Wednesday 31 October 2007

UAF psychological analysis

What is always amusing to me is reading the comments of those that attack me and my blog. Foremost amongst these are the middle class simpering Mirandas and Quentins that post on the Lancaster UAF website and also the ramblings of the 'Hag' sharon ebanks, Britains premier half black nazi and deranged fantasist, who spends almost as much time on the UAF site as she does down in the West Indian community centre near her home where she listens to Bob Marley and eats goat curry with her extended family.

I often feel pity for Ebanks, along with contempt, as she is a monster spawned by Multi-Culturalism itself - a mixed up monster with no real sense of being and no centre other than the self hate that drives her.

I also feel sorry for the deluded saps that fell for her crap - those petty little people who allowed themselves to be flattered into treachery and stupidity.

Apparently my bad language on this blog makes me unsuitable for politics - perhaps I should be like Alastair Campbell and write pornography and that will make me a true Labour type of politician.

The post below was written about me by a female ( I think, though with the ugly hairy bitches that infest the UAF one can never be sure what sex they are ) who obviously is projecting onto me her own 'shadow' as Jung wrote.

Denise G obviously has some issues. The fact she spends time writing about me on her blog and attempting an analysis ( via psycho-babble cod psychology) is obviously due to her sublimating either her sexuality ( and her overwhelming sexual desire for me as she has seen pictures of my hauntingly handsome visage on the internet - Its ok Denise to lust after me - you cannot help it as you are female and biologically programmed to be sexually subservient to me ) or some attraction for Nationalism as an ideology.

It must be very difficult to be a liberal - having to hold beliefs you know are total bollocks at the same time as having to work in an environment where you are forced to kiss someones arse just because they are an ethnic and then having to watch as people less qualified than you get promotions and jobs you should get just because they are from an ethnic minority.

When they have to live like that it must be very hard for them to deal with - and therefore the sense of cowardice, their gutlessness, their hypocrisy and their self disgust manifests as hatred for those who tell them just what they are doing and how pathetic they are - which is of course us nationalists.

Like all sick people they confuse the person who makes the analysis of their problem AS THE PROBLEM.

Denise 'hates ' me for the following reasons ;

1) She is drawn like the moth to my flame and desires me but loathes herself for her sublimated desires. It must be difficult for her when her enemy is the one person she really wants to fuck. That is why she has this aggressive hatred for me. Just as the poet William Blake wrote in his poem London about how the 'hapless soldiers' sheathed sword leads to war and violence as he cannot have sex with the diseased harlot of the next stanza and directly linked sexual repression with violence - the violence of Denise is directed at me as her desire must never be revealed to herself. Therefore it has to be chanelled by the subconscious into the river bed of hate and vented at the target it Hates/Desires the most. Just as pornography is the shadow of art - hate is the shadow of sublimated desire.

I wandered through each chartered street,
Near where the chartered Thames does flow,
A mark in every face I meet,
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear:

How the chimney-sweeper's cry
Every blackening church appals,
And the hapless soldier's sigh
Runs in blood down palace-walls.

But most, through midnight streets I hear
How the youthful harlot's curse
Blasts the new-born infant's tear,
And blights with plagues the marriage-hearse.

2) She hates nationalists as nationalists are 'real people' as opposed to 'plastic people' like herself , who are those who live fake lives and live in perpetual self disgust for their cowardice. This is best described by Octave Mirabeau ;

" You're obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation. It is that permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires and all the dead formalities and vain pretenses of your civilization which makes you sad, troubled and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality, because at every moment they suppress and restrain and check the free play of your powers. That's the poisoned and mortal wound of the civilized world."

That life is the curse of the Liberal - a lifetime of gutless surrender to lies.

As for the facts - here we go again;

1) I graduated from Kent University in 1999 with an Honours Degree in law. Only a 2/2 though, due to me missing almost all the lectures due to prolonged illness.

I was a member of the Kent Law Clinic when we won The Times award for law work in 1998.

"In 1998, the Clinic was the joint winner of the Times/Justice Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Civil Justice. Competition for the award included Queens Counsel, major solicitors firms and civil liberties organizations. The then Masters of the Rolls, Lord Woolf, was a member of the Awarding Committee. Employers are particularly impressed by the skills developed in clinical work and the ability of our students to obtain training contracts and pupillages has been considerably enhanced."

My old lecturer John Fitzpatrick ( now an OBE - what the hell !!!! an ex-Marxist revolutionary with an OBE from the British Empire whose flag he used to call 'The Butchers Apron ')who is one of the organisers of Marxism Today conferences at Kent University used to be my main tutor and Human Rights Law lecturer. Nice bloke though, regardless of his infantile politics. I blame the 1968 poseurs for poisoning his mind when he was at university in the 60's.

Now heres what Denise wrote - my comments in brackets next to the thesis ;

Lee Barnes is the proprietor of an overweening ego, his narcissism perfected to such an extraordinary degree that we wonder how it comes to be that he does not make himself pregnant. ( confusing Parthogenesis with psychology is silly. My ego and narcissism exist of course so asserting it is facile as regards factuality. The fact Denise attacks me for having an overweening ego is interesting as it suggests she has had some deep introspective moments reflecting on me. Lets hope she doesnt become one of those mad bunny boiling bitches I used to attract when younger and prettier. )

His ego and his narcissism being so extravagant, and the compulsive necessity to sate them occupying and otherwise exercising so many more brain cells than the normal, non-pathological human being feels inclined to alot to the task, his intelligence has been neglected in inverse proportion, to the point that it is barely detectable. ( Interesting theory , though complete psychological bullshit. Not only tautological but logically incoherent. Ego is unrelated to intelligence. If she is saying I am an supreme egotist/narcissist/ fantasist/ to the extent that my intelligence is spent on asserting my intelligence over other people for egotistical reasons, then that means I have to have intelligence. Back to class denise )

It is an integral and highly noticeable facet in the psychology of failures that they must compensate for what is to them an inexplicable lack of achievement by the invention and maintenance of a facade of success. ( a failure. Interesting statement. That tends toward an almost fascistic definition by Denise of what is a sucess - herself presumably. That is an prime example of narcissim and rampant egotism. How does Denise decide who is a failure, and what failure is ? If she does define failure/success then doesnt that mean she is inflicting her own pathology onto others, and that she is in fact the classic sublimated 'Anti-Fascist Fascist 'who sees in the 'other' what she hates most in herself ? )

Unfortunately, any person not afflicted by the dullest of wits at once finds his or her eyes piercing through the transparency of the facade, to observe the snivelling ugliness beyond.( Yet again we have a classic 'projection' here. Denise, with her almost mystical powers to 'see beyond' the mundane is capable of pentrating into the essence of the object and assessing its worth. Classic fascist projectionism - the 'other' is ugly as the 'other' is the sublimated self and therefore the 'other' must be destroyed.)

This being the case, the talentless egotist is driven to find an audience unquestioningly appreciative of his sorely limited talents, one that will pay him out in the adulation he believes to be his due. ( If Denise thinks the BNP is an 'unquestioning audience' then she has never been to a BNP meeting and met the many many different types of people present. The BNP doesnt do 'adulation' it does debate and disagreement as the dialctic of its growth )

Thus such creatures naturally gravitate towards the claustrophobic world of the religious cult and the conspiracy-obsessed extremist political party, the natural constituency of which is the psychologically damaged and the intellectually restricted - the steady prey down the ages of con-artists sporting a wafer-thin patina of wholly bogus intelligence.

( Blimey anyone who goes to church, worships God instead of Marx is a nut eh Denise. Nice fascist projection again. As for ' conspiracy obsessed political parties' - wasnt it the Communists who said as Marx stated that Capitalism was a conspiracy to crush the workers and keep them in penury. It appears you are a conspiracy nut if you believe something that Denise thinks is wrong - another fascist prjection )

The ego and accompanying narcissim is massaged in these tiny worlds by those the sufferer considers to be his inferior, but it is never more than a temporary salve, for the sufferer cannot get himself to believe that he is any less than he thinks he is, and swells with resentment that outside his insular circle he is regarded as little more than an untalented whelp, worthy of nought but the deepest contempt.

( Interesting concept that I seek the adulation of the idiots that attack me. That would be a bit like a human being wanting the adulation and applause of monkeys. The contempt and hatred of my enemies is the source of my validation, not resentment. If my enemies LIKED me and agreed with me then I would know I was wrong. I know I am saying something worthwhile if the UAF fuckwits, The Hag, the Neo-Nazi dickheads who support Islam, and the AFA type muppets all attack me. )

Thus it is that the sufferer is impelled to take the argument in favour of his own perceived greatness to those who remain implacably unimpressed. He cannot help himself, for the twin curses of his ego and his narcissim tell him that he is by far the most clever fellow he knowns, and as such easily capable of getting one over on the lesser minds which have - unfathomably - neglected to fawn before the majesty of his cod-intellect.

( Fuck me - where did that come idea from Denise . I have never posted on the UAF blog or any lefty site. Thats a bit like arguing with maggots. Theres no point in arguing with them as they are idiots. The idea that I want the support or respect of the scum that I despise is hilarious. I dont want their respect, I just want to be in a position where I can help us clean out the Aegean stables with an iron broom. )

On the internet he feels this to be a simple affair. He will go about dressed with another identity (or indeed, identities), lauding himself in the third person in so extravagant a manner that it is readily obvious that it is the words of the narcissist we are reading, and not those of some distressed acolyte. His self-justifying arrogance will never allow him to acknowledge that his tactic if of the tried and failed variety, and he will attempt it again and again - his intellectual limitiations oblige him to.

( Blimey - It appears that I have become 'Legion', a dark daemon haunting the internet and appearing like some dark conjured spirit in hidden places with false faces and names to decieve the innocent lambs of the world wide web. It sounds to me like Denise might have some sort of psychosis developing )

And so I give you Lee John Barnes and his contribution to this debate - but I might well be addressing myself to Patrick Harrington or any number of others who, for having taken their own supporters for fools, beleive they can work the same trick on the world at large.

( Is that it - its crap denise sorry )

Sorry Denise, you aint ever gonna fuck me so just get over it baby ok.


Anonymous said...

Her name is Denise Garside, Lee and she's a dyke from Great Yarmouth. She writes for Lancaster but has her own website and shes pals with all the usual AFA weirdos.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Lee that Denise G (Garside) is aself-confessed lesbian (She detailed it all, warts and all, on Wankaster UAF a while back).

So, the question is... are you now intending to go loco with a lesbian (pervy olr what), or has this fact now complicated your psychoanalysis of Denise G?

Please tell us... I tyhink we should be told.

Defender of Liberty said...

I think Denise has chosen to be a lesbian, but her real sexuality is emerging via her hatred of me.

Her desire for me is in conflict with her 'political sexuality' which has been chosen by her as an accessory for her leftist lifestyle.

Like all leftists Denise has projected her own delusions and fantasies onto those of minorities and raised them to a status above that of mere normal ( white, Heterosexual) people. If leftists cannot be the minorities they fetishise - they then try and consciously become a minority, such as marrying one or in Denises case becoming a lesbian.

As her sexuality is imposed upon herself rather than being a natural expression of her inner sexual being - then Denise is afflicted with a natural heterosexual desire for me that she cannot accept or express and therefore that turns to hate.

The more she desires /hates me the more she hates/desires me.

Poor denise, to be trapped between the scylla of her desire for me and the charybdis of her hate.

Anonymous said...

You may well be right Lee. The only organisation with the potential to stop the Islamification of Britain at the present time is the BNP. Why would a real lesbian spend all her time trying to destroy the BNP. It's like the proverbial turkey praying for Christmas.