Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Firestorm

If you are a globalist, or a group that promotes the ascendancy of the globalist philosophy, then you are not concerned with the survival of any one particular nation state, even if it’s the U.S. Instead, you are highly concerned and perhaps even addicted to the idea of “centralization”; the process of dissolving borders and cultures and placing them under the control of a single economic system and a single governing body. As a globalist, you have no sense of loyalty to any country, nor any body of law, nor any Constitution. You will sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve full spectrum dominance. Motivations vary, but trying to understand the vicious tendencies of a dedicated globalist is like trying to understand the vicious tendencies of a serial killer; you’re never going to get an answer that fully untwists their warped intentions into something that “satisfies” our need for truth and closure. That said, there is a method to the madness of globalization, and it is quite clearly present in the Middle East.

The two most stubborn and immovable obstacles to total globalism today are; the American people, many of whom have been spoiled, intellectually lobotomized, and politically castrated. However, our heritage of freedom and revolution in the face of tremendous adversity still carries on, and our will to fight back against an “invincible” opponent has not disappeared, but only fallen into dormancy. In fact, we sometimes crave such a fight. We have put down the forces of centralization before, and we would love to do it again Heritage is a very powerful thing, and the Founding Fathers left us with a spectacular foundation on which to rely. On top of this, we are one of the few countries that still promote an armed population.

Second, are the cultures of the Middle East, specifically Muslims, who are religiously bound to reject all forms of what they call “Usury” (lending and debt as the basis for a business model or economy). This does not necessarily stop predominantly Muslim countries from participating in usury, many do. But, the idea of an entire country becoming indebted and thus controlled by an unaccountable corporate body like the IMF is highly distasteful to Islamic Fundamentalists, and would no doubt lead to all out war, even against their own governments (which is in some cases occurring today). Globalism is entirely dependent on the generation of debt as an instrument for social control. The majority of Muslims will simply not go along peacefully, and as in America, the Middle East is awash in armaments.
So, if you are a corporate banking globalist with visions of Utopia dancing in your head, what do you do? You can try to confront the American people and Islamic culture separately, or, you can pit your two biggest frustrations against each other in a brutal deathmatch while you lounge in your wicker easy chair and sip tropical drinks.

I think Sun Tzu would choose the latter strategy...

What we are faced with is a ‘chain reaction’ scenario; the more committed we become in the Middle East, the more likely the nexus of conflicts will interact and enflame new and even more tragic wars to which we are yet again drawn in. We might despise the activities of desert dictators, but we must also keep in mind that there is a greater game afoot. Small wars are often exploited by proponents of globalism to catalyze greater crisis and herd the masses towards a new socio-political construct that is not to our benefit. Every Liberal especially should question the moral validity of Obama’s unflinching continuation of Bush’s foreign and domestic policy (where are the war protests, Democrats?). Every Conservative should question the costly economic and tactical rationale for expanded conflict and a substantially weakened America. Each side should wake the hell up and realize that neither party has acted according to the voice of the people, but rather, the voice of an elite minority whose intentions are anything but honorable.

If we do not act now to stop the expansion of American military operations in the Middle East, we will soon be forced to bear witness to the swift and resolute financial collapse of this nation and a complete shift in paradigm that will result in global warfare. Set aside the obvious threats of OPEC decoupling from the dollar, and the inevitable explosion in gasoline prices. Consider also the potential for a confrontation so staggering, that no one, save globalists, comes out whole. There is no victory in such a war. There are only victims many, and beneficiaries few.

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1 comment:

gatesofvienna said...

Early Christians did not believe in Usary either after all what joy has usary brought?

Americans have very little say in what happens to their country.
After all-how many in the FED are Americans-how many in Government?

The Dollar will collapse it was meant to.

Why in hell- would- what was a Captalist country riding high allow what are Communists in to run things?

As in Britain they run countries into the ground be it by wars or debt the end is the same.

"Such has been the development of international bankers that they can no longer be regarded in their professional capacity as the nationals of any country, entitled to do business under their own government's supervision exclusively. They are really world citizens, with world-wide interests, and as such ought to be made amenable to some form of supernational control." — George Pattullo, in Saturday Evening Post.