Friday 19 October 2007

BBC Funds Terrorism and Tories Apologists for Terrorism

Two great stories in the Telegraph today. The first is entitled ‘ BBC Film Paid for Terror Suspects’ and concerns the BBC documentary ’Don’t Panic I’m Islamic’ which was an attempt by the BBC to brainwash’ the British public into believing that the problem of Islamist terrorists in the UK was just hype by the media.

The BBC paid Mohammed Hamid, who also called himself Osama Bin London, to take part in a days paintballing where he and his Islamist terrorist chums wore masks, shot at cardboard cut outs of people and practised war games whilst the Mirandas and Quentins on the BBC production team went around filming them.

Along with Mousa Brown and Mohammed al-Figari, and 13 others, the BBC paid for them with license fee payers money to have a nice day out before they began blowing up London.

In a few weeks time the BBC will also be airing ‘ Don’t Scram, I’m in the Klan’ where they take a party of Ku Klux Klan members from America to Hyde Park in London and get B&Q to deliver a wooden cross a 100 foot high and light it for the benefit of the people walking in the park. This will be shown on the BBC whilst the clan members tell us why they are misunderstood and that they must be tolerated and that their extremism is a result of the oppression of the racist American government run by Israel and because of racist Jews who run the world. I am of course, being facetious as all white extremists are de-humanised, sub-human scum who must never be treated as in any way as being human. Unlike Islamic terrorists of course, these in the eyes of the BBC deserve to be understood, empathised with and awarded with license payers cash.

In the eyes of the BBC the Islamists must be allowed to blame the Jews in America, the Jews in Israel and the Jews in the British media for their terrorism. The BBC also blames the US for Al-Qaeda attacking the Twin Towers on 911, that Mossad may have been in charge of the planes that hit the buildings and that Palestinian suicide bombers must be empathised with and not condemned and that the Muslims of the world are the victims of violence ( by Israel and the US ) and not the aggressors.

Its funny as the Islamists filmed by the BBC, and the BBC itself, sound almost identical to the Muslims in the Conservative Muslim Forum.

Hamid was the person who recruited the 21/7 bombers who just a week later would try and blow up a series of tube trains and buses in London. Four days before the bombing attempts Hamid brought along two of the 21/7 bombers for another day of Jihadist Paintballing, Mohammed and Hussain Osman.

So the BBC in its fervent desire to act as an apologist for the Islamists terrorists threatening the UK decided to ;

1) Commission a BBC documentary that tried to ensure that anyone who was speaking out about Islamist terrorism in the UK was depicted as an ’Islamaphobe’

2) Commission a documentary that gave a false view of the nature of the Islamists in our midst and that tried to brainwash the public into believing the BBC bullshit that WE, and not the Islamists, were the problem.

3) Pay the bombers license fee money which probably went into the coffers of other Islamist terrorists threatening the UK. Yet again good old ’Auntie Beeb’ has cocked up. During the Cold War the BBC employed just about every Communist spy in the country at one time or the other.

Now during the war against Islamist terrorism it employs the apologists for Islamist terrorism, the supporters of Islamist terrorism and the actual perpetrators of Islamist terrorism. There are those who say the BBC is an ’institution’ and that we should treasure it. I say that is complete bollocks.

The BBC is one of the most pernicious mechanisms of social and political brainwashing ever invented. Look at the amount of crap they put on the BBC about ’Climate Change’ and how they promote every spring that melts the ice in Antartica as evidence of global warming. The BBC is a pernicious and poisonous organisation. On one hand whilst it preaches to everyone about its latest moral crusade, it is busy defrauding the people gullible enough to ring its phone quiz shows and donate money to shows like Blue Peter.

The endless ongoing series of scandals about the BBC and its greedy parasitic controllers and staff reveals just how corrupt this ’venerable’ institution is. The fact that anyone still thinks the BBC has any integrity at all, as per its reporting and its propaganda, is merely evidence of just how brainwashed the British public are.

Who is the bigger idiot - the BBC, or the mugs and saps that still believe what the BBC tell them and who still carry on throwing their money at its scams.

Tory Muslims Group Think Iran should be able to have nuclear bombs.

The next article in the Telegraph of interest is ‘ Muslim Tories ; Iran has a Right’ where a Muslim body set up by David Cameron to advise the Tory Party on Muslim issues has criticised Britain as being too close to Israel ( usually this phrase is used an a euphemism for being under the control ‘of the Jews’ ) and that Israels treatment of the Palestinians is the cause of Islamic terrorism around the world ( an Al Qaeda propagandist position ) and have also said that Iran has a legitimate reason for wanting to acquire nuclear weapons in order to defend itself from a nuclear armed Israel ( also an Islamist propaganda position ).

Though Israel has never threatened to wipe Iran off of the map with its Nuclear bombs, the fact that Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map when it gets a nuclear bomb is irrelevant to these Muslims in the Tory Party Muslim group.

The Muslim group is run and funded by Lord Sheikh a Tory Party donor and a Tory peer, rewarded with a peerage after being a party donor in 2005. He was recently named as one of the 100 most influential people on the political right in the UK.

In his speech to the Northampton Muslim Council on the 19th November 2006 , Lord Sheikh wrote “The Muslim community is diverse and Muslims have come here from different parts of the world. Despite this we should all have the concept of Umah and the Brotherhood of Islam “.

The word Ummah is an Arabic word that comes from Ummah Wahida in the Koran and it means One Community or One Nation and indicates that Muslims belong to the Nation of Islam and not just the British nation state.

The word Umah is either used to indicate the Pan-Arabic Nationalism version of the Ummah, a coalition of Islamic nation states or the global version of the Islamic community where nations are replaced with the Global Caliphate. In the Islamist version of the global Ummah then Sharia law would be the basis of the law and all non-Muslims kept under Dhimmitude status.

By explicitly linking the various Islamic faith sub-sets, Islamic nations around the world and Muslims from various nations who are present in Britain into the singularity of the Brotherhood of Islam and unity under the Ummah, then Lord Sheikh is creating the foundation for a situation of Dhimmitude for non-Muslims.

As a lawyer he knew what he was talking about when he gave the speech. Lord Sheikh then goes on to explicitly reject extremism and violence, but the fact is that the concept of the Umah as a trans-national global caliphate is the central dynamic of Jihad in the world today.

It is also the basis of the demand for Sharia law to be imposed by various Islamist extremist groups in the UK. By using a term, and defining that term in the way he did, it implies that for Lord Sheikh that Muslims in the UK form a single community and that everyone else is outside that community. That regardless of whether the Muslim is Sunni, Shi-ite or Sufi or any of the smaller sub-sets, they form one community and all non-Muslims are outside that community.

One cannot just talk about the Umah and not clarify ones definition of it. In relation to the use of the word Umah by Lord Sheikh in the speech, the reference cannot refer too ;

1) the Pan-Arabic Nationalist version of the Umah

2) the union of various Islamist states into an Umah of Islamic nations Therefore it can only refer too;

3) the Umah of the global caliphate which is based on Sharia Law

4) the Umah of all UK Muslims forming a separate community within the British nation

Option 1 is obviously not what he was referring too, option 2 is also not what he was referring too, option 3 is still open as an option or finally option 4. Option 4 is the basis of the beginning of a dynamic leading to separatism leading to eventual Sharia law within the UK.

If Muslims form a separate community within the UK based solely on them being Muslims, and thereby existing as a unified community regardless of their racial, ethnic, sectarian and national backgrounds, then this means Lord Sheikh is saying that Muslims exist in a form of social separation from the rest of the British people. That Muslims form a single community, and all other peoples, religions and groups either form a single community of being non-Muslims or they form their own community groups and that there is no such thing as British society, just a series of separate communities existing in the geographic region of Britain. This is the basic assertion of all those groups who demand the imposition of Sharia law in the UK for muslims.

He advocates Muslims join political parties to promote Islam, he advocates that Muslims get into Parliament to represent Islam and he advocated Muslims working together. The fact that a Muslim group exists within the Tory Party suggests that the interests of Muslims as group exist, and that as this group exists there are times when the interests of the group will conflict with the interests of the wider community.

Advocating that Iran be has an moral justification for being allowed to acquire nuclear weapons is an example when the interests of the Muslim Tory group conflict with the interests of the wider British community. It may be in the interest of Muslims as part of the Umah to have Iran armed with nuclear weapons, but in relation to the strategic and geo-political interests of the UK it is not in the interests of the UK to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

That strategic National Interest test should apply equally to both British Muslims and British Non-Muslims. If we are all part of one National Community as British citizens, then British Muslims should be putting the interests of Great Britain before that of the Umah. By saying that Muslim interests are not linked to British national security interests then they have placed the interests of themselves and their members outside the British state itself. They have placed their own interests as part of the Umah before that of the interests of the British Nation itself.

The fact that Muslims within the Tory Party are now explicitly calling for Iran to be allowed to have nuclear weapons is proof that the interests of the Umah, and the Muslims in the Muslim Tory Group, are not in accord with the interests of Great Britain. The fact that the Muslim group in the Tory Party are putting the interests of the Umah before the National Security interests of the UK is an alarming development.

If the Tory Party has allowed a Muslim group to develop within its own ranks that cannot separate the national security interests of the UK from the global interests of the Umah and Iran, then that is a disturbing development.

As Political Correctness infects the Tory Party then if the Tories ever stumbled into power then this would mean that they would be open to the charge of racism in their own ranks if they refused to bow down to the demands of the Muslim lobbyists in their own ranks.

Though Iran has said all along that it does not seek to acquire Nuclear Weapons, the fact is that if the Tories were in power then they would be under pressure from the Islamists in their ranks to allow Iran to develop them. The fact that the Muslim Tory group says that Iran is building nuclear weapons contradicts Iran saying its just wants nuclear power facilities.

Its good to know the Tories would allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. The fact is that if Iran wasn’t after nuclear weapons why did Iran pay A.Q. Khan 8 million dollars for the blueprints and equipment to build an nuclear bomb ?

The fact is that Iran wants a nuclear bomb and will use it on Israel.

Therefore any Muslim group, whether inside the Tory Party or outside it, that supports Irans right to acquire nuclear weapons or that sympathises with Irans development of nuclear weapons places itself in contradiction to the interests of the British state. It is not in the interest of the British state that millions of refugees have to flee Israel into Britain and Europe. It is not in the interest of the British nation that another Islamic nation develops and owns nuclear weapons. It is not in the interest of the British people that nuclear technology and materials may be passed to other Islamic terrorists. It is not in the interest of the British nation that under the aegis of nuclear weapons an army of united Arab nations launch a conventional war on Israel that they cannot defeat. It is not in the interests of the Uk that Iran is able to control the last of the worlds oil supplies via its control of Iraq via a proxy government of Shi-Ite militias and hold the West hostage via assymetric warfare. It is not in the interests of the West that Iran invades Saudi Arabia via a Shi-ite dominated Iraq and invades Kuwait and takes control of the Kuwait and Saudi oil wells and uses the threat to drop nuclear bombs on US troops to prevent the US retaliating. It is not in the interests of the West to have Iranian terrorists explode a nuclear bomb smuggled into Britain via a container port. Iran would not ever attack the US as the Americans would respond in kind, if the Iranians ever exploded a nuclear bomb in the UK they know that the British government would never retailiate as they are too weak to do so. Thats why we are the target for Iran and not the Americans. The Americans stil have big bollocks, whilst we are run by a bunch of effiminate liberal assholes. Thats why we are the real target for terrorists with nuclear weapons, not the US.

The fact that the Tory group puts the interests of the Umah, Muslims and Iran, before that of the British people and the British state is a sign that the Muslims in the Tory Group regard themselves as separate from the British state.

The fact the Conservative Muslim Forum is also demanding a rewriting of history to place Islam at the centre of British history and Western Civilisation and then to indoctrinate children with that propaganda in schools and that it believes that preachers who reject democracy as the basis of the British state should not be refused entry or deported from Britain shows how extreme this group is.

This group funded by Lord Sheikh and run from Tory Party central headquarters should be closed down and booted out of the Tory Party. It wont be though, as the Tories are so scared of being called racist they would rather allow the extremists to stay in their ranks than confront them. Imagine what would happen once the Tories are in power - and just how dangerous it would be to have a party as gutless and weak as the Tories dealing with Islamist terrorism. If they tolerate this, what else would they tolerate.

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