Monday 20 June 2011

Where We Are On Race Today

Image - the Denisovans included in the list of races

Image - the races defined.

My theory that racial groups in the world today are the products of Homo Sapiens who had left Africa breeding with archaic human groups has been proved to be correct.

Racial groups represent archaic human breeding events.

The Cro-Magnon racial groups are the white modern Europeans. They evolved when Homo Sapiens left Africa and bred with Neanderthals in Northern Europe to produce the Cro-Magnons. The Neaderthals they bred with had also experienced racial differentiation as they adapated over hundreds of thousands of years to the Northern European climate. The Northern Neadnerthal group bred with Homo Sapiens and created the Cro-Magnons.

The Melanesian peoples are Homo Sapiens mixed with Denisovans.

The Chinese and Asians are those whose Homo Sapien or mixed Homo Sapien / Neanderthal ancestors bred with regional Neanderthal groups.

The Modern Africans are pure Homo Sapiens. They have no archaic DNA in them.

Hence what we define as 'races' are in fact speciation events where Homo Sapiens bred with one of the four early human groups.

There are four human races - and here I define for the first time what they are ;

A) The European Cro-Magnons

B) The Melanesian Denisovans

C) The Oriental Neanderthals

D) Homo Sapien Africans

All human racial groups derive from these four racial groups.

My theory will now re-write the entire basis of racial research.

These are the four human racial groups, each of which represent the four distinct human racial groups which derive from admixtures of archic human groups and Homo Sapiens.

Group A is the Homo Sapiens and Neaderthals mixture that took place in Northern Europe and which created the White Race. (1)

Group B is the group of Homo Sapiens who bred with the Denisovans and includes the Papuan New Guinea tribes and also the Aborigines of Australia. (2)

Group C is the Homo Sapiens who bred with East Asian Neanderthals. These are the Chinese, Hans etc. (3)

Group D is the Homo Sapiens from Africa who have no archaic human DNA.





All the four racial groups are defined by Y male haplogroup lineages.

They are listed below ;



Haplogroup CF (P143)

Haplogroup C (M130, M216) Found in Asia, Oceania, and North America

Haplogroup C1 (M8, M105, M131) Found in Japan

Haplogroup C2 (M38) Found in Indonesia, New Guinea, Melanesia, Micronesia, and

Haplogroup C3 (M217, P44) Found throughout Eurasia and North America, but especially among Mongols, Kazakhs, Tungusic peoples, Paleosiberians, and Na-Dené-speaking peoples

Haplogroup C4 (M347) Found in the indigenous peoples of Australia

Haplogroup C5 (M356) Found in South Asia, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia

Haplogroup S (Y-DNA) M230,P202, P204 (formerly K5) Found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Melanesia ( These are mixed melanesians. They are an offshoot of Northern Neanderthal Y DNA that became the Haplogroup R. The early Neanderthal Y haplogroup DNA in the population was later merged with the Y Denisovan DNA which is present in those populations. )

2) Oriental Neanderthals Haplogroups ;

Haplogroup D

Haplogroup DE (M1/YAP, M145/P205, M203/Page36, P144, P153, P165, P167, P183)

Haplogroup D (M174) Found in Tibet, Japan, the Andaman Islands

Haplogroup D1 (M15)

Haplogroup D2 (M55, M57, M64.1, M179, P37.1, P41.1 (M359.1), 12f2.2)

Haplogroup D3 (P99)

F1 (P91, P104)

F2 (M427, M428)

F3 (P96)

F4 (P254)

Haplogroup G (Y-DNA) M201, P257 Found in Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, and North Africa

Haplogroup H (Y-DNA) M69, M370 Found in South Asia, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia

Haplogroup IJK L15/S137, L16/S138 Found in Europe, Western Asia, North Africa and East Africa

Haplogroup IJ M429/P125 Found in Europe, Western Asia, North Africa and East Africa

Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) M170, M258, P19, P38, P212, U179 Found in Europe

Haplogroup J (Y-DNA) 12f2.1, M304 Found in Europe, Western Asia, North Africa and
East Africa

Haplogroup K (Y-DNA) M9 Found all over Eurasia, North Africa, Oceania, East Africa, and the Americas

Haplogroup LT (Y-DNA) L298/P326

Haplogroup L (Y-DNA) M11, M20, M22, M61, M185, M295 Found in the Indian subcontinent

Haplogroup T (Y-DNA) M70, M184/USP9Y+3178, M193, M272 (formerly K2) Found in Southwestern Asia, South Asia (East & South India), North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco), the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia), Cameroon (the Fulani), Southern Europe (Iberia, Italy, Greece and their associated islands)

Haplogroup K(xLT) M526

Haplogroup M (Y-DNA) P256 Found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Melanesia

Haplogroup NO M214

Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) M231 Found in Eastern Europe, North Asia, and East Asia

Haplogroup O (Y-DNA) M175 Found in Oceania and East Asia

Haplogroup P (Y-DNA) 92R7, M45, M74/N12, P27.1/P207

Haplogroup Q (Y-DNA) M242 Found in the Americas and Eurasia

3 ) Cro-Magnon Haplogroups ;

Haplogroup R (Y-DNA)

4) AFRICANS Haplogroups ;

Haplogroup A

Haplogroup B

Haplogroup E (M40, M96) Found in Africa and neighbouring areas

Haplogroup E1 (P147)

Haplogroup E1a (formerly E1) (M33, M132)

Haplogroup E1b (P177)

Haplogroup E1b1 (formerly E3) (P2, DYS391p)

Haplogroup E1b1a (formerly E3a) (M2) Found in Western, Middle, Eastern, and Southern Africa

Haplogroup E1b1b (formerly E3b) (M215) Found in East Africa (Ethiopians, Somalis), North Africa (Berbers, Arabs, Tuareg,[4] Sahrawi), the Middle East, Europe (esp. areas near the Mediterranean Sea)

Haplogroup E2 (M75)

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Hoyle said...

This is the Leakey creationist garden of eden 'out-of-africa' falacy mate.
You might as well believe that all fish came out of the Medway. Or that all trees came out of Japan.
Life began in the process of spontaneous ontogenesis. Races arose from already extant apes in different environmental templates.
The idea that black africans mated with neanderthals despite massive difference and in the absence of race war is a little too close to whats going on now and is rather disturbing to say the least

Anonymous said...

The idea presented is no more far fetched than the idea of macro evolution, being that it also has no solid scientific proof. Both theories have suggestive evidence for truth, we can see signs of evolution when comparing species and we see signs of interbreeding when we look at DNA. In all fairness, if the migrating homo sepians were to survive the new world they would have had to acquire the antibodies from something or they would have died out. This simple fact makes the interbreeding theory more logical