Thursday 18 October 2007

Musical Help for Indoctrinated Youth

Here are some download sites so you can listen to some decent music instead of that NME / UAF garbage.

Sigur Ros -

Nine Inch Nails 'Year Zero ' -

Sea Sick Steve - and heres a live video

Hellyeah - and here

Grizzly Bear -

wolfmother -

Stpehen Fretwell -

Damian Rice -

Slipknot -

Ian Brown - F.E.AR

White Zombie -

Iggy Pop -

Black Flag -


Anonymous said...

I've checked on a couple of your recommendations and I'm afraid they don't do anything for me. I wouldn't expect them to as I'm more into big band music such as Artie Shaw. At least in those days you had to have talent to get anywhere. What works for you doesn't work for me.

Here we see the futility of using a folksy pop song in an election broadcast. It just doesn't work. I hope the BNP doesn't attempt another Corporal Fox.

You won't see a better election broadcast than the one NG did for the Welsh Assembly elections.

Defender of Liberty said...

I checked on Artie Shaw, he seems a total twat to me.

He wouldnt see his own kids and was a Communist. He earnt $60,000 a week in the 1950's and wouldnt even fund his kids.

Both together = complete knob in my book.

He may have made good music but music is not by itself important. Music is merely the soundtrack to our lives, it is not the meaning of our lives. The problem with music is that most musicians are total knobs. The problem with music is that it has become, like sports stars, an overpaid irrelevance. Every musician that becomes rich, becomes a hypocritical cunt. It is in the nature of the beast for them to do so.

The money musicians make is disgusting - nurses earn twelve grand a year and some musicians have a thousand pound a day drugs habits.

Even John Lennon who sang about having no possessions kept an entire floor of the hotel he lived in as an air conditioned storage facility for Yoko's fur coats. Wanker.

Bono has a castle, a villa in france and a 15 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan, runs a 1 billion pound private equity fund and owns a maserati sports cars in his fleet of motors and will spend thousands of pounds on a single bottle of vintage wine and then bangs on about helping the poor in Africa.

He recently became a tax exile.

If cunts like Bono didnt own so much money then there wouldnt be so many poor people in the world.

He is even building a hotel in Dublin which will destroy the historic Clarence Hotel.

The older I get the more I agree with Plato on this issue.

Anonymous said...

You're a prolific writer Barnes, I can't keep pace with your articles. Check my latest video on YouTube, I put it on there yesterday in support of the BNP. We all try to do our bit.

By the way, she was English. Her parents both came from Lancashire and emigrated to Canada a few years before she was born.