Wednesday 1 June 2011

Gene Line Therapy and the New Society

If science can prevent the disabled from being born disabled eg through germ line therapy, then parents must be made to have that treatment prior to conceiving.

We stand at the brink of a new society - one where no more disabled children with inherited genetic defects need be born anymore to suffer as a result of those conditions.

We now have technologies that can ensure parents do not have to bear the burden of caring for disabled children born with genetic defects and that disabled people are not born to suffer due to those defects.

The time has come for society to change to adapt to new technologies - and this includes compulsory pre-pregnancy screening.

Those that refuse lose all rights to benefits.

If they want to have a disabled child, then they have to pay for it, not the state if they have refused screening or got pregnant without screening.

If they get pregnant without screening - they pay for the child, not the state.

The states role is to provide resources to hospitals to allow all women and men to be tested prior to having children for genetic diseases and if a problem is detected to provide them via gene line therapy and IVF the chance to have a healthy child via the NHS.

Why should society pay for their apathy, ignorance and selfishness if they just decide to get pregnant and bring a disabled child into the world.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The problem with gene theropy from what I have seen so far is that while it can sometimes be used to fix a certain trait it often injects another that is unknown and unpredicatble.

This has been the case in many things gene spliced so far, such as humans GH with carp to create super growth carp!

The results were in some cases a success but were often unpredictable and could go on to creat some severe problms down the line.

If the reserch could prove to be 100% effective then perhaps but when that situation comes they will probabl have uncovered so many different genetic factors and how to control them that only the elites will have access to it given its ultimate power regarding intelligence superiority etc that they will keep it to themselfs and embark on mass extemination of the rest or cover up the science.

remember almost all the drug companies and reserch studies (that we know of) are under the control of the corporate elites, under the present system they would only release science that benefits THEM, not the general populus or humanity.

There appears to have been many scientific coverups for over decades now.

The gene for unlimited life cannot be too far from their grasp if not already within it, do you think that the elites that want to destroy 80% on the population would give YOU that technology, remeber this is a system that gave us the global warming hoax and had the media, our kids and half the country dancing to their tune and many still do.

now that is power!