Wednesday 22 April 2009


For decades we have been told by the PC brigade that ;

1) Britain is a nation of mongrels

2) The concepts of Race and Racial Groups does not exist as a scientific reality

3) There are no indigenous British

4) That blacks have always been in Britain

Yet it appears that ' Black Britons ' do actually exist - even though we have been told by the liberal elite that they do not exist and that only ' Britons ' exist eg that being British has nothing to do with race / ethnicity as race / ethnicity are examples of false consciousness.

It appears that now the PC brigade say that ' Black Britons ' do exist eg they are British but are black.

That is very odd.

Supposedly the racial catergory of ' Black ' does not exist as racial groups do not exist as 'race ' is an ' unscientific concept' with no basis in genetic reality.

Apparently 'race' is an example of 'false consciousness' imposed upon people by society and that 'race' has no reality as a genetic scientific concept.

Yet now we are supposed to accept that ' Black Britons' exist - which is based on the fact that 'Black' is a racial concept and racial catergory which creates a ctergory of 'Black Britons' distinguished and identified by their racial heritage and racial background..

Yet again the PC idiots want it all their way.

On one had they teach us that 'race does not exist' but then say that ' Black Britons' exist.

This is of course a total paradox - if race does not exist then how can black Britons exist ?

If race does not exist - then the catergories of black and white cannot exist, and therefore Black Britons cannot exist !

Yet again this proves that the politics of Liberal Anti-Racism has no basis on reality, science or fact - Liberal Anti-Racism is simply political nonsense.

If Black Britons exist, as the BBC asserts, then race exists as a scientific reality - and that they are black means they are not indigenous Britons but Britons based on their naturalised citizenship of Jus Solis as opposed to Jus Sanguinus ( by blood ).

Therefore such self refuting liberal bullshit on the issue of race reveals they are simply political extremists distorting history, genetics and reality in order to advance their insane ideological liberal agenda.

Those who listen to what a liberal tells them as regards the issue of race are the dumbest idiots in this country.

BNP says Asian and black Britons "do not exist"

Date: 22.04.2009
Category: Radio 4

Nick Griffin, chair of the British National Party, has defended party literature which tells members that Asian Britons and black Britons "do not exist" and said that the attempt by a "liberal elite" to label such people as British amounts to a "bloodless genocide." Mr Griffin, who plans to run as a candidate for England's North West region in upcoming European Parliamentary elections, spoke to a team from BBC Radio 4's The Report (Radio 4, 23 April, 8.00pm) who have been following his European campaign.

The "BNP Language And Concepts Discipline Manual", leaked to anti-fascist group Searchlight and seen by the BBC, says that "BNP activists and writers should never refer to 'black Britons' or 'Asian Britons' etc, for the simple reason that such persons do not exist."

Questioned about the leaflet's content, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin said: "In civic terms they are British. But British also has a meaning as an ethnic description."

He said: "We don't subscribe to the politically correct fiction that just because they happen to be born in Britain, a Pakistani is a Briton. They're not. They remain of Pakistani stock."

He compared large numbers of people of foreign origin assuming an English identity to "a sort of bloodless genocide."

The programme looks in depth at the BNP's campaign in the North West region. It examines the connections between the BNP and European far-right activists, and assesses the party's tactics and ideology.

The proportional system at European elections means the BNP would need less than 9% of the vote to win a single MEP seat.

The BNP is using the slogan "British Jobs For British Workers," widely associated with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

"When I heard Gordon Brown use our slogan - British jobs for British workers - I was delighted," Nick Griffin said. "We feel that he's legitimised our message."

Hazel Blears, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said: "I certainly regret the fact that the BNP could be using language we've used in order to legitimise what I regard as divisive, pernicious policies which will actually do working class people no good at all.

"What I don't regret is the fact that we need to have a proper discussion in this country about making sure that British people have a chance to get the skills, the education, to be able to get the jobs of the future."


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Anonymous said...

Ask anybody what nationality Spike Milligan was. They will tell you he was either English or Irish. In fact Wikipedia calls him Anglo-Irish because he had an Irish father and an English mother.

Milligan was born in Ahmednagar, India on 16 April 1918. According to the PC brigade that makes him an Indian, or does it make him a white Indian? I can't keep up with the PC bullshit anymore.

Anonymous said...

I refer to this PC bullshit as the 'Exhaust-Pipe Syndrome' - up which they disappear when confronted about their fundamentally opposing ideas sharing equal value in their minds.
Orwell called it DoubleThink.
The ultimate example of EPS is when they tell us to be tolerant and respectful of muslims and, at the same time, fight for the rights of homosexuals and women - who are the very targets of those muslems we are supposed to tolerate!
You couldn't make it up!

lormarie said...

Nick Griffin, chair of the British National Party, has defended party literature which tells members that Asian Britons and black Britons "do not exist" and said that the attempt by a "liberal elite" to label such people as British amounts to a "bloodless genocide."I'm not sure how this conclusion can be reached. While English, Scottish, and Irish are racially exclusive to whites, the term British always appeared to be race neutral. Wasn't there at one time a British Empire? If one was a member, were they not British? What's so strange about being a black or Asian Brit?

Anonymous said...

British, race neutral? How did you come to this conclusion? And no, an Indian or Igbo from the British empire would never have been considered British.