Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Peak Oil and the Bank Of Britain

The Bank of Britain and Peak Oil Transition.

Peak Oil as well all know , unless you are a member of the establishment political parties who have pulled the duvet over their heads put their fingers in their ears and are going ’La la la la la la’ in the hope that the problem will disappear, will not be solved by the present economic models.

During the transition to the Renewable Energy Economy then the existing economic system, based on credit and the petro-dollar recycling system, will not suffice.

A Bank Of Britain is required in order to create an alternative transitional economic system that will allow us to fund and create the projects we require in order to save our nation from the threat of Peak Oil and our present dependence on the globalist system.

The Bank of England can continue to exist as the main British bank in relation to the private banking system, but the Bank of Britain will be a National Bank dedicated to solving the issue of Peak Oil and allowing the nation to survive its coming threat.

For details on the issues of Peak Oil read here ;

I propose the following ;

1) We establish a Bank Of Britain based on the Gold Standard whose deposits and loans would be based on the gold stocks it holds. The BOB would be able to issue government backed special bonds and funds, and also be awarded special tax status so as to attract private investment, that would be used specifically to deal with the economic threats of Peak Oil that the present economic system cannot ever solve. Private business requires energy, for without energy to power the factories and employ workers then the economy dies. It is in the best interests of business that Britain create an 100 % Energy Independent renewable energy system so as to allow British industries and business to escape the threat of energy death that Peak Oil will bring.

2) The Bank Of Britain would be responsible for establishing a nationwide network of Credit Unions across the country and assisting in the formation of local currencies by loaning Credit Unions money based on the gold stocks the BOB holds. These credit unions would be owned by their members and the money made by the unions be used to assist local communities to re-localise and environmentalise their communities and create new renewable energy networks that provide locally generated food and energy to local people.

3) That the Credit Unions create localised currencies to be traded in local areas and that all profits from the Credit Unions go back into the Credit Unions and be used to fund and subsidise local environmental projects to assist local people such as Community Farms, Local Farmers Markets, local energy projects, local recycling projects, local energy production systems such as wind, solar, wave, water mills etc etc.

4) That the Bank of Britain also be used to fund the vast public works schemes we require in order to create the national environmental and renewable energy infrastructure we require in order us to escape oil dependency and to create the Energy Production Economic Model ( EDP - Energy Domestically Produced) that will be the basis of the global economic energy exchange economy of the future.

5) That the BOB funds the public works schemes such as the rejuvenated canal networks, funds the British manufacturing industries to equip and refit the re-opened British coal mines with the heavy equipment they will need to operate and to assist in making these new coal plants as clean as possible , to supply the local energy production plants with the technical equipment they will require and the heavy engineering projects required to create the Renewable Energy Economy.

6) That funds from the BOB be used to establish a network of scientific establishments around the country that are dedicated to creating clean, green new energy systems that can be used to save the planet. This technology would be patented and licensed to other nations and be given to them to use to assist them to solve their energy needs due to the Peak Oil crisis.

The Bank of Britain is the basis of the transitional economic model that we will require in order for us to escape the Peak Oil nightmare. It will allow our nation to become a world leader in renewable energy production and the heart of the global energy exchange system that will replace the present credit and oil based economic system that will be destroyed by Peak Oil.

Peak Oil need not be a nightmare if we prepare for its coming RIGHT NOW.

The Bank Of Britain will allow us to establish Britain as the centre of a whole new Industrial Revolution based on green energy production that will make Britain one of the most stable, prosperous and powerful nations in the 21st Century and beyond.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Lee, totally agree on moving towards coal. The planet doesn't need saving though there's no need for "clean energy", in fact, we should be burning more fuels to release CO2 into the atmosphere. Here's a brilliant scientific editorial of AGW and CO2in layman's terms:

Some people have a lot to answer for - Al Gore being just one.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the benefits cheat detectors from Dartford Council, you cowardly disgusting bastard.

You make attacks on good nationalists on the internet because youve no fucking balls have you, you complete pile of cshit.