Thursday 18 October 2007

Hey teachers - Leave them Kids Alone

There is nothing sadder than a lefty wanker teacher who tries to tell 'the kids' in their classes ' Hey dudes, you gotta be like cool, and like fight the racism of Da Man, you know yeah'.

These teachers are usually bald, wear fair trade clothes made from the fur of lesbian cats from Guam, wear shoes made from recycled antelope testicles and have goatee beards but shave their legs and chests. They also usually wear little round NHS glasses as they think it makes them look cool, were regarded as sexually ambivalent at school and have a penchant for wearing nappies in private. In other words, they are FREAKS.

It is a sad fact that 'political' lefty teachers are the lowest and most pathetic lifeform on the planet. Suffering (like kittens) from retarded adulthood and a prolonged adolescence, they go from school, to college then to university and somehow manage to bypass REALITY in the process. The words ' Get A Real Job ' were designed in order to apply to them.

A teacher that lectures the 'yoof' about politics is a bit like a journalist based behind a desk in the UK lecturing British soldiers on how to do their jobs in Iraq. Teachers KNOW NOTHING about the real world. They exist in tiny incestuous cells in their own schools where the most left wing wanker usually rules supreme and where the female teachers fancy the female games teachers and despise the male games teachers for being 'rough' and where the male teachers fancy the male games teachers as they are 'rough'.

These lefty asshole teachers are the ones the BBC likes to focus in on whenever they do a news report about schools. They find some ugly geeza bird with hairy legs called Miranda who then bangs on about how 'enriching' it is for the White kids to be a minority in a class of Eastern Europeans and how they are being 'rewarded' by not having to learn English in school but some local dialect of Kazakihstanbani instead.

Unfortuntely I know lots of teachers. Most of the PE and sports teachers are usually sound, they like beer and rugby and 'birds with big knockers', but stand in a room with a sociology teacher, or a modern history teacher or a modern english teacher and within moments these sub-set of the teachers species are usually revealed to be complete tossers.

Today sees the release of the 'Love Music, Get Earplugs' CD that is being distributed in schools and colleges by the loonies of the NUT and the NME.

The NME is 'The Wankers Bible'. If you read it , you are a wanker.

It is a magazine staffed and run by coke sniffing, drug promoting, degenerates who glorify talenteless fuckwits, puerile hedonism and who want to create a generation of young people as sick and degenerate as they are. The NME worships the cult of the drug addled junkie loser. This is why they love the loser Pete Doherty, a man whose 'talent' is based more on how much smack he can shoot up than on the number of great tunes he can write. Like the shit flies they are, the NME journalists promote pete doherty as in so doing they are promoting role models for kids that allows them to carry on pretending they and their degeneracy are acceptable.

The fact Pete Doherty went out with the 'Pig In a Wig ' Kate Moss is proof he is a twat. The stick thin, coke snorting, ugly slut looks like the bird who used to work in the local Tesco's until she got pissed at the works Christmas party and about seven blokes hung out the back of her whilst doing thumbs up for the CCTV cameras in the warehouse. How anyone can think Kate Moss is attractive I dont know.

She looks like a pug dog with no tits. They made a great couple, the lisping junkie and the pig model.

I wouldnt touch Kate Moss if she paid me. If she ever did seek to procure sex with me for payment, then I would say ' kate NO - save the money you are trying to buy my body with and get yourself down to a world class facial reconstruction surgeon to sort out your dog ugly boat race and at the same time buy yourself a set of sizeable new knockers - and have an AIDs test whilst you are at , you junkie humping slut '.

On the CD are well known artists with such talent as Awful Drivel - sorry, I mean Lethal Bizzle - the Dirty Pretty Things ( the worlds greatest overhyped band who were completely manufactures by the NME and are without doubt bereft of single talent )and others such as Hard-Fi. Hard-Fi are like a rip off of Oasis but without any tunes or talent.

As for the others I havent heard of them , this is because I listen to music not the crap pimped out by the muppets that run the record companies or the NME. For the fifth rate groups on the CD the Love Music, Buy Earplugs CD is nothing more than a way or promoting themselves and their songs.

Just as the old crap bands all line up to do Live Aid, Diana Concert, Earth Aid, Free the Plankton, Heal the Unhappy Sea Lions etc etc so they can promote their old crap songs to the public for nothing, and get a few new bob in the process, then this CD is just nothing more than craven self promotion.

It is interesting that not one decent band is on the CD, instead they are all talentless muppets who are struggling to stay within their 15 seconds of fame.

If people want to listen to some good new music I recommend Stephen Fretwhell, Sea Sick Steve, Damian Rice, Duke Special, Iron and Wine, the latest Nine Inch Nails album 'Year Zero', Wolfmother, Hellyeah, Grizzly bear, Sigur Ros or The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.

FOR GODS SAKE DONT LISTEN TO THIS SHIT NME/ NUT CD - its not music, its the sound of a country and a culture being flushed down the toilet.


One day a teacher wil realise that the kids dont actually like them. That every schoolkid regards their teachers as embarrasing scumbags and that kids are only nice to them if they think it will get them a higher grade.

The decent teachers that the kids like are the ones that also hate all the trendy left wing wanker teachers.

The teachers that the kids like are the ones that take the piss out of the rest of the left asshole teachers.

The teachers they like are the ones that hate all the other teachers, that come to school and make sarcstic comments about the school and the curriculum, that allow the kids to express themselves instead of trying to indoctrinate them with their politically correct left wing bullshit.

A lefty teacher trying to get 'the kids' to like what they like has about as much chance of success as an Iraqi suicide bomber armed only with a sparkler trying to blow up an American tank.

The reason why kids are involved in so much truanting these days is precisely because schools are infested with lefty wankers. If schools had more rough tough sport, more days out camping, hiking, hunting, shooting, karate and boxing, lessons on British History, visits to museums that are about British culture ( instead of forcing them to visit museums celebrating the ending of slavery in Ghana) then the kids would stay in school.

School is now boring as it is run by boring left wing assholes and is about INDOCTRINATION NOT EDUCATION.

Instead the lefty teachers have banned any forms of competitive sports and now even regard spelling tests as part of the appliication process for membership of the Hitler Youth.

The Love Music, Get Earplugs CD is the sort of initiative to combat racism that is guaranteed to increase racism. The kids will listen to it and think 'Jesus, if this the type of music I will be forced to listen to if the anti-racists run the country, then fuck that, I am gonna get a skinhead, break out the Black Flag, Squadron, Celtic Warrior and Bully Boys albums and get a Skrewdriver T-Shirt'.

This CD should even be prosecuted by the Police as an incitement to racism, as it is guaranteed to create a new generation of racists.

If the teachers in the NUT and the wankers in the NME think this CD is going to end racism they are delusional.

If I was 14 again, sullen and spotty, with a hatred for anyone over twenty five then I would be tempted by this CD to become a racist just to piss off the teachers and the school.

It is in the nature of teenage rebellion that they must rebel against their teachers, parents, schools and the prevailing social orthodoxy.

When the lisping Miranda's and Quentins in the schools give out these CDs then it will create a new generation of rebels with a new focus for their rebellion.

Fighting White Racism ( not Black,Asian or Islamist Racism) is the new social orthodoxy. If white kids want to piss off their parents and teachers then the easiest way to do it is start to adopt the language and pose of racism.

Teenage rebellion is about asserting ones individuality against society, teachers, parents and the plastic pop stars pimped out by the tossers in the NME.

Kids dont want to be like their teachers, they hate their teachers. The music that the teachers tell the kids to like is guaranteed to induce in them a migraine.

The kids know when they are being manipulated, and they respond by hating those that do the manipulating.

The fact that the complete tossers on sites like Lancester UAF think that this CD will end racism shows how delusional they are.

The fact the left are using disgusting , junkie, cat torturing degenerates like Pete Doherty to promote their anti-racist hypocritical bullshit is unforgivable.

The left would rather our kids would be crack addicted, smack injecting, junkie filth instead of them being proud of themselves, their country and their people.

The leftist teachers in our schools, with the support of the NUT, are trying to indoctrinate our children with their socialist filth.

This CD is crime not just against music, but against all children.


Anonymous said...

Inspirational words.
My hatred for these leftist verminous scum is on a par with yours Lee.
Keep writing and putting a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

RE - Teachers. I'd love to see your lazy ass, racist, shit for brains self do my job for 2 weeks. You couldn't fucking hack 2 hours. Moderate this dick face

Anonymous said...

A few links to the lefty hero.

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Doherty squirting blood from a syringe video

The creature Doherty and the fan he injected

A selection of articles from the Sun on Doherty

Some Doherty Images that might prove usefull from google images

Few more links:

Pete Doherty Bio

The scum should go to the rope!

Defender of Liberty said...

Dear Anonymouse,

Those that can, Do - those that cant teach.

Thats not to say all teachers are useless, some are actually great at their jobs. Its just that the assholes in the teaching profession outnumber them a hundred to one. Most teachers are idiot savants, all theory and no experience of life.

As for not being able to hack 2 hours. You are probably right - with the mouthy, aggresive, under disciplined, violent abusive kids we see at schools these days who have been allowed to develop like that because lefty cunts like yourself have regarded discipline as 'fascist' then I wouldnt even bother going to school. Most of the thick ones leave school unable to read, end up in prison or pregnant or junkies. The intelligent ones usually end up bullied, self harmers and under achievers as a result of the shit teachers and scum kids around them.

I once found a 12 year old kid in the changing rooms of the swimming pool where I worked drinking 4 cans of lager and rolling a joint when he was supposed to be getting ready for his swimming lessons.

When I took the beer and drugs off of him he threatened to report me to the police for stealing, get his family down to kill me and then he spat at me and threw a punch at me.

After I gave the little bastard a slap and pinned him by the throat to the wall he realised that he couldnt get away with that shit with me as I wasnt one of the lefty scumbags teachers he was used to. He apologised and walked off.

I see him now and again and we have a good laugh about it.

A lefty teacher would have probably wiped the spit from his shirt, then cried when the kid punched him then sat in the changing room smoking the joint with him whilst giving him a lecture on how to drink responsibly.

Left teachers are wankers.

Now fuck off and get a real job.