Saturday 20 October 2007

The Triumph of the Stupids

Today I am ashamed to be British and I am ashamed of my country.

The nation that gave the world Newton, Alexander Fleming and Darwin and visionaries like Robert Stephenson and Charles Merz has today become a primitive backwater where the Cult of Equality has replaced science and rationalism.

It is self evidently true that all men are not created equal.

I am not my brother and nor am I my sister.

To deny me my right to difference is to deny me my individuality.

As William Blake wrote ' One law for the Lion and the and the Ox is oppression'.

As Plato wrote " When equality is given to unequals the result is inequality ".

In Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit all Men differ.

In their appreciation of art, beauty, nature and the divinity of life itself, all Men differ.

Where one man may see a heaven in a flower, another may regard a field of wild flowers as useful only for the plow.

The hounding of the scientist James Watson from our shores is a sign that our nation has reached its nadir.

The dark satanic mills of political correctness that grind down truth and replace it with dogma have transformed our nation from a place where the light of science once illuminated the world, to a cesspit of stupidity, irrationalism and cowardice.

It is not the tribal peoples of the world who are the primitives, it is us.

In the grip of our mindless superstitions such as political correctness, the witch doctors of the cult of equality place their spells on anyone who dares defy them and their idiotic edicts and the zombie like masses then treat them as tabooed.

The ultimate spell is to be labelled a 'racist'.

Like the phantoms and ghosts of the past the merest hint that the spectre of Institutional Racism afflicts an organisation then the CRE Witchdoctor is called in so that the place can be exorcised with the powers of Positive Discrmination and Affirmative Action.

In a complete reversal of centuries of scientific progress the absence of evidence of institutional racism is not regarded as evidence of absence of institutional racism, but as evidence that the institution is so racist that it hides its racism.

Its a bit like a WitchFinder General saying ' We think you are a witch, and because we have not found any evidence to prove you are a witch this merely confirms that you are a clever witch and therefore demand extra punishmnent '.

It is complete bollocks and the people who promote this shit, and who accept this shit, are insane.

In less than a couple of generations we have turned the clock back to an era before the Enlightenment,and we have entered an era where the irrational rules and the stupids have triumphed.

Today the stupids run the country.

The mewling maggot filth of the media that condition and brainwash the masses ensure that the rule of the stupids is ensured. When a man with a mind, a free thinking and visionary mind, dares reveal the stupidity of the stupids then all the stupids come together to destroy him.

It is like watching a swarm of ants devour a lion. On their own they are nothing, not even an irritant to the lion, but when they swarm as one then even the lion is unable to fight them. The swarming stupids then bite and sting the lion until it flees. Just as James Watson has fled the country.

Museum after museum refused to allow James Watson to speak. No douby David Lammy the Culture Minister and his arse licking minions were on the phones to the museums threatening to refuse them government funding in the future if they allowed James Watson to speak.

Today the various newspapers and their stupids who wrote the articles attacking James Watson are once again on the attack.

Whenever a wolf enters a village then all the village dogs run indoors and hide. When the wolf has left the village then all the dogs come out howling and barking from their houses and then form a pack and then they all take a piss on the paw prints of the wolf left in the mud. This is what the media are doing today as James Watson flies back to the United States.

They are howling and barking and pissing on his footprints.

Not one of the media maggots that attacked James Watson, nor the idiotic so called 'scientists' they managed to scrape up from the shallow end of the scientific brain pool to attack him, dared confront him in a free and fair public debate.

Instead they all just howled when he left the country and continue pissing on his prints in the mud. What a complete bunch of gutless bastards.

The inane so called 'scientific arguments' the 'scientists' and the media stupids are trying to promote today in order to conceal the fact they are a bunch of gutless bastards are so trite, facile and pathetic that it is just embarassing.

Our entire society is based upon Race - Multi-Culturalism regards race as a factor in everything we do as a society.

The Race Relations Act covers every function of every public body and our every private act. The RRA 1976 has achieved what Communism never did in our society, it has removed the right of private property. If you run your own company then you can be forced under the RRA 1976 to employ people the government tells you too. If you fail to employ those people then this can be used as evidence against you in an Employment Tribunal case as evidence of Institutional Racism and leave you open to unlimited fines for racism.

The Public Order Act 1986 criminalises language that the government regards as 'racist'.

The Race Relations Acts case law such as Mandla V Lee explictly recognises racial groups and ethnic groups - yet the Socialist scientists stil tell us that Race as a genetic construct does not exist.

For instance ;

Here we have an article concerning medical care provision based on assessment of racial group needs -

but here we have scientists saying that race does not exist -


These people say " Race is a real cultural, political and economic concept in society, but it is not a biological concept ".

LIFE IS A BIOLOGICAL CONCEPT - Race is an aspect of human biological existence, and to say that race as a biological concept or genetic concept does not exist is tautological nonsense. Every human being is a DNA based life form based on genetic inheritance. Therefore race is also an a priori genetic reality. If race exists as a factor in human social relations then race must exist as a genetic reality.

The outward visible manifestations of race such as skin colour and physiological differences are the basis of the reality of race as a social factor in human relations. Without those visible manifestations of race such as skin colour then the social, economic and political concepts of race could not impact within human societies. As those outward manifestations of Race are based on D.N.A, such as inherited skin colour, physiological differences and IQ differences relating to success in society, then race is both a social concept and a biological concept.

Skin colour and human physiological differences are the basis of the differences in social, economic and political differences in human societies.

Skin colour and phsyiological differences are both genetic based and inherited.

Any society that identifies a racial group as existing in that society as a social, economic and political reality must accept that a biological basis exists for the existence of that group within that society.

It is logically impossible to deny the biological existence of race when you accept the social existence of race.

Society and science can only deny that races exist if they deny humanity exists.

The fact that scientists seek to remove the reality of race from a biological perspective does not make them correct, it merely means that they are idiots.

If Race exists in any form, then it exists.

That existence is predicated upon a variety of differences between people INCLUDING genetics.

The concept of racism denies the genetic reality of race and then uses the social concept of race to remove our rights, remove our free speech and criminalise debate and at the exact same time the scientists tell us race does not exist.

This is schizophrenia on a huge scale, our entire society is psychotic and then we wonder why rates of mental illness, depression, drug taking and drinking are on the rise. People that live in an insane society are driven insane.

The fact is that the science of racial differences is the most retarded science.

Any scientist with any intelligence realises that researching racial differences is like playing hopscotch blindfolded in a minefield.

Researching racial differences kills careers.

Just as once questioning the Bible was enough to have someone labelled a heretic and cast in to the flames of the Inquisition, the same is true today of the science of racial differences.

There has been virtually ZERO research on race.

The fact that any research at all exists is because a few brave pioneers have dared to defy the Torquemadas of the Inquisiton and seek Truth instead of being shackled by superstition.

The research that has been discovered has proved that race exists on a genetic level in a myriad of ways.

The trite statement by the media maggots that we are all the same as we are all 99.9% genetically similar is more nonsense.

There are at least 3 billion seperate pieces of DNA in a single human being. There are 25,000 - 30,000 plus genes in the human DNA.

Chlorophyll is similar in structure to haemoglobin, but with magnesium instead of iron as the reactive part of the molecule. Just a single letter of DNA is the difference between haemoglobin and Chlorophyll. That is just one letter in the 3 billion in the human genome. Yet the difference between the two chemicals is vast.

This is what happens in complex systems like human beings. Tiny differences on an infinitisimally small scale have vast effects. A point one (.1 ) difference in DNA between human racial groups in a system with three billion segments of code is a vast amount of difference, and seeing as a single letter can have vast effects on the functions of the entire system itself then racial differences are vast between human beings.

The vast amount amount of inherited phsyiological differences between human racial groups such as externally visible traits, primarily skin color, features of the face, and the shape and size of the head and body, and the underlying skeleton are all evidence of vast racial differences between human races.

Even the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, who are frequently quoted as rejecting the idea of Race accept that racial differences exist.

Race exists and villifying scientists such as James Watson FOR TELLING THE TRUTH is how our society is being destroyed within.

Before a civilisation is destroyed from without, it must first be destroyed from within.

Those in the media who attacked Watson, the pseudo-scientists that deny racial difference, and the stalinist socialist scum that want to remove our rights to debate and free speech racial differences are the inner enemy.

They must be confronted and defeated if we are to save our country. http://inverted-

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