Friday 3 June 2011

EDL to march in Tower Hamlets

Image - stickers put up by an Islamist terroristin Tower Hamlets which the media and UAF tried to blame on the EDL.

This is terrorism.

Luckily the Islamist scumbag that put the sticker up was arrested ;

And the only fine he got was £100 !

This was a terrorist attack.

It was an attempt to frighten residents out of the area so the Islamists could impose sharia law on the entire community.

And the judge fined him just £100.

Imagine if a white man put a sticker on a shop saying ' Asian Free Zone' or 'Jew Free Zone' - they would have been sent to prison for years.

It appears the courts do not take attempts by Islamists to terrorise an area seriously, hence the EDL need to msarch to bring this issue into focus for the police and courts in particular - who are slaves to political correctness.

Yet where is Peter Tatchell on this issue ?

Why is he not on the media howling with anger and righteous indignation about this attempt to 'sexually cleanse' gays from Tower Hamlets ?

Because the criminal was Asian and not white - and Peter Tatchell only gets angry about white people being homophobic, as he is a racist.


This is the march that all nationalists must attend.

Tower Hamlets is the first part of Britain occupied and run by Islamist terrorists.

The entire area has been infiltrated by Taliban supporting scum who target whites, gays and christians.


Public event.

27 August



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Anonymous said...

EDL to scapegoat muslims while celebrating the ethnocide of the English!

Lex said...

This is the goal of the EU/LibLabConTrick. This is the aim of multiculturalism and "tolerance" -

You get what you vote for ..........

TrutherSceptic said...

Firstly, wonderful blog & keep up the great work.

Secondly, the EDL is Jewish opposition & distraction from genuine nationalists, like the BNP etc.

I can discuss the many problems of Islam, its leaders followers but there is no space here.

Related to this post, have a look at my video on YT here:

My views on this topic are summarized here:

I'm interested in examining the exploitation of same-sex attracted & gender confused people by the Jewish-run gay lobby.

[You know of course that Jews run Hollywood, where their anti-White male campaign is gaining steam with the full help of clueless White males.]

Ppl, including Western Muslims, do not realise that whilst Jews have the power, Muslims have numbers on their side, & when they gain control (as some have already done), there will be NO MEN who refuse sharia....& all women will suffer, including those who champion sharia law now whilst enjoying Western freedom.

And it's quite interesting that Americans & Brits aren't allowed to object to radical homosexual indoctrination of their kids, as well as exploitation of SSA & GID ppl in a logical, factual & civil manner....because it is labelled "homophobia & bigotted". They can lose their jobs & control of their own children.

But when Muslims are genuinely hateful & bigotted towards homosexuals, with no good intentions behind it, they are given a pass via "hate laws".

Are they being allowed to unravel enough rope to hang themselves in the end, all the whilst serving to taunt the indigenous Western populations?

Ashfield Nationalist said...

Is there a group behind those stickers, because the exact same ones were stuck up around the gay areas of Nottingham, which seemed to go unnoticed

Anonymous said...

Wear your hard hats for any demo in tower hamlets but it wont go ahead, it will be banned for certain. Was interesting to see these posters blamed on one naughty boy.

Defender of Liberty said...

The police cannot ban static demonstrations, they can only ban marches.

Nor can they stop or ban flash mobs.

They cannot ban any demonstration in Tower Hamlets as they do not have the power to do so.

Thye could ask for emergency powers to do so, but that would reveal the truth about Tower Hamlets and then this will mean that flash mobs will occur that they cannot control or monitor.

Philip said...

As a gay man, I am skeptic of the motives of EDL to suddenly be so concerned about LGBT rights?!? I appreciate the sentiment but in this day and time we have the government, the EU and most of the population who will come to our aid should a real homophobic threat takes place. We do not need your help, thank you! EDL seems to be using LGBT rights as a way to clean up your image of being a mob of white drunk angry men...Sorry to say this but this is not going to work.