Friday 12 October 2007

The Enemy Within part 2

Constructive criticism is the basis of evolutionary political progress, but baseless attacks on the BNP out of spite, stupidity or bad blood are acts of pure treason. There are mechanisms within the party for disgruntled members to raise issues within the party - one can ring the Chairman and speak direct to him, write an official letter to the Chairman, write to members of the AC, write to the party officers dealing with the issue, raise a formal disciplinary appeal, write to the party publications and complain and ultimately one can resign from the party is one is unhappy with a situation. The recent leadership challenge was a manifestation of how members can use internal party mechanisms to challenge the leadership of the party and the direction it is taking. The fact that 91 % of the party were happy for the party to continue as it has been is evidence of the support within the party for the present leadership.

What was unforgivable is that some of the people who supported the leadership challenge were actively working to damage the party during the leadership campaign. We know that a few BNP members, some of them senior members, were providing Sharon Ebanks, Martin Webster and Peter Rushton with confidential information to be used to try and influence the result of the election. We know that a few people supporting the challenge were spreading lies on Stormfront and also passing false news stories to the media. We know who you are and what you did.

The pathetic story in The Guardian newspaper where I was described as the BNP ‘second in command’ was a story given to the Guardian by one of these people and its timing was designed to try and influence the result of the leadership election. The fact that the Guardian printed a story that was given to them directly by extremists supporters of the challenge who wanted the party to become a stereotypical Neo-Nazi front group, and the story was actually printed by the Guardian in order to try and damage the present leadership who are positioning the party for real political power, reveals just how the media wants the BNP to become an extremist fringe group that will either implode in due course or will become so extreme as to become a political irrelevance again. The media are so desperate to undermine the support of the BNP that they are actually supporting the efforts of Neo-Nazis extremists to undermine the party. The media, and the extremists , have realised that the only way the BNP can be stopped is if it implodes from within. This is why the media have worked with the extremists to try and undermine the present leadership. They have given the extremists space in their newspapers in order to peddle their bullshit as they realise that by doing so they are actively assisting in the destruction of the only nationalist party that can save our country.

We only have to look at the way the NPD was nearly banned by the German Constitutional Court to see how the extremists are run by the state. The extremists in the NPD printed literature, and demanded policies, that led to the party being taken to court and facing being banned. It was only when the prosecuting authorities were forced to reveal that the members of the NPD who had printed all the extreme literature, and who had demanded the extremist policies, were all working for the government as state agents that the case collapsed.

In any nationalist organisation those who are the extremists are either ;

1) Working for the State as paid agents to cause trouble

2) Infiltrators working for the opposition groups such as Searchlight.

The fact is that many of the so called ‘dissidents’ within the party that have raised their bogus ‘grievances’ in public have never sought to raise the issue in private. Most of the grievances they claim they have are completely bogus. They peddle myths to the public and pretend they are true.

One of the most well known pieces of bullshit they like to peddle on the internet is that Nick Griffin, Martin Wingfield, various shadowy figures and myself all plotted to let blacks in the party. The fact that not one of the non-entities making this allegation have ever been involved in any confidential top level tactical and strategic discussions regarding any aspect of party policy does not seem to stop them talking bullshit. The idiots that peddle this bullshit on sites like Stormfront are nobodies who know nothing. They are just non-entities who like to tell lies to make them somehow appear significant. The fact is that any legal discussions with the Chairman and party strategists are confidential and not one of the bullshitters has ever been privy to any of these legal discussions and nor have any accurate details of these meetings ever been released. This is because as a legal adviser to the party and chairman I have a duty of confidentiality that I will not break. Unfortunately this also means that I cannot defend myself by setting the record straight when some maggot throws the accusation at me. This is because I understand the meaning of duty, discipline and loyalty to the party unlike the whining maggots that constantly attack me on the internet. As I cannot reveal confidential details of any legal discussions regarding party strategy I cannot comment on what we actually did discuss as a tactical and strategic response to the threat. But in a hypothetical situation analogous to that faced by a party that had received formal notice from the CRE that it was intending to take a party to court I would have advised that they fight the case all the way through the UK civil courts and all the way to the ECJ and ECHR using a combination of arguments linking the Human Rights Act, the ECHR, ECHR case law, various fundamental rights under the EU founding treaty, the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and various conventions concerning the rights of indigenous peoples. I would have also recommended that they turn the attack on the party into a massive civil rights campaign about the rights of the indigenous people of Britain to organise into political parties to represent their interests and campaign for their ethnic, cultural and national rights. I would have suggested that along with the legal struggle that they begin a campaign of peaceful direct action protests to demand our rights. The cultural struggle is another aspect of the political struggle that could have been deployed in very significant ways. Therefore those nobodies who know nothing about what goes on in the decision making sectors of the party are talking pure bullshit when they pretend they know anything about what goes on as per tactical and strategic decisions within the party. The muppets who listen to them are even bigger mugs than they are. Who is the bigger idiot - the idiot or the idiot that believes what the idiot writes on Stormfront.

Many of these people who peddle this bullshit on the internet have been working directly with proscribed individuals who were expelled from the party and they have been passing them information to assist them in their attacks on the party. This is directly aiding the enemies of the party. They have never attempted to raise any issues in a manner that could be resolved firstly privately, and if that fails then formally, instead they have just began trying to pollute and damage the party itself. This is because most of them have an agenda which is purely based on some personal grudge against either the leadership or because the present leadership have rejected their obsolete ideas and ideological fixations. Instead of trying to solve problems they have instead been spreading lies, inciting dissent, passing stories to the media and targeting officials of the party for abuse and falsehoods.

These people are filth of the lowest order, vile trolls existing in an subterranean realm of ordure and lies. Many of the people that post lies about the party on sites such as Stormfront are either Far Left activists or are the pathetic grudge holding excreta of the old nationalist movement. Their agenda is simply to try and wreck the BNP. They have been pouring their bile and bullshit onto every internet forum they can, find including ones even run by the far left and known Searchlight grasses, not because they care about the party but because they want to destroy it. The fact that some members of the BNP are still so moronic as to believe what is posted up on Stormfront amazes me. The fact they also believe what is written on the Lancaster UAF site is simply astonishing. The fact they post on there is unforgivable. The time when we could, or would, tolerate such actions is over. Those that persist in assisting the enemy will now be regarded as the enemy. Those that talk to Searchlight are working for Searchlight.

The forces of the failed far left and pseudo-nationalism that attack the BNP have always been the dupes of the system. Working synergistically together they ensure that any nationalist political party that arises to challenge the system is destroyed or undermined before it becomes a threat to those in power. The far left, with the blessing of the media, the corporations and the government, use direct physical violence to prevent us organising in society whilst the extremist uniform fetishists infiltrate, subvert and discredit nationalist parties by allowing the media to equate nationalism with Nazism in order to undermine our potential support with the public.