Friday 12 October 2007

The Enemy Within Part 1

The reason why so many so called ’nationalists’, as well as reds and liberals, attack the BNP and Nick griffin is because we have demonstrated their total and utter political irrelevance. The people within the nationalist movement who attack the BNP are the same ones who for decades led nationalism into a cultural, social, economic and political ghetto. With their deviancy, corruption, stupidity and incompetence they drove nationalism into the political wilderness. For decades nationalist have followed their ideas and ideals and been led nowhere. Today we are growing precisely because we have rejected them, and their ideas.

Whilst the West was being surrendered to an invasion of Islamist extremist immigrants and their apologists our national economies and our countries were becoming totally dependent upon imported Middle East oil, they obsessed primarily about the power of the Jews and Israel.

Whilst the social growth of Islam and the demographic growth of immigrant Muslim communities in the UK led to Britain being called Britanistan by our concerned European neighbours who saw us as the central organising centre for global jihad, the reactionary pseudo-nationalists merely muttered abut the Protocols of Zion and the Russian Revolution. They spent their time indulging in conspiracy theory fantasies instead of seeing what was really going on around them.

Whilst the pseudo-nationalists saw the shadows of Zionists everywhere, they never saw the growing threat from the presence of Islamist extremist immigrants in our nations anywhere.

Whilst they propagated the myth of a cabal of bearded rabbis controlling the Global and British stock markets, they never studied the changing ownership of stocks and shares in the Global and British stock markets and recognised the corporate takeover of Britain by Middle Eastern investment banks owned by the Islamist elite of oil rich Middle Eastern regimes and theocracies.

Whilst Israeli and Jewish capitalists were depicted as controlling the world with their money, Arab and Middle Eastern theocracies were controlling the world with their oil.

Whilst Europe was becoming Eurabia, they embraced the delusion of the existence of global ZOG.

They obsessed about Judaism, Zionism, the Stern Gang and the Talmud instead of understanding Jihad, Al Qaeda, Wahhabism, Al Taqiyya, Dhimmitude and Deobandis.

When the UK government was selling billions of pounds of British military equipment to Saudi Arabia and the Conservative government of John Major was jailing innocent British citizens to hide their duplicity and criminality in affairs such as the Matrix-Churchill case, they were obsessed about the US supporting Israel and the power of the Israeli lobby groups in Washington.

Whilst they obsessively counted the numbers of Jewish journalists in newspapers and on the BBC, they never investigated the Middle Eastern corporations buying up stocks and shares in British media corporations and influencing media editorial policies in newspapers such as The Times.

They never saw how Middle Eastern oil billionaires like Khalid Bin Mahfouz were usurping free speech through Legal Terrorism, and abusing the British libel laws to censor any critical commentaries on their activities and support for terrorism.

Whilst they embraced the delusions of Zionists controlling the BBC, they never took notice of the fact that the BBC had spent half a million pounds of public money on court actions trying to stop the publication of an internal BBC report that revealed the BBC was institutionally biased against Israel, biased in favour of the Palestinians in its news reports and also that the BBC had become the main apologist for Islamic terrorism in British society itself.

When the British people cried out for CONSTITUTIONAL NATIONALISM, they advocated National Socialism. Those that confuse Nationalism with National Socialism are deluded. In any of the nation states conquered by the Nazis during WW2 the first victims of the Nazis were the nationalists and the patriots. This was because they could form the nucleus of patriotic and nationalist resistance groups and therefore had to be exterminated before they could organise any social and national resistance to the German Nazi takeover of their nation states.

When the Nation needed patriotism, they called for Aryanism.

When the public wanted rational debate, they espoused race hate.

When we needed community activism, they organised skinhead marches.

When the law changed, they simply ignored it.

They applauded the reactionary loud mouthed thug and despised the revolutionary political thinker.

They wrote books that taught our children to hate instead of teaching them how to think.

They rejected the clarity of rationalism and embraced the fog of hatred.

They wrote crass and simplistic polemics that incited race hatred instead of producing educational books that taught our people the skills we needed as a movement to take power.

They worshipped the past instead of preparing for the future.

They espoused racism instead of ethno-centrism. When a Russian Jewish oligarch bought a British football team they screamed about ZOG, but when two Middle Eastern investment companies, Qatar and Dubai, buy a third share of the London Stock Exchange or buy P&O and gain control over our ports and docks or our water companies then nothing is said.

Whilst they obsessed about Jewish global domination of capitalism, they never realised that the entire global economic system is entirely dependent upon Arab owned oil supplies and US oil refining and distribution systems. Who controls the oil, controls the world. Who banks the oil money made from selling the oil, can buy the world. Capitalism is just another aspect of the energy exchange process.

We are in the 21st century yet they still obsess about conspiracy theories from the 20th and 19th centuries.

Over the years millions of pounds of nationalists money has passed through their hands and were pissed away in pubs, junkets, on political pantomimes and punch ups.

Under their leadership and mentoring the nationalist parties they led were despised and reviled by the general public who were the very same people they needed to vote them into power. Apart from winning one or two transient council seats, the legacy of the last fifty years of nationalism as a political movement has been nothing but pitiful.

Nationalists do not own one building to act as their national headquarters, not one conference centre in which we can hold our meetings, not one social club or working mans club where we can gather to drink, not one piece of land where we can hold our cultural festivals and not one plot of land upon which we can build a nationalist community of our own.

We have no schools, no nationalist law firms, no nationalist daily paper, no nationalist bank, no nationalist museums, no nationalist TV station or radio stations, no successful nationalist DVD production team and entertainment company and no nationalist community centres.

We are at the mercy of the pseudo-nationalist profiteers within the nationalist movement that peddle their ideological tat, t-shirts and bullshit books to our people and at the same time have to rely on the largesse of the leftist and globalist enemy for many of our basic social and political functions. Everywhere we are weak, nowhere are we strong.

The nationalist movement have never had one Nationalist MP, MEP or mayor elected. Until the BNP began to win council seats there had been about three nationalist local councillors elected in the last thirty years. That is the result of decades of the leadership of the old style nationalists.

If the people that attack the BNP on various right wing and left wing nationalist blog sites think they can teach us in the BNP anything do with politics or political campaigning, or that we will ever listen to their foam flecked ravings, then that merely proves just how truly demented they are.

The noises they make in their tiny little feculent corners of the internet attacking us are nothing more than the sound of maggots gorging on the carcass of our country and the remnants of Western Civilisation. Their chatter is the soundtrack of our civilisation as it collapses from within.

The creedo of the maggots that are destroying our nation is irrelevant. They are all active agents in the putrefaction and destruction of our nation. Therefore they must all be excised and the putrefaction process stopped. I see no distinction between those attack the BNP, for regardless of whether they attack from the Right or the Left they still attack us and are therefore the enemy. All those that delay our advance into power must be considered our enemies.