Friday 3 June 2011

Serbia is Cursed for its Betrayal

The betrayal of Rtako Mladic by the globalist political scum in power in Serbia is a disgrace forever to the Serbian people.

The British government sent the SAS to train the KLA in Kosovo who then killed thousands of Serbian Christians as they ethnically cleansed Kosovo of Serbs.

But are Blair and Bush in the dock of the ICC for their crimes in Kosovo and Iraq ?


The ICC is just the court of the New World Order.

Ratko Mladic like all soldiers in a war issued orders that killed people.

There hasnt been a war in history where people havent died.

That is the nature of war.

To use the ICC as a political tool of the New World Order merely ensures the court does not bring 'justice' for the dead - instead it produces martyrs for future generations.

Serbia is cursed for its betrayal of Mladic.

The curse will come when it accepts the poisoned chalice of membership of the EU.

Serbia will just be another rat that goes down with the sinking EU ship.

Then when the corrupt political scum that run Serbia are kicked out of office - then Serbs can deliver justice for Mladic by putting them on trial.

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TrutherSceptic said...

Yes, once again, we are all pawns that indulge in a game to hate * deceive one another, by the hands of the Zios.

QUite interesting how the REAL massacres & genocides, like Palestine, Holodomar etc are NEVER spoken of, but fake ones seem to get a the Zio-media attention.


Jews killing Muslims/CHristians = not good PR.

Muslims & CHristians killing each other = VERy good PR for Jews.

Scroll down to heading "NATO & YUgoslavia" here to see how the war was created:

Anonymous said...

The court has lost all credibility, it's historic status severely weakened in the process.

This is the elite mafias kangaroo court for all to see.

They broke the united democratic back of the British and much of Europe with mass immigration, they will try and do the same with all new EU members - bit by bit.

Then you can just flush it down the toilet and forget justice, rights or hope.

Just slavery and misery with no way out.

Adrian Peirson said...

In 2006 the Lancet carried out studies in around 50 towns in Iraq, from those studies they estimated that since we invaded there have been 600,000 excess eaths.
Since 2006 best estimates, quoted by people like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinic are that around

1 million Iraqi's have died violently

Add to that figure the 500,000 Iraqis who died when we imposed Sanctions on Sadamm, then add to that the probability that another 300,000 - 500,000 died during Gulf War 1 and you have around 2 million Iraqi deaths.

Will anyone stand trial for this.

Amazing isn't it how Lefties can erase stuff like this from their collectice concience and act as though it has not happened.
2 million Iraqis slaughtered and in their minds they have 'liberated' Iraq.

Western Europeans being murdered and gangraped en masse throughout Europe anf you never hear about it.
But someone utters the work 'Paki' it's all over the papers.

There is something very wrong with Liberals

Anonymous said...

Since when is nationalism synonymous with justifying, indeed glorifying mass-murderers?

The ICC may be illegitimate, but this man - Mladich - did orchestrate the murder of 8000 unarmed men and boys

Did the Muslims do horrid things, also? of course but that's expected...

Thia type of posturing does our cause -the goal of which is convincing the majority of ethic Europeans of the justice of a nationalist approach - no good whatsoever.

Defender of Liberty said...

Victors justice is not justice.

Not until Blair and Bush are in the dock of the ICC is justice served.

Until then all prosecutions are political prosecutions - and hence biased and unlawful as all such prosecutions are.

What Mladic did is irrelevant to the issue of the court and selective prosecutions in the ICC.

gatesofvienna said...


The Genocide at Krajina didn't even make the news.
Wrong religion-Christian Serbs.
At you tube- nobody translated the videos- better you don't even know it ever happened.

When Serbs wanted to show photographs in London Blair said-NO!
But allowed an exhibition of muslim photos.

Blair -Bush-Clinton-Cameron-Clegg-Obama the lot- are Satanists they claim to be Christian.

UN removes Christian leaders plonks in a muslim one...

The MEDIA well- we all recall the fake camps....see You Tube Bosnia Judgement - see how Penny Marshall and ITV fixed up that little fraud to fool the public.

By the way- the Genocide victims of Srebrinica- turned up!

They'd gone back to fight- a few were missing- A FEW not thousands.


So much for that Genocide...fooled again!