Friday 10 June 2011

Good Luck Andrew Brons

Best of luck Andrew Brons.

Well done Richard Edmonds for standing aside to let Andrew Brons stand for election.

He stands a real chance of beating Griffin.

I would suggest the following ;

1) Contact Adrian Davis and ask him to deal with any legal issues when Griffin and his lackeys try to cheat the process.

If Adrian Davis can be persuaded to rejoin the party as the party legal officer that would be brilliant - and of course Mike Newland as the party treasurer would also be brilliant.

2) Build up a fighting fund of money to pay for legal injunctions etc against Griffin if he tries to cheat or abuse the election process again

3) Keep Eddy Butler as far away as possible from any events etc as he is now too closely linked to the EDP to have any integrity as a BNP advocate for change

4) Get Chris Bev to resign the EDP and assist you.

5) Issue a call for activists to start work right now on supporting your campaign - the most important thing the Brons supporters can do is they form a national network to attend every single BNP meeting held across the entire country. The activists attend the meetings and monitor what is said and done at those meetings and in the event of any Griffinites attacking Andrew Brons or supporting Griffin, that this is reported back to Andrew Bron's team and that they demand the right to attend the next meeting to rebutt the allegations made or to put the Brons team view across to the members. Griffin will use his sock puppets at meetings to try and influence the members to not vote for Andrew Brons, so the Brons team must be prepared to prevent this happening.

Griffin will try and poison the waters at every level of the party - on the website, in the publications, using his sock puppets on the internet and at meetings - so the Brons Team must start to monitor all those mechanisms to ensure Griffin is not able to use his power and influence over his minions and the party to influence and corrupt a fair and open and legal leadership challenge.

6) Start to develop a cohesive plan and strategy for what you will do once you get into power.

The most important thing is to make a clear distinction between the Griffin era and the Brons Era.

The Griffin Era is over.

In the Brons Era all expelled members should be able to rejoin and be given a fresh start.

At the same time Michael Barnbrook must be appointed party disciplinary officer and allowed to set up a totally independent Disciplinary Cabinet to handle party disciplinary cases. The cabinet must be able to investigate allegations of misconduct by members and initiate investigations and expel members who bring the party into disrepute.

No more must the disciplinary process be under the control of the chairman and used for factional advantage or for selfish power control.

There must be a legal process and a clear constitutional process.

There will be people who join the party just to cause trouble so the Disciplinary Cabinet must have the power to remove those who bring the party into disrepute.

This means the disciplinary cabinet must be independent of the chairman, accountable to the party and fully transparent.

A man like Michael Barnbrook who is of impeccable character is the perfect choice to run an open, transparent and honest disciplinary unit that will protect the members and the party.

7) start to make video presentations to define what you will change in the party once you get elected and get these on the internet ASAP.

8) start to prepare your literature and propaganda right now for distribution to members.

Best of luck Andrew.

Andrew Brons, Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and Humberside, has declared his candidacy for the upcoming leadership election to be held in the British National Party.

Mr Brons’s candidacy will replace and take over the campaign started by Richard Edmonds, with his full support and encouragement.

“This challenge is not an ideological battle, nor is it personal,” Mr Brons said.

“It is primarily concerned with rectifying the party’s internal organisation and ways of handling differences of opinion,” said Mr Brons.

“Our campaign will be based five core principles,” Mr Brons said.

“Firstly, we want to save the party from a haemorrhaging of members, especially activists.

“Secondly we must face up to and deal with the financial mismanagement which has afflicted our party. There is also an urgent need for financial transparency.

“Thirdly, we need to change the party’s constitution to make it more accessible and democratic to the members. It must also embrace a collegiate leadership.

“Fourthly, we need to change the culture of the party with regards to members’ interactions with each other.

“Finally we need to halt the practice of using the internal security and disciplinary procedure as a factional tool,” said Mr Brons.

The campaign staff already assembled for Mr Edmonds’s campaign, including his election agent, Chris Roberts, will make up the core team of Mr Brons’s campaign.

“We have mounted an all-out attempt to save the party,” said Mr Edmonds. “Many of us are of the opinion that the dangers caused by self-inflicted damage could see the British National Party irreparably damaged.

“Mr Brons is the ideal candidate to unite and heal the wounds within our party,” Mr Edmonds continued.

“Mr Brons brings the benefit of his many years of experience and service to our movement. He is a man of integrity and proven selfless devotion to our cause and is respected by all.

“I welcome most warmly his decision to step forward at this time of crisis. We need every person of goodwill if we are to succeed in the effort of saving our party and country.

“I thank all the members and supporters who have helped, aided and encouraged me when I was the challenger. Mr Brons must be supported by all,” concluded Mr Edmonds

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Anonymous said...

Just a point.Could it be noted that only members of the BNP are allowed to take part in BNP activities.
We had activists causing trouble in our branch who weren't even members.
We didn't have a real name or address for them, just nicknames.
On one occasion, one of them wanted to be picked up 3 miles from his address, even at 4am in the morning. This ment that he walked 3 miles at this time in the morning just so we couldn't find out where he lived.
He could have been anyone. Incidently he was sent to us by Ed Butler so we were all very suspect of him.

Anonymous said...

This is great News and the only way the party will be saved.

Griffin has destroyed the party and deliberately used viscous nobodies like Paul Morris to pull vulnerable activists in against other party members and destroy anyone who dared to challenge Griffin.

I don't care what anyone says, that scum bag nobody Morris has done more damage than anyone could even if they were paid too and the moron is still doing it.

I do recall that you made a promise that you would rejoin the BNP if Morris and Griffin were removed. I will confidently hold you to that promise and I know you well enough to guarantee to other members that you will not go back on your word.

Also, we need Chris Beverly back on side asap.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care Lee, you said the future was cultural `nationalism`.

when do we see your cultural nationalist world party take the country by storm lol

Defender of Liberty said...

I wondered when some witless halfwit would say ' but you are in the Freedom Party and a cultural nationalist'.

I do not care what form of nationalism takes power - racial nationalism or cultural nationalism - as long as one of them does and can save our country.

If Brons wins I will re-join the BNP and assist them as well as the Freedom Party.

Thats because two nationalists parties double our chances of taking power, especially as the Freedom Party has said we would not stand against the BNP in elections wherever possible so as not to split the nationalist vote.

Anonymous said...

Well said Comrade, the morons who cant think for themselves believe, its all about the BNP, it is not, its about the values we aspire too, the way we prefer to live and who we wish to share company with. That's were Moron Morris went wrong, he had his own aspirations,(donate button) as does Griffin and the other sycophants
above; not ours !

British Nationalism is British Nationalism, I have a duty and loyalty to my Country, people, family and friends, not a fairly tail, name or not a person and certainly not my own ego.

We want people who can think, not imbeciles.

Ps, Lord Barns, can we also have a cast system in Britain, to rout out cretins befour they can even spout the shit they do, let alone get into the workings of something they will never understand !