Sunday 14 October 2007

NNP/ UAF Front Group Closes Down

It appears that the UAF front group the NNP, have been closed down by its ethnically diverse leader, sharon ebanks.

The group was established by a small group of extremists, uniform fetishists and saps just over a year ago in order to undermine the BNP's growth in Birmingham. It stood in the recent local elections in Birmingham in order to split the nationalist vote in areas where the BNP stood. Though only a few members of the general public were fooled by the muppets, the fact is that the attacks they directed at the BNP did have an effect on the parties growth.

The NNP as an organisation spent more time attacking the BNP than it ever did the Left. Ebanks herself was so often posting attacks on the BNP on the comments section of the UAF blog that even the Far Left got sick her of her constant attention seeking. It is alleged that the recent investigation into the BNP in Birmingham by the police over allegations that the nomination signaatures were forged came from the NNP. The fact that the police have shut down the investigation and said there was never any substance tio the allegations is irrelevant. The fact that the allegations were made not by the Far Left, but by so called 'nationalists', shows how low these people are.

I suspect that the next step of the demented harridan is that she will now write a book about her time in the BNP. What with her new UAF and far left contacts urging her to assist them in destroying the BNP one can assume that she will now become the new ethnically diverse face of the reformed BNP heretics. I bet you that Searchlight has the cheque book ready just in case she decides to pass on all her files to them.

From the Far Right to Rastafarianism in one small step.

For years Ebanks was collecting files, information and data on every muppet that fell for her bullshit. She has thousands of pages of e mails and gossip from all organisations within the Nationalist Movement. Her little clique of saps were busy passing her every little titbit of information they could gather in order to use it against the BNP , and anyone else that dared cross them.

We know that senior members of the BNP have passed her information in the past. Lets hope that when her book comes out their treachery is revealed.

Her little clique of simpering scumbag accomplices on Stormfront that assisted her and the UAF in its undermining of the BNP have been left stunned by the downfall of their dominatrix. It wasnt just the BNP saps that believed her bullshit, it was also people like David Duke, Don Black, the leaders of National Vanguard and members of other American groups who all fell for her bullshit.

Collectively they have all, both British and American, made Nationalism a laughing stock.

The retarded wing of pseudo-British Nationalism that regards the BNP ' as a sell out ' is now a joke. It is one of the great ironies of history that the last gasp of the old extremist far right was under the leadership of a half black female leader. It so absurd and hysterically funny that one doesnt know whether to consider this the ultimate in embarassment or irony. It is like some perverse Monty Python sketch where the extremists in their skrewdriver t-shirts, boots and braces are marched into a telephone box for a nazi meeting by their half black female leader. Talk about reinforcing the stereotype that skinheads are thick !

The nationalist movement as a whole has always had problems with angry and radicalised people of mixed race joining indigenous rights parties. The shadow side of multi-culturalism is that many people whose ancestry is of mixed race become confused and angry as a result of their lack of identity or become radicalised around their racial identity. The recent film 'This is England' made this point very powerfully with its story about the half black skinhead racist leader.

Just as many people with mixed race ancestry with black skin ( instead of white skin ) become radical black nationalists, and disciples of Malcolm X, Chuck D and Public Enemy, so many others become radical far right white extremists. The fact that multi-culturalism is predicated on race, and is the most racist political and social system since National Socialism ensures that race and racial identity becomes a powerful social issue. Under Multi-Culturalism Race is the most powerful dynamic at work within society.

The children of many mixed race relationships are in an invidious position. They face racism from both communities and pressure from the political and social systems to define themselves according to their race. The fact that the facile use of skin colour by organisations such as the CRE to base affirmative action and positive discrimination laws on, means that those from a mixed race beackground have to 'choose a side'. One one side if they define themselves as white they suffer legalised racism, discrimination, rejection and disadvantage as legitimised under Sections 37 and 38 of the Race Relations Act 1976.

If they define themselves as black then they can use that self defined racial status as the basis of race dicrimination claims, positive discrimination advantages and be awarded rights under affirmative actions plans. Multi-Culturalism has legitimised and institutionalised racism - it is the shadow of Nazism and reflects the Nazi worldview of race as being at the centre of society.

Those who come from single parents families and mixed race relationships and who have no contact with their whole family, as often happens , usually end up identifying with just one side of their racial ancestry. If they have black skin , they become black. If they have white skin they become white. In such circumstances they often adopt extremist views as a way of rejecting their own confusion.

These people are not motivated by love of themselves or their own people, they are motivated by self hate and this often manifests itself in extreme behaviour.

Multi-Culturalism is a crime not just against humanity, as it destroys the innate diversity of indigenous peoples, but also against individuals.

It has created a society where the racism of anti-racism is used to institutionalise racism, and where the facile denominators of race, such as skin colour, are used to remove individual rights.

The NNP/ UAF were a pustule on the face of British politics, a running sore that poisoned nationalism.

The fact that the boil has now burst is good news for nationalism, but bad news for the saps and traitors that worked with the NNP to bring down the BNP.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


alanorei said...
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bernie the bolt said...

Oh dear, Oh dear
do I sense the smell of sour grapes in the air?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you you fucking kyke!!

Claire Khaw said...

Hello Lee

Fancy reviewing

on your blog?

You should be hearing a bit more about it in the next month or so.

Defender of Liberty said...

I dont think its the smell of sour grapes in the air Bernie ' who shot his bolt in his underpants'.

It is the smell of you and your posionous little NNP cabalists eating humble pie heavily spiced with lashings of utter humiliation.

Now please follow your dominatrix leader in your tight little lederhosen into the wilderness where you belong.


Defender of Liberty said...

'Fuck off you kyke' - there is nothing sadder on the planet than a dyslexic nazi. The word is spelt according to Wikipedia as 'kike' you complete moron.

If you are going to try and insult me by calling me racist names then, you complete twat, at least take the time and effort to spell your hate speech correctly.

I hate being insulted by bad spelling.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a cause for celebration that the NNP is closing down, but the downside is that Sharon now has more time than ever to post her anti-BNP garbage all over the internet.

I hate to say it but occasionally amongst all the demented tripe she posts, you will find something of merit. The following sentence posted by her on a Red blog is just such an example.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make about BNP members is, they believe they're driven by hatred, not true, they're driven by fear.

End of Quote.

I would agree with that sentence, BNP members are indeed driven by fear.

Fear for their childrens future in a Britain that's being turned into a Third World crime ridden sewer. A Britain where the indigenous population are on course to become an ethnic minority in their own country by the middle of this century, unless we get a BNP government in power.

Fear is indeed the driving force behind the BNP.

Ulster British Nationalist said...

Well Lee your postings are as ever enjoyable but more to the point, very acurate. It seem's as if the pseudo-nazi's now have egg, or should i say, goat curry on their face?
They all fell into place behind a political leader that doesn't even have the necessary credentials to be in the BNP. Not only that, she openly stated that she intended to destroy the BNP. Shame,Shame.
Now that her futile attempt's have come to an end, i wonder just how many of her zombie's will try to squeeze back into our FAMILY?

As for the Barnes haters, it's clear that ethno-nationalism is not for them. Keep up the good work Lee and don't worry that you haven't been invited to the NNP dissolution party, it was only 10 tickets to a NWA concert anyway.

Anonymous said...

Shazza Ebanks, the resident neo-Nazi commentator on the far-Left Wankaster UAF forum seems to have emerged from the pages of mythology.

In her former guise in the BNP she tried to appear as a "beautiful maiden" (well, after one became thoroughly inebriated I suppose she could possibly through beer goggles), enticing and seducing BNP membners and officials, even the fuhrer, Griffin, himself. She even tried to charm her way into Lee Barnes! But now Shazza has emerged as the counter-shadow, the old hag, her true self, to enact revenge against the Grail Seekers of True Nationalism.

This excerpt details more about KHUNDRY, the mysterious mythological figure which is Shazza Ebanks:

"In Wagner's last music-drama Parsifal, we encounter a mysterious creature called Kundry. In the domain of the Grail, this Kundry appears as a wild woman, an unkempt, shabby and repulsive crone. On the other side of the mountains, however, in the magic garden of the sorcerer Klingsor, she appears as a beautiful maiden."