Friday 12 August 2011

George Orwell & Liberal Fascism

You want a vision of the future under Liberalism ?

Imagine a Nike trainer stamping on a human face forever.

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Ade said...

Cameron has hinted at a desire to limit access, at least to some to social media sites, all under the guise of preventing them from being used to commit criminal acts.

Let's just assume that he's not a Treasonous Globalist wh wants to shut off any and all means of communications from the masses s they cannot organise resistance to their Totalitarian agenda.

Wouldn't it be better to allow criminals access to internet and social media, precisely so their activities can be better monitored ( after a Judge has heard good reason why ).
Otherwise you end up having to g back to the days of having to record whispered comments in noisy pubs.

This is just as bad as prosecuting hackers for breaking into Military computers.
We ought to be congratulating them and paying them money to do exactly that along the lines of 'The Ministry of defence main computer upgrade goes online today and we are offering £500,000 to anyone who can shut us down between now and Nov 2012.

When are we going to get Politicians with half a brain into Westminster.

Ade said...

were there Agent Provacateur's?

Extant said...

I know the feeling mate, that is why i turned to politics to understand why they will not take the fkn trainer from my face.