the system - so just quit working for the system.

By working and paying taxes into the system the system can sustain itself indefinitely.

Only when the money from the people is no longer being used by the system will the system collapse.

Everyone quit work if you can.

If you cant then do the followng ;

Stop paying taxes.

Dont pay your bills.

Dont pay your mortgage.

Drain the state and its associated corporate supporters dry of funds until it realises that it must represent the BRITISH PEOPLE as opposed to class interests, financial interests, political correctness, globalist interests and corporate media interests.

They cannot put us all into prison, as if they tried that would bankrupt the system itself.

All we have to fear, is fear itself.

Those that work for, and pay taxes into, an immoral and criminal system that no longer represents the people it is meant to serve - are sustaining that criminal system.

They are complicit tacitly in its criminality.

Only by a mass boycott can we either bring the system down or ensure it is so terrified that it starts to serve the people, as opposed to those sectarian and factional interests in society who use the state and its kleptocracy for their own benefit.

We need a Tea Party of Britain to be formed.

No Taxation, without Representation.

Can Pay - Wont Pay.

If the government will not serve the people, then why should the people pay for the government and those corporations who fund / support the government and political parties with political donations for their election campaigns.

Dont pay.

Draw your money out of the banks and keep hidden in your houses.

Then refuse to pay when they come demanding your money.

A massive campaign of civil disobedience and non-payment of taxes and bills will shock the system or bring it down.

Either way, they learn that their job is to serve us - not themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Bad tactical mistake Lee.

Money (in the form of fiat currency) is a big part of the system. Some might go so far as to say that the debt-backed, fractional reserve fiat currency racket IS the system. Or at least at the very heart of the system.

See G. Edward Griffen on the US FED. I like the audio of his 1994 speech in Los Angeles here:

Precious metals and other hard commodities are outside of the system.

Extant said...

Just what ive been thinking and doing over the past 6 months.

De-vat registering.

No more accountants with absorbent accountancy bills.

I no longer have a mortgage

I have de registered for money laundering

No longer will I run a business, because of the impossible bureaucracy making every trader into a criminal just for trying to make a living.

Ive removed all my money from the Bank

Destroyed all my credit cards.

No more direct debits.

No more which hunts from local Authorities

Fuck em all, no longer will I play their game !!

I would encourage everyone to do as Ive done above, get out of the system,they are using our hard work to not just control us, but to destroy us.


Anonymous said...

The UK Tea Party was launched a few months back..check out The Freedom Association website for details.

Extant said...

Anonymous, sorry mate, you have it completely wrong-

To purchase commodities, you must register with a Broker to make a purchase, even then you cannot purchase the real commodities, you can only purchase derivative, that track the goods.
Furthermore, every single time you make a trade, you pay a one off fee, then wait for it; you have to pay the Government 1/2 % of the trade.

Money, can be used between individuals for any transaction, with absolutely no Government intervention; up to now !

Anonymous said...

Grow your own food, even one tomato plant will make a difference.

The system is the Devil, the Antichrist,the Dajjal.

Its time to look at new ways of doing, consumer driven constant growth is so 20th century, if you go to the DR and he says you have a growth you are naturally worried.!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Lee Barnes is right. But I will not be following his advice because it would be self defeating. The moral of the modern John Bull are the words 'you are on your own mate' That goes for all levels of society. At least the Islamic types support each other.
Surely the best advice would be to become debt free. Like the other writer said. Cut up your credit cards dispense with the banks, use cash wherever possible.
The British are a problem. They think of themselves as being upright and noble. Actually, they are a tribe of deceitful, cowardly,treacherous, malingerers.
That is what Nationalism refuses to recognise and why Nationalism will not make any progress until it accepts unpleasant realities.