Monday 22 October 2007

In Praise of Jewish Solidarity

An important article in Vanity Fair has revealed how Jews are more then half of the new establishment in America.

An article here reveals ;

It's a list of "the world's most powerful people," 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It's an exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power.

More than half its members, at least by one count, are Jewish.

Topping the rankings for the second year in a row is gentile media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who's followed in second place by Steve Jobs, the non-Jewish co-founder of Apple and Pixar.

Highest among the Jewish entries are Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, co-listed at #3, down one from 2006. The article reported that the 34-year-old Brin and his wife "wore swimsuits as they stood under the huppa." (Page, whose mother is Jewish, was described in the spring 2006 edition of B'nai B'rith Magazine as "raised more in the mold of his father... whose religion was technology.")

The 2007 list:

1  Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. (last year: 1)

2  Steve Jobs, Apple, Disney, Pixar (last year: 3)

3  Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google (last year: 2)

4  Stephen Schwarzman and Pete Peterson, The Blackstone Group (last year: 34)

5  Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway (last year: 6)

6  Bill Clinton, Clinton Foundation (last year: 7)

7  Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks (last year: 10)

8  Bernard Arnault, LVMH (last year: 19)

9  Michael Bloomberg, mayor, New York CIty; Bloomberg L.P. (last year: 36)

10  Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (last year: 5, for Bill

11  Carlos Slim Helú, Teléfonos de México, América Móvil (new entry)

12  H. Lee Scott, Wal-Mart (last year: 4)

13  Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren (last year: 21)

14  Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions (last year: 9)

15  Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg, IAC, Expedia; Diane von Furstenberg (last year: 12)

16  David Geffen, DreamWorks (last year: 22)

17  Howard Stringer, Sony (last year: 14)

18  Richard Parsons, Time Warner (last year: 11)

19  Al Gore, eco-warrior (last year: 33)

20  Larry Ellison, Oracle (last year: 8)

NOTICE ANYTHING - yeah, thats right - they all work for a living.

They either have invented something that made them rich, have a talent or skills that made them rich or have succeeded on their own talents and skills.

They have created things that people want and this has made them rich. They havent made their money by manipulating the stock exchange or robbing banks - they have invented computer search engines, make popular films, run investment banks that produce good returns on investments and invented products that people want to buy. There have been no bearded Rabbis and Zionists robbing pensions funds and exploiting Christians. They are all self made people.

The people in the Nationalist movement who knock the Jewish people for being succesful make me sick.

Its just the whining of pathetic, petty little people without the talent to do what these people have done.

These people have built their careers, power and wealth on their talents.

Unike the whining muppets of the Nazi fringe, they have skills and talents that have rewarded them with wealth.

One of the greatest things to admire about the JEWISH PEOPLE IS THEIR ETHNO-CENTRISM.

The fact that the jewish people still live as a people, still help each other as a people and still have racial and group solidarity is the basis of their power as a community.

If White people had as much group solidarity as the Jewish people then we would be as succesful. But we dont have any group solidarity.

Instead you see whites screwing whites over for a few quid whenever the opportunity comes along.

From the betrayal of Caratacus by the Brigantes queen, Cartamandua as he fought the Roman Army that invaded Britain

The betrayal of Leonidas and the Spartans by their fellow Greek Epialtes, who guided the Persians through a backdoor mountain path to outflank Leonidas’ force

From the use of Gaullish mercenaries hired by the Roman Empire to destroy the army of Vercingetorix ;

The eradication of the indigenous Celtic and Anglo-Saxon people by the Norman invaders in 1066 ;

to the endless fratricidal wars started by jumped up potentates and princes and Kings that set White European nation at the throat of White European nation throughout our history ;

to the impoverishment of the white working class in the Industrial Revolution at the hands of the Aristocracy and the rich factory owners ;

to the theft of our lands such as the Lowland and Highland clearances that drove our people from our shores ;

the Enclosures Acts and the endless abuse and robbery of the weakest in our society who had their lands stolen ;

the use of our people as slaves in the Empire,

the deportation of pur poor people for stealing a rabbit to feed their starving families;

the massacre of striking workers by the army such as the Peterloo massacre;

the corrupt Popes and paedohiple preists that lived in palaces whilst their congregations lived in poverty,

Throughout its entire history the White Race has been a disgrace.

Like cockroaches fighting over scraps of bread beneath the dinner table of kings feasting , we have robbed and stole from each other throughout our history.

The Jews have always remained a people, both in blood and consciousness of their unity, and it is this which has made them strong.

We have fought like pigs for any riches on offer.

We should salute the Jewish people for showing us the true meaning of community, we should embrace their model of communal consciousness and follow the same path for our own people.

Instead the idiots on the nazi fringe have always attacked the Jews for being more succesful as a community than we have ever been.

The time has come not to demean the Jews for being as succesful as they are, but to mimic them and to learn from them.

They support each other and encourage their children to be academics and to succeed.

Nationalists think the thug in boots and braces is a role model for our children.

Their is no consipracy required to explain their success, they simply succeed as they have remembered the key to success, which is community and ethno-centrism.

Until we create a new community for ourselves then we will remain as we are, divided and weak.

There are many essential and fundamental lessons we as a Nationalists could learn from the Jewish people, but instead of listening and learning from them we are too busy talking a a load of conspiracy theory bollocks to ever listen and learn.

Instead we perpetuate our own stupidity as a people and a movement and continue to slide down the Socio-Economic Index as those like the Jews, who understand the importance of the ethno-centric principle continue to rise and rise.

The culture of European Individualism has led to our community suffering from a collapse of ethno-centrism.

The most important book that any nationalist can read is here.

Turn the Culture of Critique, Separation and Its Discontents (MacDonald 1998a; Ch. 1) and especially A People That Shall Dwell Alone (MacDonald 1994; Ch. 8) into a guide book for your actions and our tactical actions and strategy as a nationalist movemment.

Mimic the Jewish people and all their works, for they alone have demonstrated the wisdom that we need as a people to survive.

Make the work of Kevin McDonald the basis of our communities rebirth, turn his insights into what the Jews do as a people into the template for our ethno-centric survival.

Read it, understand it, assimilate its wisdom and use it in your own life to rebuild our community.

Put down your books by every Nationalist writer in the past - they have all failed and led us as a people nowhere.

The message that the Jews have given us is the only model that will work for us as well.


Anonymous said...

There is a a great deal to admire about Jewish culture and Jewish solidarity, but I have to say, if you're trying to argue that Jews make a lot of positive contributions to Western civilization, or that they do honest work for a living, maybe this list isn't the best place to start.

Defender of Liberty said...

I dont see why , each of the people on the list have either invented something or in their own way given the public what they want. The fact that we as Nationalists may not like some of those things, doesnt change the fact the public do. The work they do as regards those on the list is entirely legal and populist.

The contribution they make to Western Civilisation is utterly irrelevant as they dont have to make any contribution to Western Civilisation - all they have a moral responsibility to do is take care of themselves, their families and their community, all of which they manage to do with supreme excellence.

It is OUR responsbility, as the scions of Western Civilisation, to contribute to the cultural progress of Western Civilisation. Not the Jews. Their duty is to take care of their own people and to abide by our laws and that is it.

If the only contribution the Jewish people make to Western Civilisation is to pour billions and billions of dollars and pounds into the coffers of our governments in tax revenues as a result of their profits from the businesses they set up and run, then that is to our benefit as nationalists - a nationalist government that is in power can then redirect those taxes to projects we regard as essential and use those taxes to subsidise the creation of the Nationalist Communities, national infra-structure projects, building the renewable energy economies we require and investing in ensuring our national security from the takeover by the Middle Eastern oil regimes.

It is populism that generates political support - telling people 'we dont like this as it conflicts with our politics so you cant do it ' is a recipe for perpetual political and social ghettoisation.

Votes get parties elected, and majority votes are based on populist support.

The old style of TOP DOWN MICRO- NATIONALISM where the 'leader' dictated what Western Civilisation had to be ( a reflection of their own ideas and themselves usually ) what the public should want and what they should be allowed to buy, how the country should be run to the smallest level and what the culture of the country should be, even to most absurd level, is a historical anachronism. This anti-Individualist strand of Nationalism is not popular with people and will never get voted into power.

We need to lower our sights and raise our aims. Nationalism has to about devolving power to people and communities in order to ensure we raise balanced individuals whose skills and talents benefit the nation and the people, that instead of schools churning out individualists with no connection to their country and communities we raise generations of individuals rooted in their locality.

The progress of Western Civilisation has NEVER been at the hands of governments, it has always been by individuals.

The great artist, the great writer, the great thinker, the great scientist - all these as individuals built the foundations of Western Civilisation not governments.

The role of governments is simply to ensure that individuals are educated about their culture and history, that they are educated to the highest levels possible, that the communities they live in are not afflicted with problems that affect their development, that the people are not living in poverty and squalor and that they are connected in a spiritual way with the land where they live and that they are able to attain their full innate potential as individuals in the service of the community and the nation.

Governments role is not to dictate, it is to nourish and provide - and to create a meritocracy where the best may lead instead of the most corrupt.

Anonymous said...

"Throughout its entire history the White Race has been a disgrace."

Sounds like nazi ideology to me only being spewed against the only race that its politically correct to hate.

Anonymous said...

I have just read this article and the 'Enemy Within' articles. What a rallying call! If I were tempted to sit on the fence at times, no more! You are right, we have to draw a line in the sand. There have been times I have gotten discouraged - Solidarity, Mark Collett's existence, the punch up at RWB, Bowden's hounding out. Things have been discussed on public forums, where they shouldn't have been, and we have strengthened the hands of our enemies who gleefully see our discouragement and confusion as their reward. But no more - there is no other option, and we can't afford to play around. None of those things listed above compares with a minority future our country faces.

Defender of Liberty said...


perfect nickname for someone who is obviously a cretin.