Saturday 13 October 2007

A New Nationalist Drugs Policy

National security and UK drugs Policy.

The issue of drugs always falls into one of two camps - either legalisation or further criminalisation.

The fact that their actually exists a third option is never debated - that of REGULATION.

Regulation is where all drugs are made illegal and the possession of all illegal drugs is made a severe criminal offence, but at the same time doctors licensed by the government are able to issue a license to those people who benefit from drugs to allow them to possess and use thaose drugs that help them with clinically disgnosed illnesses and that thereby allow them to avoid arrest, criminalisation and imprisonment.

For some people drugs work. I have worked with young people with severe Multiple Sclerosis who smoke cannabis to stop them having terrible seizures and muscle cramps. For them cannabis is a miracle drug. These people should be allowed to eithetr grow the drug at home for their own use, buy it in licensed clinics or be prescribed it.

For the reactionaries in our country the fact they smoke cannabis to help them with their pain is irrelevant, they just want them crminalised for the crime of using cannabis.

The fact that after smoking a joint they can wipe their own bum after using the toilet, hold a cup of tea in their hand or brush their own hair is the basis of a renewal of their dignity.

But some people would say that people with MS should not be allowed to use cannabis.

Such people are to be frank, poisonous arseholes.

Anyone who who has never experienced an illness like MS and who smugly declares that people with illnesses like MS deserve to go to prison for smoking cannabis is a prick.

In the article below I propose a new nationalist drugs policy that replaces the current syste. It is linked with Afghanistan as afghanistan is the source of the majority of heroin in the UK.

The current drugs system is absurd.

The only way a national security policy based on
securing the UK from the menace of heroin will work is if ;

1) We return the British army to the UK from all
foreign postings and then secure the borders from
terrorist incursions and place them on guard at
sensitive installations eg nuclear plants to prohibit
terrorist attacks on those sites.

2) We re-structure the UK military as a NATIONAL based
military defence unit engineered to fight any
conventional army that enters the UK - that means we
do not need the massive old cold war style arsenals
anymore based on soviet union war game type scenarios
where we have to invade foreign nations. We can get
rid of half that cold war junk and save billions from
maintenance etc. What we must do is create new weapons
systems based on fortifying the UK itself from attack.

3) We create a rapid air reaction air mobile assault
wing comprised of all sections of the British military
capable of undertaking in and out rapid surgical strikes against foreign enemy
assets and individuals. That way we never have to have
an army that is designed to HOLD foreign territory
that we have invaded and occupied or that means we
have to be involved in protracted foreign wars
designed to hold foreign ground. That way we destroy
the terrorist networks that enable terrorists to enter
and operate in the UK and who supply them with arms
and equipment and funds. We just target the enemy
infrastructure with a sudden attack and then withdraw
back to the lions cave of the UK. By ensuring we have
a surgical strike capacity we also ensure we win the
Hearts and Minds on the ground in those nations where
the terrorists operate as we will hit ONLY the
terrorists and not civilians ( we are not doing this
In Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment and thereby
losing the war as too many civilians are being hit
with the 1000 bombs ) but most importantly we ensure
we win the Hearts and Minds struggle at home where the
terrorists on the internet and the liberals that
infest the media and TV news do not have images of
dead families in rubble caused by stray 1000 bombs
dropped on their homes instead of the enemy to use to
undermine our attacks on the enemy. It is a truism
that in modern asymmetric warfare a good propagandist
is worth a thousand snipers and a single sniper worth
more than a thousand troops. Therefore the propaganda
war has to be won as well as any real war against the

4) The only reason a nuclear defence capability for
the UK makes any tactical and strategic sense as part
of a national defence structure is if we create this
surgical strike offensive capability that allows us to
hit and run and then return to the UK and hide behind
the nuclear shield of our nuclear weapons. We can no
longer use the old style cold war mass bombing weapons
and old style cold war tactics as part of future wars
- therefore the nuclear shield can only work if we
retain a strike capacity that no longer relies on cold
war tactics. The idea that we either surrender our
offensive capability against enemy assets or that we
stay using cold war weapons and tactics is utter
idiocy. Under my plan we will have already secured the
borders of the UK with the British army and prevented
terrorists and drug importers being able to enter the UK
and we will also have re-structured the army to ensure no-one who
enters the country with conventional weapons can win a
conventional war struggle on UK ground against us.

That way we have no fear of anyone attacking us with
conventional weapons, terrorist attacks or with
nuclear weapons. As we will have sealed all the gaps
in our national defence structures and still retained
a powerful strike capacity that can operate anywhere
in the world at a moments notice. All the possible
retaliations of an enemy via conventional , terrorist
or nuclear are no longer possible. We have therefore
stalemated all attack scenarios and still retained a
formidable attack capacity that can be utilised
anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

The plan for Afghanistan would be too stabilise the
country with a British troop presence until the new
military and social structures in the UK are put in
place. When the new internal re-structuring of the UK
military has been completed and the rapid reaction
surgical strike units ready for action then the troops
would be withdrawn from Afghanistan and the new
operational Asymetric warfare unit would go into
operation to tackle any future threats on the ground.
A 24 hour air support unit would be created that would
be used to assist the Afghanistan government in its actions
against the Taliban.

As for Afghanistan, we should pull out the troops
immediately from Iraq and re-deploy them in
Afghanistan to begin the process of closing down the
drugs infrastructure that funds the Taliban.

Instead of burning the opium crop and impoverishing the farmers
or ignoring the warlords growing rich off growing it and
smuggling it into the West, we should be buying the opium from
the Afghan government who buy it direct from the afghan farmers
and using it to wean UK heroin addicts off their drugs.

We should be processing opium into heroin in the UK and then
issuing it to drug addicts as part of the new treatment regime
I propose.

At the moment the money supply that goes to the
farmers in Afghanistan from growing opium
either enriches Islamic terrorists or drugs gangs run by
local warlords. The currency of choice for both the
terrorists and warlords is US dollars. Its is the
afghan heroin trade that is making the Pakistani
and Turkish drugs gangs in the UK the richest and most powerful
international crime syndicates in British history. The heroin
is part of the globval jihad - and we have to start dealing
with it in a way that works, not what is politically expedient.

What has to happen is that all opium farmers who
produce opium as a crop must only be allowed to sell
that crop to the Afghan government and must also be
paid only in a brand new afghan currency by the afghan
govt. The dollar must be embargoed in Afghanistan as
its the currency of choice of the terrorists and drugs
smugglers. The afghan state and economic system must
be pegged solely on its own currency and a source of
income created for the benefit of the state in order
to peg the currency. The only thing Afghanistan can
grow for export currency is opium. The opium that it
produces we can use to refine into heroin to give to
addicts in the west and to those who require morphine
and opiate for chronic medical conditions. The irony
is that whilst the worldwide demand for opiates and
morphine is growing , the supply is not available for
those with medical conditions. The worldwide shortage
of morphine and codeine is about 10,000 tonnes of
opium equivalent a year, while Afghanistan produces
roughly 4,000 tonnes of opium a year. NHS patients in
the UK regularly go without painkillers due to the
chronic shortage of morphine, whilst illegal heroin
supplies are flooding UK streets.

Afghanistan will not exist as a functional state
without a functional economic system and a national
banking system, instead it will remain in the hands of
the terrorists or a vassal state of the US govt on the
edges of being a failed Narco-State. We need to make
it a successful National State.

All countries in the world , including the UK and US ,
started with simple economic systems and Afghanistan
requires schools, hospitals, electricity, roads etc
and wherever these appear a National afghan bank must
also appear in order to create an national economic
system and infrastructure. The money raised from
selling opium and refined morphine to the West could
be used to fund the Afghan army and police, who could
then police the borders and prevent the movement of
illegal drugs out of the country. The fact the
terrorists would be deprived of their cash flows would
mean they would be unable to buy new arms and
ammunition to continue the war against the Afghan
government on the ground in Afghanistan.

Islamic terrorism is funded by Oil and Heroin. We have
to stop both sources of revenue reaching the
terrorists. You do not ignore a large hole in your
boat whilst patching a hole on the other side. If you
do not fix ALL the leaks then you sink anyway. The
point is to begin the process of sealing the leaks in
a way that stems the flow of cash to the insurgents
from one of their primary cash sources - in this case
heroin. Heroin and oil fund the jihad, and dealing
with heroin will kill it dead in Afghanistan, Iran and
Iraq all of whom depend upon heroin for revenues,
especially Iran as its about to be hit with economic
sanctions for non compliance with the IAEA.

At the moment afghan heroin is being used to fund
Pakistani and Turkish Muslim crime gangs in the UK who
are then using the money to fund terrorism and crime
in the UK. This plan will deal with both. Remember
WILL. At the moment our drugs policies are merely
empowering the terrorists and the gangsters, including
even the IRA in Ireland.

This should also form part of a complete review of UK
drugs laws including looking at prescribing heroin, as
suggested by the Deputy Chief Constable of
Nottinghamshire Howard Roberts. This plan is
already being run in parts of the UK, and with 60 % of
crime estimated to be linked to heroin we would save
billions in prison costs, insurance and courts costs
if we could control the heroin addicts in the UK.

The process should form the Third Way between
Prohibition and Legalisation, that is Regulation. All
drugs should be made illegal and the classification of
drugs made all Class A. There should never be any
legalisation of any illegal drugs nor any toleration
of the use of illegal street drugs once this new drugs
policy in place and running.

At the same time, all those who have a legitimate
medical reason for using any drug should be able to be
licensed by a doctor to do so. That means those with
Multiple Sclerosis, ME, nerve pain, cancer etc who
could benefit from drugs such as Cannabis should be
able to be prescribed to use that drug without fear of
arrest or prosecution. The fact that in the UK people
with MS who smoke cannabis as a way to stop the
terrible trembling associated with the disease can be
arrested and prosecuted, but Rastafarians can claim
protection under the Human Rights Act , merely shows
how sick and twisted our drugs policy and the morality
of the politicians are. Anyone who would deny a person
in pain a palliative that works for them because they
are ideologically opposed to reforming the failed
prohibition policies of the past is either an idiot,
morally warped or a paid stooge of the pharmaceutical

The present drugs prohibition policy in the UK has to

It should be reformed along these lines.

All those arrested for any crime in the UK should be
drugs tested for all drugs - for example heroin.

If Heroin is found in their blood sample
then they are immediately placed on a court
supervised Addiction Order. They should be electronically
tagged, micro-chipped and their driving licenses revoked.

They are then required to provide the police with
details of where they obtained the heroin from. If
they refuse to provide that information to the police
then they should be kept on remand and left to go cold
turkey in solitary confinement until they do so. The
moment they reveal the source of the heroin to the
police they then get it prescribed to them by a
licensed doctor, they are released from prison and go
on the Home Addiction Programme.

They would be required to attend a local medical facility every day
to be prescribed the drugs they require and monitored
as they inject the drugs on site. No more needles and
syringes would be prescribed by doctors for addicts to
leave in our streets, parks and public toilets. Those
addicts that inject in public or leave syringes in the
street should be arrested and imprisoned. The syringes
left in public areas should be collected by the
police, fingerprinted and DNA tested and the addicts
identified and arrested for doing so.

One on the Addiction Programme they would be blood
tested for the presence of illegal street heroin every
month and if found, then they would be placed back in
prison until they reveal the source of the drugs.
Repeated breaches of the use of illegal street heroin
would result in long prison sentences.

At the same time the death penalty must be imposed for
those who import in Heroin into the UK and who supply
heroin on the streets to addicts. The entire growing,
supply, importation and selling networks must be
dismantled and the financial structures dismantled.
Those criminals who sell heroin to street addicts once
the legislation is passed through Parliament will also
be executed.

The importation of heroin supplies terrorists with
cash so it is a matter of national security, and
therefore those involved in importing heroin are
assisting the enemies of the British state. It is
terrorism and shall be treated as such.

After they are clean again the addicts would have
their tags and micro-chips removed and assisted to
return into society. As we will have dismantled the
illegal supply networks of street heroin during this
process, then the clean ex-addicts will not suffer the
pressure of having dealers offering them drugs once
back in their communities.

These proposals are designed to create debate on an
issue that has received Zero attention.