Friday 12 October 2007

The Enemy Within Part 3

Both the far left and pseudo-nationalist right acting in concert are essential mechanisms in order to sabotage our social growth and political development.

Those, both left and right, that delay our political and the social advance of nationalism are traitors and must be regarded as such.

There is nothing more hypocritical than a Fascist or Nazi from the reactionary right or a Communist or Socialist from the revolutionary left cloaking their attacks on the BNP in the guise of exercising free speech. The idea that Fascists or Communists have any respect for free speech is laughable. The idea we should therefore ’respect’ the opinions of fascists or communists who use this mythical thing called free speech, that they have never respected in any way, to attack us is also laughable. If someone from within the BNP deliberately attacks the BNP in a public way they know that this will damage the parties development. The idea we should just accept and tolerate attacks on the party in public that are designed to damage our social and political development is unacceptable. The idea that we should tolerate attacks on the party from people within the party because ‘we live in a country that has free speech ‘ is also laughable. We do not have free speech in this country and those that think we do are deluded. The Public order Act 1986, the libel laws and various Anti-Terrorism acts have criminalised any speech the government wishes to have criminalised. Free speech is what comes after we take power, it is not what we have today. Neither do we live in a national democracy, we live in a Corporate Fascist State controlled by globalist institutions and corporations. At the same time we live under the heterarchic yoke of the Tyranny of minorities that completely subverts the democratic principle that society is controlled by majorities and not minorities. A democracy is what we will create once we have taken power. It is not what we live in today.

Only the BNP can save this country. No other nationalist party is in the position of being able to replace the BNP. Therefore the BNP is our best and only hope for the future survival of our people, culture and nation. Those who deliberately set out to jeopardise our last best hope for taking power by attacking the BNP are to be regarded as traitors, and one day will be treated as traitors must be treated. Those who define themselves as nationalists but who unite with communists, globalists and Islamic extremists to attack us will be treated as traitors. Those embittered pseudo-nationalist maggots that seek to poison the people and our activists against us by disseminating lies on the internet and to the media in order to undermine our electoral advance will be dealt with the day we take power.

Today the BNP is the most popular, the largest, the best organised, the most respected, the most internationally known and most successful British nationalist party in history. Those deeds are our legacy and are etched forever in the annals of our people. We shall go down into history either as the architects of our national rebirth ,and our deeds will bear testimony to our greatness or we shall be remembered as the last of the great British indigenous political resistance movements. We have done what no nationalist party before has ever done. Therefore it is our political and historical duty to lead our people and the cause of nationalism out of the wasteland that others have led us into either by design, accident, incompetence or spite and back into political power. Those that can lead, must lead. Part of the duty of leaders is to take the necessary hard decisions when hard choices are imposed upon us. That time is now long past. Unless we take power within the next twenty years then we cannot ever win a democratic election. Demographic changes alone will subjugate us.

Every day the window on our victory closes. With every new footfall that arrives upon our nations shores, our chance of victory diminishes and our future as a people darkens. This moment in time is our final chance. If we lose this struggle then we will within 30 years become a minority in our own homeland and subject forever to the Tyranny of the Minorities. The indigenous British people, whose ancestral line stretches unbroken back to the Neolithic, will become a minority in their own homeland. Future generations of our people will be unable to govern their own country, and we will be nothing more than just another part of a misceginated mass of peoples and cultures. We will be strangers in a strange land. That is why we must win this struggle, and why our enemies must all be regarded as traitors.

The BNP have spent the last 7 years building up and struggling to put in place the essential internal and external structures and mechanisms which are the basis of a successful nationalist party. At the same time we have had to struggle not just against the external far left and globalist enemy, but also against the internal legacy of incompetence, antipathy and corruption of the reactionary extremists within our own ranks. We have had to fight against the malcontents, the thugs, the infiltrators and the state sponsored extremists that have deliberately infiltrated and infested sections of the party. We have had to struggle against the lies and cabals that these infiltrators and extremists have built within the party at every step forward we have taken. Today we are still struggling from within against the forces of pseudo-nationalist reaction, who allied with the far left, divert our attention away from building a mass nationalist political movement that will one day drive us into power.

The most intelligent amongst us true nationalists realise that it would take literally decades to build up a new and functional political party or nationalist movement to replace the BNP and get us into power. They realise that it would take years and years to put in place the necessary internal and external social and political mechanisms required to enable that party to challenge the system for political power. By the time such a new political party had been built up and such a nationalist political movement had been re-created and prepared to drive us into power then it would be too late. We would be unable to vote such a party into power as we would have become an indigenous minority in our own country subject to the domination of a foreign majority. The window of opportunity for us to take back control of our via the democratic electoral process would have been lost forever. The clock is ticking faster and faster every day.

The birth of any new party capable of challenging the BNP would also be subject to the same problems as that faced by the BNP over the years, in that the same poisonous elements that attack the BNP today would sooner or later begin to attack the latest nationalist party, its leaders or its policies. They would join the new party and then start repeating the same pernicious activities they had once done in the BNP. They would poison the public against the party with their drift towards extremism and then the whole sad, pathetic process would begin again of building a new party to replace the one replacing the BNP. Therefore those who continue to cling to the delusion that they can destroy the BNP and replace it with something different are merely accelerating and ensuring the destruction of our nation. It is either the BNP that wins this struggle or we are going to lose it. Either we unite around the one party capable of saving our people, or we are going to fail our people. The BNP is now a quarter of a century old and we do not have another quarter of a century to waste if the BNP collapses and we need to build another party to replace it. The line has been finally drawn in the sand. Either we stand as one or we fall as one. The time has now come to excise those elements from amongst us who have revealed their true nature by allying themselves with our enemies and who actively attack the BNP and retard our political and social development. Those that stand with our enemies against us, are the enemy. This is just the beginning of the great work we must accomplish. We must prepare for power and be ready for any opportunities that may arise in the future.

We are poised upon the precipice of a convergence of catastrophes that will fundamentally change the nature of our nation and Western Civilisation itself. For a brief and beautiful moment in time it may even be that this historic moment of qualitative social change will give us the golden opportunity we need to take power. The people, once the conditioning process of the media stops and the lies and illusions of the present system are revealed in all their terrible truth, then they will seek a new path, a higher politics as opposed to the lower politics of the present system. In ‘ A review of La convergence des catastrophes ‘ by Guillaume Corvus, the reviewer Michael O'Meara writes ; "For the first time in its history," Corvus writes, "humanity is threatened by a convergence of catastrophes." This is his way of saying that the 18th-century myth of progress -- in dismissing every tradition and value distinct to Europe -- is about to be overtaken by more primordial truths, as it becomes irrefutably evident that continued economic development creates ecological havoc; that a world system premised on short-term speculation and financial manipulation is a recipe for disaster; that beliefs in equality, individualism, and universalism are fit only for a social jungle; that multiculturalism and Third World immigration vitiate rather than re-vitalize the European homelands; that the extension of so-called republican and democratic principles suppress rather than supplant the popular will, etc. In a word, Corvus argues that the West, led by the United States, is preparing its own irreversible demise.

Though Convergence des catastrophes takes its inspiration from the distant reaches of the European heritage, its actual theoretical formulation is of recent origin. With reference to the work of French mathematician René Thom, it first appeared in Guillaume Faye's L'archéofuturisme (Paris: L'aencre, 1998), arguably the most important work of the "new European nationalism." Indeed, those familiar his style and sentiments are likely to suspect that "Corvus" is Faye himself. Anticipating today's "chaos theory," Thom's "catastrophe theory" endeavored to map those situations in which gradually changing circumstances culminate in abrupt systemic failure. Among its non-scientific uses, the theory aimed at explaining why relatively smooth changes in stock markets often lead to sudden crashes, why minor disturbances among quiescent populations unexpectedly explode into major social upheavals, or why the Soviet Union, which seemed to be surpassing the United States in the 1970s, fell apart in the 1980s. Implicit in Thom's catastrophe theory is the assumption that all systems -- biological, mechanical, human -- are "fragile," with the potential for collapse. Thus, while a system might prove capable of enormous expansion and growth, even when sustaining internal crises for extended periods, it can, as Thom explains, suddenly unravel if it fails to adapt to changing circumstances, loses its equilibrium, or develops "negative feedback loops" that compound existing strains. For Corvus -- or Faye -- the liberal collapse, "the tipping point," looks as if it will occur sometime between 2010 and 2020, when the confluence of several gradually mounting internal failures culminate in something more apocalyptic. Though the actual details and date of the impending collapse are, of course, unpredictable, this, he argues, makes it no less certain. And though its effects will be terrible, resulting in perhaps billions of dead, the chaos and violence it promises will nevertheless prepare the way for a return to more enduring truths.

Though it is difficult to isolate the catastrophes threatening it (for they overlap with and feed off one another), he believes they will take the following forms:

1. The cancerization of the social fabric that comes when an aging European population is deprived of its virile, self-confident traditions; when drug use, permissiveness, and family decline become the norm; when a dysfunctional education system no longer transmits the European heritage; when the Culture Industry fosters mass cretinization; when the Third World consolidates its invasion of the European homelands; and, finally, when the enfeebling effects of these tendencies take their toll on all the other realms of European life.

2. The worsening social conditions accompanying these tendencies, he predicts, will be exacerbated by an economic crisis (or crises) born of massive indebtedness, speculation, non-regulation, corruption, interdependence, and financial malpractices whose global ramifications promise a "correction" more extreme than that of the 1930s.

3. These social and economic upheavals are likely to be compounded by ecological devastation and radical climatic shifts that accelerate deforestation and desiccation, disrupt food supplies, spread famine and disease, deplete natural resources (oil, along with land and water), and highlight the unsustainability of the world's present overpopulation.

4. The scarcity and disorders these man-made disasters bring will not only provoke violent conflicts, but cause the already discredited state to experience increased paralysis, thus enhancing the prospect of global chaos, especially as it takes the form of strife between a cosmopolitan North and an Islamic South. We are about to enter an age of historical opportunity and we must be prepared for the challenges ahead of us.

The enemy has been identified now they must be isolated and their poison minimised.