Friday 21 March 2008

Terrorist Supporting Group Attacks BNP

It appears the Zionist supporters and funders of terrorism at the Jewish Chronicle are having another pop at the BNP ;

The Jewish Chronicle is the mouthpeice of the same clique of Zionist parasites and crooks that have abused and exploited the British Jewish community for decades. They have said they stand up for the interests of the Jewish community, when they merely represent their own financial and political interests.

They have watched and supported the Brittannistan process of mass Islamist immigrations into the UK and have placed all of in peril with their stupidity and ignorance.

Whilst most British Jews are known by their loyalty to Britain and wear the uniform of the British Army, the Zionists in Searchlight and the Jewish Chroncile have always supported Israel above Britain and their relatives have worn the uniform of the IDF not the British Army - they are the Zionist version of Hiz But T'Harir, and are a front group for the Zionist Nazis of the extremist Nazi wing of Israeli politics.

Just like the Nazis the Jewish Chronicle believe ;

1) The Jews are the 'Chosen Race' - a racist concept akin to the Nazi concept of the Aryan Super Race. Each were political movements with biological and racial superiority at their core. This is an extremist racist position and is proof of their bigotry and racial hatred and contempt for other races.

2) In the creation of a Greater Israel ( which is the Zionist equivalent of the Third Reich. Both the Third Reich and Greater Israel were / are to be built using invasions, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Greater Israel and Germannia were mirror images of the other.

3) That terrorism in the conception of their plans was legitimate and that terror to hold onto land was legitimate - The Stern Gang even offered to fight for the Nazis against the British Army in Palestine and massacred hundreds of British soldiers in the plot to create Israel

4) That Jews owe their loyalty to their race not their nation and that all Jews are supposed to be Jewish first, Israeli second and British last. The Nazis believed that loyalty to the Aryan race came first, then loyalty to Germannia and then the host nation.

5) Both the Nazis and Israelis accepted Aryans / Jews to fight in their uniforms against other nations

The Jewish Chronicle are the enemies of all patriotic British Jews in the UK.
Just as the Zionists worked with the Nazis and supported the Nazis - the Jewish Chroncile is still working with the Zionist heirs of those Nazi collaborators.

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Anonymous said...

As a BNP voter I was disappointed to see you criticise Zionism Lee. Zionism is just Jewish Nationalism. Many Jews who have chosen to stay in Britain have sympathy with Israel but consider that Britain is their country. As Israel and Britain are not at war what is the problem? Our problem is the growing Islamofascist threat. Don't pander to the extreme-right who want to fight old battles. We have the same enemy and are in the same boat. The Jewish Chronicle is mistaken in the stance it has taken.