Thursday 18 October 2007

Pig in A Wig and Junkie Shit

Pete Doherty - Junkie scumbag piece of shit worshipped by scumbag UAF fuckwits and NME wankers.

Kate Moss before her makeup goes on in the morning in her true 'Pig In A Wig 'guise.

More on the 'Blanco' Murder case here where Doherty and his pals threw a drunk guy off a building ;

The dirty junkie scumbags with Doherty even stole Blancos Tag Heuer watch and gold cufflinks from his dead body.

Doherty stepped over the body before he went to another party and smashed the place.

Doherty and his mates are complete wankers.

And yet the UAF shit regard him a role model for kids.

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