Wednesday 29 April 2009

Diversity and Enrichment in France

Great video here of a white, middle class, leftist getting enriched on the night bus in France.

Reading the comments of the white, middle class liberal twat who was beaten up here ;

Its a real shame he didnt get more of a good hiding.

These weak, whining, white middle class, liberal arseholes will not learn or accept the reality of the criminal multi-cultural society they have created with their facile notions of diversity and tolerance until they are queuing up in extermination camps.

Even now the cringing little liberal idiot is being an apologist for his attackers - such is the way our civilisation will end - not with a bang, but with a liberal whimper.

Why is it these white pussys cannot fight ?

Faced with a black mugger half their size they shrink in upon themselves - when as the video shows not one of the gang of enrichers, and their rat faced white little accomplice, could throw a decent punch.

The least he could have done was throw a few punches and then grabbed one of them , held him close and then bit his nose or ear off.

As the old saying goes, ' Its better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 '.

Self defence is no offence.

Instead he takes a hiding from a bunch of idiot, mob handed cowards who also could not fight.

Multi-culturalism has turned middle class white kids into pathetic pussys.

They better grow themselves a set of bollocks and learn to fight or else they are going to remain the perpetual prey of the alien predators they allowed into our nations.

I sincerely hope that more and more liberal idiots across Europe feel the force of the jackboots of multi-culturalism smash down upon their faces - for they are the instigators of their own nemesis and the betrayers of our people and nation.

Let them reap the bloody harvest that they themselves sowed.

In the words of good old white working class vernacular ' Fuck 'em '.

When the walls of civilisation come crashing down and they seek sanctuary amidst our ranks, all they will be given is our contempt and hate.

Let them rot in the hell hole that they created for us all.

The more members of the liberal / leftist establishment that are shot, stabbed, mugged and beaten by the animals they allowed into our nations, or who they supported coming into our nations, the better.

Here below is another story about the wonderful and vibrant French multi-cultural society.

Let them all rot in their hell hole together, the liberals and the enrichers, then one day we can come and clean the streets and political whorehouses of all the criminals and their political apologist masters.

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Anonymous said...

Before I logged on an dread yoru short article I was just adding to the list of enrichment actvity carrie dout in the name of liberal multi-culturalism.

another of the fallen

Man charged after Cippenham cop killed in hit and run (leaving his wife and young children behind)

and drugs fuels guns

Anonymous said...

the white blokes couldnt even lift a finger to defend themselves, pathetic, sums it up really.

Mr Potter said...

Great article Lee, I agree entirely with your sentiments here. The WLT (White Liberal Tosh) deserve a beating for their apologetic hand-wringing.

No doubt they are more hurt by the fact that 'deprived' black immigrants are being 'forced' through the evils and poverty of a 'racist' society to inflict their anger on to their white hosts.

Perhaps they should also have offered the other cheek for a thumping as 'penance' for their evil imperialist and wacist part in the creation of a white wacist society.

Bomber Harris, Commander of the RAF in WW2, said that Germany must 'raep the whirlwind'.

Well, so must white liberals and multicult apologsist today.

Frank McGill said...

Blimey, that Frenchie seems as if he has been completely assimilated into the Borg collective. What the hell sort of mentality excuses immigrants thugs beating him up because of his "bourgeois" clothing?
I sure as hell do not want to live on his planet.

Anonymous said...

Check this out Lee before itdisappears in the memory hole. The Queens day in the Netherlands and a nut case drives a car through the crowd. The Daily Mail reassures us it was a white male driving the car just in case we thought he might be a muslim. The Picture of the perpetrator is pixalated...but he has got brown hands! Stalins KGB would have done a better job!¬