Thursday 9 June 2011

Finally the Feminists Wake up to PC Racism

This is one of the most important articles coming from the Left for a long, long time.

Suddenly women are waking up to the fact that when the media censor the race of criminals due to political correctness, the lives of women are put at risk.

written about the disturbing trend of news media to only list the race of a sexual offender on the loose if he is a white male. This past weekend a young male attacked an 85 year old woman in the heart of NYC, beat and robbed her and then sexually assaulted her; she was out for her morning walk on the upper east side. Not one evening news report had the guts to say that the male they were looking for was Hispanic. Now read this from the New York Post and look at the glaring omission of crucial data:

A 25-year-old woman told police she escaped being raped on an Upper East Side street last week -- just blocks from where an 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on Memorial Day.

Residents heard a woman screaming on May 22 at about 5 a.m. after a man grabbed her as she pulled out her keys in the doorway of her building on 90th Street and Lexington Avenue.

"Call 911, he"s attacking me!" the woman screamed, witnesses told

A nearby building doorman heard the attack and helped the woman. The attacker fled.

Cops told DNAinfo that the suspect was a white male, adding that there is no evidence linking that attack with the one that occurred just two days ago.

During that attack, an 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted as she took her regular morning walk, police said.

The tattooed thug, in his mid-20s, grabbed the victim on the corner of Madison Avenue and 83rd Street and dragged her to a sunken stairwell at a brownstone half a block away.

The man, seen on surveillance video with his arm around the defenseless senior's neck, forced her to perform oral sex before taking off with her jewelry.

In describing the first attacker (of the young woman) we are clearly told his description is white male. For the 85 year old woman's attacker, nada word that he is Hispanic.

The Post, at least, does give a video option that the suspect is light skinned Hispanic male. But folks, my sweet mother --in her 80s-- doesn't ever play videos on her PC and relies mostly on evening news reports to hear about such issues.

Sadly, even if she did open The Post online, there is no mention of the man's race. The Post does feel free to call him a thug. Why not ditch what we already know about such a person who would do such a thing and give women what they need to be on alert for the suspect.

Sad how we subvert women's safety on the alter of PC. Race BEATS gender every time, as evidenced in a different fashion on our post below on a PSA by Hollywood cautioning against using slurs against anyone and everyone BUT women. Our society is really screwed up and women are paying the price.

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Anonymous said...

Feminism = how to become a tax slave, destroy society including your childrens lifes, spreading hate and call it freedom!

Manipulated sheep set against me to abandon your families and comunities to become a slave to walmart.

well done, congratulations, oh yeah lets not forget the often quoted voting inequality, where working class men men never had the vote for a thousand years yet women get it 10 years after men and are therefore so easily manipulated into being slaves - as slavery is freedom!

and who has done all it can to set women against men which is a proven social monstrosity and failour, oh yes, the left and the fake left manipulated by the corporates and bankers.

what happened when women went to work, wages were slashed and house prices with mortages gobbled up the rest.

what did you achieve financially - nothing - zilch!

and socially, well feral fatherless children, children in care, elderly dumped into private care homes, no sense of community or comunity responsability.

he destruction of society, the left think this will bring in communism as if this murdering brutal dictatorship was a worthwhie goal, Pol pot thought much the same regarding communism and Mao, all murdering tirants as was Stalin and the rest of the left wing nutters, this is what the left crave as marxism in pratice murders more people than any other political structure, but even then there will be no communism, and cetainly no unworkable Marxism, you will have what you have now corporatism but with a new twist work camps and death camps.

and the evil or ignorant feminazis played a key part.

women could always work, it was just seen as socially unexceoptable to do so unless you were desparate, socially uneceptable - it most certainly was, look at the shit it has delivered on society!

nothing more than the institutionalised hatred of men in order to do the bidding of evil and rich men.

but then think for a second, no one blinks an eye when people talk of hatred directed at men or hatred directed at whites, this shows how totally lacvking in principle you are and how utterly brainwashed you lefties and dolts are.

all you lefties and feminazis would have been the first to sign up for the Nazi party and buy into the first propaganda leaflet that fell through your door.

Anonymous said...

Feminism all part of the same meme designed to destroy a society that once kept it's women and children safe...Libtards fook. If it was only feminists getting attacked it wouldn't be so bad as they have demonised, undermined and feminised the very men who would and should be protecting them. But as usual it's the innocent getting punished. We as blokes should be ashamed we're not kicking doors in and extracting justice.

Rijker said...

More Feminazism -

The sick bastards should be wiped out!