Sunday 14 August 2011

David Starkey & Black Culture

David Starkey cannot be called a racist for saying Black Culture is to blame for the riots.

How can he be racist against something that does not exist ?

Black Culture does not exist.

There are many Black Cultures based on nations, tribe, religion, ethnicity etc etc same as their are in White Cultures.

The idea of a monolithic and cohesive unifying Black Culture is an exclusively White Liberal Cultural Marxist Ideological Construct.

It is designed to force Black people into a liberal ideological race box and then use them as a battering ram against white society by white liberals whnenever they are required to do so by their, and our, white liberal and white bankster masters.

They are now able to be deployed as a racial collective to attack our nation, people & culture by their own enslavers - the white liberal master class and their banker puppeteer paymasters.

Kawnzi, Black History Month, Whiteness Studies, Race Relations Industry, Ebonics etc etc - all these are constucts to be deployed in the formation of a racially divided society at war with itself whilst the through their white liberal puppets - The Globalist Bankers rule.

There is no such thing as a Black Culture.

Therefore David Starkey cannot be accused of being racist.

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Extant said...

You need to study the racial crime statistic's mate, they are something that the vast majority of nationalists do not take into account.

For example, in the US during the 50's, black on white violence and rape was less than white on white and white on black.
Most people would immediately jump on, "there is many more blacks in the US now, but the figures show percentile terms per race. It is calculated fairly and completely accurate.

We do have a Black "Western" culture,there is absolutely no doubt, it is irrefutable.

It is the black culture that the Zog have created..that is a fact and the most worrying part of it.

Ade said...

Blacks and Asians do speak differently, close your eyes and you can usually tell the ethnicity of the speaker.
All Starky was saying was that Lammy had picked up our lingo so well that if you closed your eyes, you couldn't tell he was Black.

The Bell Curve Vindicated

Ade said...

These mosters are s blatant about their contempt for humanity, they literally think of us as their own personal ant farm.

Welcome to the NWO Corporate Gulag

Anonymous said...

Dr Starkey was not allowed to discuss Enoch Powell and the riots. He was set up just as anyone who questions the regime is. There were two state aparchicks brought in. One was a self-hating white piece of scum who wrote a lying book about his own people and the second a black cosseted state pet who did not want to discuss crime in terms of black people but is quite happy to take multicultural and diversity funding and benefit from positive discrimination.
Interesting there was an anti-BNP riots video that got nearly a million views while Nicks odd performance (his usual habit of shooting the party in the foot at every opportunity with his ill-considered language) got 18,871 views. Britain continues to go down the tubes with no genuine nationalist response. This is a crisis in nationalism.

Ade said...

How to win the argument

Extant said...

You must all remember, THEY LOVE DIVISION... ITS WHAT THEY DO !